Kim Yoo Jung is the Chic Celine Mood in New Picture Updates on SNS

It’s just a hair over a month since Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) ended, and as wonky as the drama was it will undoubtedly get year end drama recognition by SBS so I’m excited to see Kim Yoo Jung attending the ceremony. I thought she would take a break until then, the shoot looked exhausting especially with how many night scenes there were. I do have to thank the PD for throwing them flood lights on to film as too many dramas try to be “realistic” with all the murky darkness and all I do is squint and want to throw things at the screen. This week Kim Yoo Jung is back at work seen here in very age and fashion perfect Celine items that just highlight her natural beauty and impeccable proportions. I’m not sure which filter is being used but it looks really cool for this pics.


Kim Yoo Jung is the Chic Celine Mood in New Picture Updates on SNS — 20 Comments

      • The whole fandom? Stop exaggerating. There are a lot of fans that are happy that that actress is taking a long break.

      • Let’s just defend yoojung without dragging other actresses, please? I don’t want this article to turn into another war zone like the previous yoojung post. that kes isn’t even a fan of the actress you’re dragging. everyone knows she’s a troll who shaded even her in past articles.

      • HAHA you think you really did something huh? ?
        Our Queen literally finished TWO dramas this year, the other one even needed to be reshoot, so of course she’ll want to take a long break because that was tiring as hell and us real fans understand that. She also starred in an MV, had several magazine photoshoots this year, so again, understandable that she would want to take a break.
        By your logic, she’s on hiatus just because she’s resting after filming TWO dramas in a year? lmao
        Bu then again I wouldn’t expect any brains from dumbass KYJ fans who are now even bashing prettier and more popular actresses like Han So Hee ?
        Keep being jealous forever, all your fave will get is made up awards from SBS while our Queen got a Baeksang nomination and won a Best Actress and Most Popular actress awards from Korea Broadcasting Awards this year and is also a strong contender for KBS Daesang this year ???

        You even copied a username lmao you’re lame ???

    • the girl on hiatus is actually enrolled in one of the prestigious university in S. korea. unlike your fave who is so idle to do to school. thats why during interviews/presscon her answers were always so so. is she d**b?

      • I think there are people who are so rude that they even bring personal problems here. What’s your problem with people who decide not to go to college to continue their gifted field? Both my parents did not go to university, but they are both successful and respected by many people in life.

        How can you as an individual who has the right to say that to others?
        You go into her own posts and intentionally start a war, and then use such outrageous words. What do you get by doing so? And what does your favorite person get?
        This is both an insult to personality and unforgivable. It transcends society’s permission to define itself as a regular fan.

  1. She really keeps working hard and I’m looking forward to her at the SBS Drama Awards. People can argue a lot about Hong Chun Gi but to say it was a bad drama would be a stretch. So I’m sure it will get some recognition.

    Also, I like the Celine photoshoot but looking forward to whether we will get a fresh photoshoot in the spring which is less moody. Would love that. 😀

  2. My surprise here is why are there comments ? like this in the post about KYJ? She’s just 22yo.
    It’s a healthy post and simply complimenting her beauty but why do some people react negatively and include personal achievements for comparison?
    I’m not a crazy fan of anyone, I just noticed KYJ recently after watching her latest drama. And I love Han SoHee too (I like pretty people, that’s why I like pretty faces). I also like GaYoung and I alw search about them on twitter and I have never seen their fans have a problem with each other. I’m not defending anyone, you can go there and search. But the way you include the achievements here, even at another actor’s post, makes passersby also feel confused. Not to mention you dragged SoHee in????? I personally witnessed the battle between 2 actresses fandoms because of the chemestry comparison between SongKang and his co-stars. (Don’t say I’m wrong, I witnessed it more than once, and of course I defend SH, I still remember what words they used to describe SH characters)
    I won’t name them but I think there’s malice here as they’re trying to do the opposite of what they’ve done when they’ve seen and feared SH’s fansom growth and her power now.
    I think the parties should be more mature. And the fact that you do that only makes people more negative impression of you.
    Your fav is good, the actress you love is really talented, I admit. And congrats for loving the right person. So you should only focus on her. As fans, pls be at peace, mature bc we are merely their fans, nothing at all.

  3. ksh fandom should stop being so boastful and overconfident. do u know what had happened to kyj fandom after being so arrogant and overconfident after her success in litm? a series of FLOP. i know u guys r taking revenge on what sosukes did on oris back then. they compared like everything, from accusing sso to be uneducated just because she chose to be homeschooled, didn’t enter baeksang like yj did, only won popularity award not acting award in mbc and so on. actually, I’m just worried that sso will become unlucky due to her fans’ negative behaviour. just wish that sso fandom will not face the similar situation like yj fandom after u guys being so overconfident.

    an oris

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