Coupang Legal Thriller Drama One Ordinary Day with Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Off to Positive Critic and Audience Reviews

I may have beloved baes among K-actors and K-actresses but even then I have to be in the mood for their projects whether it’s genres I like or not. Kim Soo Hyun is back to start December with his thriller murder mystery and legal wrangling drama One Ordinary Day based on the BBC series Criminal Justice. It premiered last week on streaming platform Coupang Play and to date has released 4-episodes out of an 8-episode run. He’s even paired with everyone’s favorite Chajumma Cha Seung Won so it’s a double treat but I’m so far removed from wanting to watch a dark, twisty, and gritty drama I haven’t started it yet. Sorry Soo Hyun-nie but unni will get to it soon I promise! There hasn’t been that much buzz around it though, likely from the serious subject matter and the fact that it’s a streaming only drama and on a small platform. But the audience reviews and from the critics have all been glowing so it may end up a quality niche success.


Coupang Legal Thriller Drama One Ordinary Day with Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Off to Positive Critic and Audience Reviews — 37 Comments

  1. Coupang Play doesn’t deserve this drama. They’ve been so atrocious with promotions from the start it’s not even funny. Even taken down some reviews (all positive) on YT.

    But despite their incompetence, I heard this show is no.1 on CP, top five on Viu and most searched on Naver or so. It trends consistently on my TL and even non-fans of the actors are loving it with praise for the acting, plot, direction, cinematography, etc.

    I watched EP1 up to the hookup scene but it gave me so much anxiety knowing the sh!t that was about to hit the fan afterwards that I paused. Lol. I’ll go back and binge when all the episodes are released.

    • They probably blew alot of their money on getting rights to the drama. It could have been on any big network or Netflix but instead it’s on Coupang Play. They might have figured that it is a show that basically advertises itself due to the main leads and the content of the show.

    • The drama has been getting very good reviews for the quality so the money they didn’t spend on promotions went into the production. Just saw on Naver that CP saw a rapid growth in subscribers since the start of the drama so they are doing well for a new streaming platform. Let’s see if they can keep this up with Suzy’s drama.

    • Pachinko will be released in 2022. The filming of Pachinko was done in utmost secrecy. One of the filming sites in SK was in a cultural village in Busan. LMF fans managed to snap some photos of the production trailers in a big parking lot. LOL. However, security at a shipyard in Vancouver was lax. Site management did a poor job and fans gathered around. Photos of LMH and other cast members were posted on Twitter. Where and when filming was done in Japan still remain a mystery. Only Apple could manage to move the entire cast and crew from SK to Japan to Vancouver during the pandemic. Now we know where that mega budget was spent. Hopefully, Apple’s PR machine will kick in soon and Tim Cook will get on stage to promote Pachinko with the next i-whatever. 🙂

      • Yes, Hwang Se-On. She’s pretty! She speaks fluent English as well. Looked her up and she was apparently raised in New Zealand.

        BTW, all the cast are just fire! Especially KSH, CSW, Kim Sung Kyu and Kim Shin Rok. I’m also enjoying this drama very much!

  2. I’m waiting to binge watch this since I can’t take the suspense of it all LOL. I did watch the first episode tho ash KSH is seriously fantastic in it. He’s been getting rave reviews and all, but he usually does anyway. It’s not really unusual. This one tho, is better than any of his previous performances maybe. At least I was blown away by the first episode. Hope it remains good till the end.

  3. I started watching but pressed pause button after the lady got in his cab.

    I thought shouldn’t he at least locked the doors? I mean he was planning to go to a party.

    It’s true that the story started because of the lead’s actions. It’s just that I didn’t like that he didn’t tell his dad he’s borrowing the cab and that they were unaware he was not going out for group study.

    I guess I am not in the mood to watch yet. So in the meantime I am just watching TRS and nothing else.

  4. I think Kim soo Hyun is a decent actor and popular which helps the show to be more popular but I personally think if u r working on a remake of very popular series, them what do u expect!!!! It’s like playing Sherlock Holmes nth time after many great actors. I have read somewhere Kim soo Hyun’s some projects were/are remake or based on existing works of others. I don’t know why he needs to play safe???….

    • First off, there’s a whole list of K-remakes of popular foreign works that starred ‘decent’ and ‘popular’ actors but didn’t do well. Criminal Minds and Entourage are just two examples that spring to mind. But there are more.

      Second, starring in a screen adaptation of a novel (METS), webtoon (Secretly, Greatly) and a remake (OOD) — three projects out of several original works — is somehow bad and playing safe? Out of all the criticisms of KSH, this one is new. ? You read somewhere? Which means you’re not even familiar with his filmography but you’re just parroting what you claim to have read?

      I know the demographic for this site is nasty, hateful, bitter, evil and toxic. But at least don’t be ignorant when you type rubbish. Later, hater! ✌️

    • I swear, the hot takes on this blog never cease to amaze. Soon, y’all will even say actors should only act in dramas they wrote themselves to be considered great. Aigoo.

    • I guess the “media play” card isn’t working anymore, huh?! Well, you can hate on, but there’s no denying his immense talent. He could have easily settled for eye-candy Oppa in romcom genres to keep his popularity, but no, we had The Producers, Real, OOD. Tell me again he’s playing safe.

      • LMAO, for once. Have you seen Secretly Greatly? or Real? or Producers? You’ve been pinning on his two more stoic and emotionally repressed roles forever, yet you stan the wooden SHK. He got Baesang best actor nominations for his roles as Do Min Joon and Moon Gang Tae, do you think SHK will get a best actress nomination next year for her wooden acting in NWABU?

      • Jin: you seems so biased towards him. I already follow KSH trajectory drama and film in his earlier since will it snow of christmas and Giant is as his best. and the last drama I like from him is Dream High
        and it seems he regress since then. TMET? he get outacted by His younger counterpart Yeo Jin Go. And there is nothing to talk about his acting in Real, all he does is pose. don’t tell me Producer is masterclass acting, IU is outshining him there.

      • Her drama barely maintain a 10% rating every week, and the fact that an underrated drama with underrated cast is taking over the number 1 spot is really a shame for SHK, who used to act in mega-hit dramas once upon a time. . I will be surprise if she can win a daesang this time.

      • @Lai Pei Yee

        The drama can’t even touch 9% much less hit double digits. Its highest rating was 8% in EP2 and it has been flip-flopping and dropping from 7% to 6%.

        missjb stans wooden, never-changing, never-evolving mediocrity yet thinks she can come for KSH, HB and SJK??? Laughable, really.

        Act-outed by YJG? This one is also new. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Outshone by IU? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ok, Jan. Whatever helps you sleep at night so you don’t cry over your flop fave.

      • @missjb. Who cares what you think. The fact that you criticize so many talented actors and actresses to elevate your wooden actress shows you haven’t got a clue.

    • Actually, there is more risk in remakes since everyone will compare it with the original. The actors in the BBC original and US remake were both very good, but KSH is also getting rave reviews all around for his portrayal.

      His own work, the mega hit You Who Came From the Stars had multiple remakes and they were all big flops.

    • Seriously?! People are running out of criticism for KSH that it’s now saying he plays it safe? Lmao never heard of that one before. You must be confusing him with someone else because if not, you’re just being ignorant. I suggest watching his work instead of googling it. Might be enlightening.

      • missjib thinks she has a degree in acting or so on. She has been hitting or judging actors that are NOT her melodrama queen.

    • Kim Soo Hyun and playing safe in the same sentence? Ha! If he played it safe, he wouldn’t have done Real which flopped miserably.

      If he played it safe, he wouldn’t have done the dorky Producer role right after the Hallyu-making DMJ in MLFTS. He could have played another rich, stoic role to keep the popularity going.

      IOTNBO was also another risk those around him told him not to take because the writer was unknown and that kind of story wasn’t likely to get high ratings. But he insisted and did it anyway, especially as his post-military comeback work which meant a lot of pressure and expectations.

      Like Jin said, remakes are actually risky because of all the comparisons and both UK/US versions were acclaimed so people will have high expectations.

      KSH playing it safe? You must be confusing him with someone else, love. ?

      • OP must be a troll. Wouldn’t even be surprised if they’re the same as that missjb attention-seeker who has no love or joy or purpose in her life.

      • Totally agree with you. Sometimes I really think he should not push himself so hard, next time can try a comedy, not too tense just to give him a break ?

      • @carol123

        Ditto! Especially after a recent interview where he mentioned how physically, mentally and emotionally draining OOD was for him.

  5. Ive watched the series over and over again and i cant wait to watch the whole series .Its a double treat to me because kim soo yhun is my favorite actor and i love watching this kind of drama…and the dead girl and kim soo yhun hope to see them again on screen again in suspense love story…

  6. Ive watched the series over and over again and i cant wait to watch the whole series .Its a double treat to me because kim soo yhun is my favorite actor and i love watching this kind of drama…and the dead girl and kim soo yhun hope to see them again on screen again in suspense love story…

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