Episode 7 of The Red Sleeve Cuff Increases to 10.7% as Now, We are Breaking Up Decreases to Low 6.4% Matching Premiere Episode

If this was an actual battle then the outcome has been decided as of episode 7. The Fri-Sat direct ratings competition between MBC sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff and SBS romance Now, We are Breaking Up has the victor nearly double the ratings after 7 episodes and also fully reversing the pole position from the premiere episode. I can see why Red Sleeve is good, MBC is after all known as the grandaddy of sageuks and really only started slipping the past few years, but the network has the expertise and just needed to assemble the right cast and get the right tense, gripping script. Romance dramas are hit and miss with SBS but I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far so I don’t know personally where the failing lies. The script set up between the leads and the execution felt throwback and old school, and not in a bad way, I can see myself really enjoying the drama once it got going. But the complaints are so many and the dropping ratings clearly indicate the viewers are not connecting with this drama. Is the story and OTP set up not constructed to engage the audience, or are the two leads not selling it. Curious minds want to know from those still watching.


Episode 7 of The Red Sleeve Cuff Increases to 10.7% as Now, We are Breaking Up Decreases to Low 6.4% Matching Premiere Episode — 96 Comments

    • Me too! The chemistry is just awesome! I don’t really know him from before but he is so handsome! And the voice …. every expressions just makes your heart flutters. The way he is falling deeper and deeper in love … I pray it is not an ambiguous ending or a sad one, please don’t follow the real life ending.

      • @missjb, now you’re attacking KSH’ acting as having no depth? His last project before One Ordinary Day was IONTBO and he showed incredible acting in that role. Did you watch? I really don’t understand your criticisms at all.

    • Me too. also al the cast and production crew.
      they have worked so great in making the story, the characters and the story so well done

    • She is, will be. But it’s not important right now! Everyone judging the drama,the plot,the chemistry + so many things. even though she is what she is, an actor should try to improve his/her skill.
      But a celebrity can sell their face and eran money.
      Just because ppl are complaining can’t be justify as hate. Some people want her success with performance not with beauty and media playing.

  1. YASSS! And looking at the real-time ratings for EP8, it’s possible that it will go higher than EP7’s 10.7%. Deserved. Congrats to the whole team!

  2. I think the subversion of classic/traditional romance tropes with cold aloof female leads is not particularly engaging. I hate the idea that being vulnerable and loving is weakness.

  3. NWABU is just bad all around. I’m fast forwarding it through it for Sehun at this point but even that is trying me.

    The story already was messy with the dead brother line, and now it’s the dead brother who was a cheater, so the OTP is meant to be I guess. The leads have zero chemistry and their acting gives nothing. SHK looks like she’s sleepwalking through this drama. I don’t get how she got paid so much for this because you could replace her with a mannequin and get the same but cheaper result. JKY has little to work with here.

    I think it’s best to think of NWABU as one big CF campaign where the cast is there to sell clothes and everything else is secondary.

    • sehun is literally the only interesting thing about nwabu… its funny that a fairly newcomer idol actor is the only interesting thing in a drama…

  4. I’ve dropped NWABU, but from I saw the acting and writing were both lifeless and the leads had no chemistry. They gave no reason to want them together, did not show them getting to know each other and falling in love, they just were suddenly meant to be and had stupid obstacles (the dead brother who she had only been dating for a few months and spent a decade hung up on) to overcome.

    Really happy for The Red Sleeve Cuff.

  5. I dropped NWABU 2 episodes in. The show was a lot of glitz and glamour with little substance. SHK’s acting was so flat. Judging by the feedback, looks like the story went off the deep end too. I predicted ratings would quickly decrease if nothing changed and I was right.

    Better luck with The Glory. That show is supposedly on Netflix (??) so don’t have to worry about ratings.

    Congrats to Red Sleeve ?! It’s about time MBC scores a win.

  6. As for me i love the drama now we are breaking up is a good drama and song hye kyo and jang ki yong had a good chemistry i dont know what other are saying but for me ist a thums up and waiting for more episode waiting for friday and saturday to see each ep and happy watching

  7. Now we are breaking up sounds like the real drama of song song couple so no thanks. Why would I watch her Now Break Up after having supposedly fallen in love. So glad it’s not doing well, just enough so that the other actors get paid.

  8. The storytelling in Now We’re Breaking Up is so weak it’s frustrating given I am a fan of Jang Ki Yong, this drama just isn’t it. It’s not only about the acting of the two leads, the story is also very weak.

    Meanwhile Red Sleeve Cuff is amazing, from acting (even including the second characters) to the story… the two dramas are like day and night, they are not comparable to be honest.

  9. Congratulations Red Sleeve team. Insane how it took more than 3 years for MBC to get a drama with double digit.
    At this rate, 15 pc is completely possible.

  10. Ha ha, a lot of SHK haters.Ratings are nothing because it is not reliable.People are still so supportive to the patriotic society, that is why they are not mean to SJK, but to SHK.It is too early to compare young actors with her, and SHK is unshakeable, I wonder that some are still jealous, even though she is 40..She is a gold, who always shine..This drama is doing internationally well, perhaps we admire SHK.

    • Uhm… maybe people don’t criticize sjk because his acting is good and vincenzo is a good drama. He got bashed during arthdal a lot although never for his acting, remember?
      I don’t agree with knet’s comments on her personal life but criticism about her acting and the drama is valid imho

    • And criticism does not mean hating. You can check popular sites for drama reviews like dramabeans and reddit or check the rating on MDL/IMDB to see how nwabu is being received by international fans.

    • Man you know fans are desperate when their best defense is ratings aren’t reliable.

      It’s doing well internationally? Where internationally? The i-netz have been dragging it since day 1.

    • I know there has been a lot of trolls about SHK in this drama, but some of the criticsm are valid.
      The story is weak, the characters are mostly annoying, the chemistry of the leads (other than the kissing part) is insipid and the conflict is distasteful. There is no way around that.

      The problem here is that the drama relied heavily on promoting all things through SHK. That was understandable and practical given her status and her salary. But when all things came down, it is also understandabe that she had the brunt of all criticism.

      • Yeah it seemed like SHK was given the burden of carrying this drama by her sheer star power alone but turns out that these days it takes great chemistry and great acting to rise above a not so well-written melodrama that seems to have gone off the rails halfway through. Her acting is just one of many things about NWABU that is worthy of criticism. She is the main draw though and the drama was hyped as her long-awaited comeback so most criticisms are piled on her performance which is admittedly barely passable for a veteran actress with 20+ years acting experience.

      • And i also think that if an actress like shk who has 25 year experience is getting criticism and all things for bad acting and bad work then I thing she deserves it because if a star actress cannot judge whether she is doing good or not then she deserves it. And i can understand fans, support and all things but people should understand fake appreciation is harmful than truth. And then CF placements and a weak plot and acting it makes me think that maybe she was not that much interested in doing this drama or I think she is loosing interest in acting because of her personal life or etc etc, whatever, she is doing endrossments and modeling I think she is making money even while sleeping so she is happy with it that’s why she and even people with her thinks that she can make money even while standing so do it what does this matter script bad or not, acting bad, worth watching or not they gone a make money by this or by this means just because she is Star. that’s all.

    • So, we wrote argumentative/criticsm/discussions essays in schools and work snd etc all the time. Does it mean we hate some a person/location/something all the time? No we don’t as long as we don’t gwt to the personal level.

      • @Lai pei yee Ya offcourse. If criticism means hate than it means debate competition are held between two enemies who are going to kill each other after debate …lol..

    • There goes the delusional Shk stan. Ever thought maybe she’s getting dragged because she CANNOT act? Blaming Syj, Hyun Bin, Sjk whoever else 24×7 won’t make your fav act better at 40. Pretty faces who have little to no talent to speak of slowly fade out as they grow older. That’s how every entertainment industry works clown.

    • @jesi The correct word is patriarchy, not patriotic. You could brush up on your English while your bias works on her acting. SHK should venture out of her comfort zone if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, there’s a limit to riding on past fame.

  11. There really is no point in comparing these two dramas anymore.

    If only they made SHK’s character sort of like Miranda Priestly, at least it would have been entertaining to watch.

    But they are focusing on the romance which is a hard sell, along with an incredibly annoying secondary female character.

    It takes a real SHK fan to continue watching this drama.

  12. I just wonder why many says the drama is bad and the the leads don’t have chemistry! I find the drama nice! They have a probkem on the dead brother? My gosh they don’t like SHK that is the reason. Jealous that a 40 year old actor still loved by so many. I don’t believe their survey!

    • Ratings are not surveys. They are tracking actual viewers. And the numbers for NWBU on a free cable channel are BAD. And they have been decreasing weekly. You can watch it if you enjoy it but there is no denying its a flop. This isn’t hating on shk, its just the truth.

  13. Aren’t we here to celebrate the success of The red Sleeve Cuff . Why dragging here another drama ? Can’t we accept the fact that big names aren’t anymore enough to make a drama successful ? Even the greatest writers and directors can make bad movies or dramas ? Aside Hitchcock of course , Frank Capra, … As For SHK she never was a great actress but she seems to be well loved , why would she decline roles ? It’s her job so as long as they want her she would be a fool to not accept . The problem is that nowadays “classic melos” are too boring . People want entertainment or dramas with the all package ( script, good performances, good directing …) They want it all and they want it now !!!

      • Of course not, @loyalist, i was sarcastic , and the last sentence was a reference of Queen’s song . Queen is one of the best band of the world , so it’s natural for us to want all ( the package) You didn’t understand my meaning, so sorry if i offended you .

  14. Jirisan still my favorite and last night was great ep. Red Sleeve until now still perfect. I really like it.
    I don’t watch NWBU. Maybe the only way I would watch SHK if she plays a comedic drama like Full House. The one that require a cheerful expression.

  15. Lol when I pointed out NWBU was gonna flop (and it is, 6 on freaking SBS is the definition of embarrassing), SHK’s delusional fans came after me. Let’s be real here, she has zero acting talent and as she’s growing older, there will be fewer and fewer people wanting to see her terrible acting. Her fans should advise her to take acting classes instead of spending all their energy on criticizing other actors and calling people haters.

  16. Shk fans are getting desperate.they’ve changed their narrative from don’t watch it if you don’t like it to begging viewers to give it a chance. Lol.

    That fact that Shk cannot act is the biggest problem of nwbu. The others have nothing to work with. Even jky who is also not a great actor is doing better than shk. At least he shows some signs of life.

    Shk and her handlers should read the writing on the wall. Her heydays are over. She should do a personality makeover and try to learn acting in order to be attractive to the public again.

    Red sleeve on the other hand, is the chef’s kiss in engaging the audience. The whole production is just excellent. Junho is a tall drink of water. Yum.

    • SHK’s fans are some of the worst. Before they were gloating about how the public loved her because she kept all her CFs post divorce, and now that her drama is flopping, they are crying that the public is anti-feminist and being mean to her.

      Her fans like to drag everyone from JJH to HB to SYJ to SJK to even her ex’s new costar JYB to prop up her up. Their time would be better spent asking their fave to put some effort into her acting.

  17. I just call some people who critics SHK’s acting is clearly a haters. youvmight critics her acting in earlier episode. but she is getting better espevially in latest episode. she might be not one of the best actress acting wise but to say she can’t act is ridiculous.

    • It shouldn’t take a 40 year old lead actress who has 20 + years of acting experience EIGHT episodes (aka 50% of the way into the drama) for her acting to “get better”. Embarrassing.

      • alot of actor do that alot. especially when they are already a star. they do are human and have conscious when the script require some depth acting or just some basic acting without bothering to add depth and making an effort, and it affecting their performances. I don’t think Hyun Bin in CLOY has worthy of praise in acting. but no one critics him because the drama is doing well and he is senior actor.

      • When CLOY was abt to air there was massive hate against the drama because of the plot. Even after first episode the negative comments had 10s of thousands of upvotes. However none of them were directed towards the cast or to be specific, towards hyun bin’s acting. Sure he may not have done an excellent job acc to some people but his portrayal wasn’t worthy of criticism like that of Shk’s . CLOY started off with a modest 6 pc . It’s only because of word of mouth that it achieved high ratings. If the acting was bad, do you expect it to be well loved by public???

      • Hyun Bin is really bad in CLOY. SO Soulless. He is basically sold his soul to the devil there. He is seriously bland I wanna skip his scene everytime he is on screen. He is One of the reason the romance doesn’t work for me because SYJ is doing all the depth of acting and A good ensemble cast so people doesn’t take notice of his bland acting. public is just biased towards actor who are already have been loved.

        another example is, Kim Soo Hyun for 10 years not doing any roles which require good and depth acting throughout his drama career after dream high until one ordinary day come, and yet, no one critics him and his choice in South Korea. That’s just reality.

      • @missjb are you seriously praising SHK as an actress in NWBU and saying HB was BAD in CLOY? Are you kidding me? Don’t mistake the fact that Ri Jeong Hyeok was a stoic soldier for bad acting. He played his role exceptionally well. So well he was nominated for the Baeksang for Best Actor and won the Daesang for his portrayal at APAN. You have the right to your opinion but its not universally shared. Most praised his acting and its part of the reason CLOY did so well (along with rest of the cast). HB is a diverse and strong actor. Watch him in Secret Garden, CLOY and MOTA and you will see his depth and how differently he approaches each character.

      • I love Hyun Bin since Kim Sam Soon and watch all his dramas and movies but MOA which I couldn’t pass episode 6. He is a good actor but I don’t think he is an outstanding actor. But I admire how he manages his career. He is very strategic with his choices of projects.

      • @MistyEyes, MOTA was good until the second half and then the story got confusing. And the ending was crap. But HB really sold the role and that’s the only reason I finished.

      • @missjb at this point, only the main leads’ fans are sticking around to see SHK’s supposed improvement. Deflecting by dragging in other actors is a poor tactic that only invites hate from their fans for SHK and her blind fans.

      • @wintergradencouple @ Mistyeyes: I’m not saying Hyun Bin is a not talent, He is very talent which is shown in his other project. but having talent doesn’t mean they will put more effort into every project. it seems he has lost his passion in cloy. and just here for a paycheck.

    • If she is indeed getting better..why does the rating keeps slipping? And the bad comments keep growing. It is already back to square one. This is SBS we are talking, not mbc or cable

    • But people won’t watch more than a few episodes if the first ones have bad acting, bad writing and directing. It doesn’t matter if halfway through it improves. You’ve lost the audience at that point.

    • Your taste is so so weird. I do think KSH is overrated and not as versatile as some other actors but his acting in any dramas of his is still >>>>> SHK’s acting in NWABU ep 1-5 (can’t say from ep6 since I dropped it). SHK was good in DOTS and Fullhouse but she is bad in NWABU, and from what I’ve observed everyone who is not her fan thinks so, internationally and in Korea. It could be because she couldn’t connect with the character but let’s call a spade a spade here.

      • I agree about Kim Soo Hyun. He is one of the most overrated actors in Korea. I was impressed with his performance in Will It Snow This Christmas followed by Dream High and Moon Embracing the Sun. But after METS, he portrays his characters the same way.

      • But he gets paid for an episode up to 450,000 USD. If he appeared in 8 episodes it would be almost 4 million dollars.?
        I still can’t understand? Probably luck or brand value?

      • Sung-yoon: it’s because the drama is on coupang, a completely new ott and they probably need to pay him big bucks to compensate for the fact that they have few subscribers, also, the drama is invested by his own agency so it’s like taking money from your own pocket to pay you. I’m sure if he do a drama on tv next it won’t be that high.

      • I actually rated Song Hye Kyo higher in the last 10 years than Kim Soo Hyun does in terms of performances. agree to disagree.

        can Kim Soo Hyun can make a performances close to that winter the wind blows of SHK?

        he finally pick a challenging roles in one ordinry day, while I finaly like his acting, I can imagine a better actor can potray the character more layer.

      • MistyEyes still has mist in her eyes after all these years? LOL. No wonder you still comment garbage on this blog.

        SHK fans are really pitiful. And that missjb*tch idiot is the most pathetic of the bunch. Dragging down acclaimed actors like HB, KSH and even SJK (in other posts) to make yourself feel better about your mediocre fave? And your co-idiots have even been dragging JJH and THE Son Ye Jin. Who is next? Who else will your idiotic fandom drag to try and distract from your fave’s terrible acting???? What a bunch of asswipes! ??????????????????

      • “I actually rate Song Hye Kyo higher in last 10 years than anything Kim Soo Hyun does in terms of performances.”

        Wow, of all the hot takes I’ve read on this blog, this one takes the cake. This statement is objectively incorrect.

    • U agree about her bad acting ??? and what do mean by not best actress ?????? She got that much I remember 2 desangs …. Right then this means she is only good at one type .

    • Missjb: I’m not talking about twtwb. I cant comment on it since i never watch it and I’m not saying Shk is a bad actress, just that she is bad in nwabu. Can you tell me in which drama ksh showed a worst performance than shk in nwabu??? And I’m not even a ksh fan.

  18. the red sleeve is amazing and it deserves all the praise… the leads have amazing chemistry and the story is captivating… its one of the best sageuk I have seen…

    people who are dragging shk for her age needs to realise that ageing is a natural process and she is playing an age-appropriate role… nwabu is not a captivating drama so it didn’t attract many viewers… it has nothing to do with her age… she is still one of the most beautiful korean women out there…

    • No one is dragging SHK for her age. Some of you have selective reading and comprehension skills. People are bringing up her age to emphasize she’s been working for 20+ years and she should be showing some acting that befits those two decades of experience. A rookie idol actor is putting in more work than her. L

      Who gives a fig about her beauty and why do her fans always bring it up like it’s an excuse? Is she an actress or is she a beauty pageant contestant?

      • fyi i am not her fan. i don’t like her acting either but I am against bringing down a woman based on her age… there were comments saying she is 40 and she should stop acting and blah blah… her acting is bland and the drama is not doing that well but it has nothing to do with her age as she is playing a role matching her real age…
        kuddos to sehun for putting in some effort because he seems to be the only one doing it…

    • Age-appropriate or confine to only a single type/genre? I have seen many actresses in their 40’s who acted in more than one genres, instead of just playing safe in the melodrama genre.

      • whatever the genre is, she is playing a woman in her late 30s… she isn’t playing a woman in her 20s or pretending to be young… its an actor’s personal choice to work in a different genre and be experimental or stick to a particular genre… its totally up to the audience whether to watch it or not… audience didn’t like NWRBU and its not doing well… but why drag the actress’s age into it? commenting on her acting is also totally fine but why shame her for her age? are the people who drag her for her age going to not age?

      • @Mitra SHK herself is more hung up about her age than anyone else. She is more wooden than usual in this drama because she is afraid to make any large expressions for fear of wrinkles showing. Also the blur filter and heavy make up are not helping. Even her press conference photos are edited before they are published.

      • @ume how can you be so sure she is hung up on her age? female actors are criticised if their photos are not edited properly and if its edited… they will be criticised no matter what they do… if she has wrinkles she will be criticised by the same people who are now complaining that she is afraid of wrinkles… she is a Korean celebrity who is mainly famous for her physical appearance so obviously she has to take care of how she looks… its korea and knetz… looks matter a lot… she needs to look perfect all the time…

        about her acting… she was never famous for her acting anyway… if lee minho can be a star and get projects with his mediocre acting so can she… all the time its not solely about acting talent.. not everyone can be son yejin who has both the looks and versatile acting chops… at times its solely about onscreen charm and screen presence…

      • @Mitra, you said it yourself, she was never famous for her acting. It’s her looks that gets her jobs in Korea, that’s why she’s so fixated on looking good all the time, even at the expense of appearing dull with minimal facial expressions when acting. She’s an actress with 20+ years of experience, it’s not too much for the audience to ask for decent acting skills.

  19. The Red Sleeve has every element to like for, so the double digits rating is well deserved.

    The drama was promoted right and was not hyped up and it let the quality of the drama speaks for itself. The chemistry of leads is amazing. Our leads are good actors and really complement on screen. Our supporting cast are as amazing too. The big bonus is Lee Jun-ho is giving us consistent and exceptionally outstanding performance and slaying his character. That sets TRS apart from other good dramas. And all these factors are manifested in the ratings which keeps going up and up.

    Kudos to the The Red Sleeve team. Hopefully it will reached more than 15%.

  20. I watch NWABU from chinese YouTube channels because I do not understand Korean language and SBS do not make available the drama to other countries. Chinese channels respect SHK.I am put off by the unkind remarks made by netizens. Hey,the drama does call for a 38 year old actress to play career minded Ha Young Eun.She progresses from a expressionless team manager to one who decides to give love a chance. From episode 7 to 8, the characters are opening up, smiling and getting closer. And the plot gets more interesting. I look forward to watching every episodes. I love listening to the beautiful ost. To be fair, I have seen Song Hye Kyo acted in a film called My Girl and I, My Brilliant Life, Hotelier. I have full confidence she will prove her critics in upcoming projects of different genre.

  21. I think it would be worth comparing two dramas if they were in a tight race but with the way the ratings are going up for TRS while the other one even dipped at 6%, Ms.Koala should really make this her last post comparing this two ratings wise.

    Why not just make a separate post about NWABU and ask those who are still watching what they like about the show.

    I rewatched DOTS first two episodes and just happen to notice that SHK’s Kang Mo Yeon and her character in NWABU share a similarity in that they are good in their profession but keeps getting passed over for people with high connections.

    The difference is that I sympathized with Dr.KMY’s character whereas I didn’t feel anything for her new character.

    Is it the actor’s fault or the director’s? Or the writer’s?

  22. A drama is like a book , a beautiful cover can attract you , but after reading a few pages if it’s bad written or if i feel a kind of “déjà vu”, i will pass . I think that’s the same for a drama if it doesn’t captivate me in the first episodes .

  23. The Red Sleeve Cuff is such a good drama!
    Junho and Se Young are great actors! Their chemistry is amazing!
    May the ratings continue to rise!

  24. My first comment seems unsuccessful to post so I wrote again. I think it’s based on own’s preference. This two dramas are two different genres so are the audiences. As a middle age woman myself, I more prefer NWRBU. Slow and steay, not over the top of actings are my cup of tea at this moment. We don’t need to badmouth other to congratulate one. Ware watching dramas to entertain ourselves so as long as we’re satisfied with what we are watching, it’s enough.

    • Yes, the drama is targeted at women in their late 20s through to middle=aged women like yourself and they are generally the ones who hold the remote control in Korea. Most dramas targeted at this demographic get decent ratings which is why it is even more of a surprise that NWABU has failed even with an ‘S-list’ star in the lead role and in a hit timeslot. SBS will be disappointed as they must have thought this would be a surefire hit.

      • Maybe those A-listers are just your in head, an illusion. I wonder what you have in life, what possessions and riches you have that you have no shame looking down anyone.

      • To be honest, I don’t think One The Woman directing or script were anything great either BUT K-netz enjoyed it because of HL’s enthusiastic and committed performance, they were invested in seeing how the plot unravelled and they found it a lot of fun to watch.

        It seems like NWABU’s big problem is that the leads and the story are just stale and uninspired along with poor directing, editing and writing. People will often forgive a lot in a drama if they are invested in characters and the plot but this drama has struggled to make people care.

  25. Maybe SHK should try some genre and potray diff character.She can potray a lawyer, police investigator etc. She can act in a horror, fantasy, scifi or in an action movie for a change.. The only new to her acting was shk is more daring, fearless and bolder on bed scenes and kissing scenes. After her divorce she is now more daring in kissing scenes..

  26. Hang on a sec. How did a post about Red Sleeve Cuff and NWABU suddenly turn into a bashfest of HB and KSH? Oh, I see what Kyo stans tryna do. Shift the hate to other actors to distract people from her lackluster performance which has been brutally skewered everywhere by both K-netz and I-netz. LOL. Real slick strategy. Keep it up. ?

    • @Yikes: I just want to give an example other who has the same performances, heck even worse than SHK. but no one gets critics as hard as as her. that’s unfair.if you want to to critics, dare to take the same critics to someone who has worse lackluster performances. if not, That’s call haters. only critics when majority is critics.

      • Stop calling someone a hater just because they are critical of a performance. I read all websites, international ones like koala, dramabeans, reddit, and even comments on DC forums and its pretty unanimous that her performance here is not great. Not just Shk, but Jky too. I don’t think either are horrible actors but in the right projects they perform better.

        Dragging HB here doesn’t make sense because I’ve never seen bad reviews for his performance in Cloy. And the fact that he’s one of Shk’s exes just makes you seem like a bitter stan of hers and then you lose credibility.

    • She bashes every actors/actresses if they are considered to be popular/not deep enough, especially those popular ones with high ratings. If not KSH, it is Hyun Bin or SJK.

      • missjb is a KSH hater, she hangs out in all his news and criticizes his acting, especially when everyone else is praising. I see her everywhere, Netizenbuzz (when comment section was available) and MDL of One Ordinary Day. People just ignore her but see how triggered she gets when someone criticizes her faves, she drags other actors ?.

    • I am convinced msjb lives in alternate reality. Exhibit A of a SHK stan I was talking about dragging everyone to prop up their fave. She always kicks up a fuss in the comments section when people don’t agree with her.

      The criticism for SHK’s acting is from the majority. Dissing other actors won’t change that. Other actors have bad projects but they don’t get criticized for their acting in those projects.

  27. Shk’s fans thinks that it’s everybody’s fault except shk herself and the drama production that nwbu is doing so badly. They are heavy into the delusion that it is a masterpiece and have obligated everyone to watch it otherwise you will be labeled a hater. Lol.

    What are these people smoking? Dramas are meant to entertain and if people are not entertained then it is the drama and the drama’s cast’s fault.

    Red Sleeve was such an underdog at the beginning but because the drama and its cast are so excellent that they managed to beat the odds and wiped the floor with nwbu.

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