Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Premieres to Super Low Ratings on SBS Mon-Tues

Okay, I cover so many dramas so I often forget right off the bat the channel its airing on until after it airs, if I write about it enough then of course it’s ingrained. So I legit thought just premiered Mon-Tues drama Our Beloved Summer (That Year, We) with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi aired on tvN and that its premiere ratings of 3.2% and 2.6% for the first two episodes respectively were low but nothing wildly bad. Then I remembered it aired on SBS and ohmygarsh are these numbers low LOW since its on a free and prime time channel. With that said SBS has had a critically beloved drama Racket Boys air this year also with super low ratings but plenty of online buzz and acclaim. I don’t know where Summer will land since it just aired 2 episodes but so far the reviews fall into three major groups: the leads don’t have the visuals, the drama is pretty good but not great, and the drama doesn’t hook the viewer. I think the last one matters the most for the ratings, a romance drama especially needs a hook. I’m planning to watch this week so I can make my own opinion but from the promos and previews it does surprise me that this bright and warm vibes drama can’t bring in more premiere week viewers.


Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Premieres to Super Low Ratings on SBS Mon-Tues — 47 Comments

  1. Pure romcom dramas aren’t bringing in viewers this year the only exception was HCCC which could be because KSH was red hot at that time. This is also only the 4th proper romcom to air this year I think. Both RB and OBS deserve better ratings but are surprisingly the only SBS dramas to fail in ratings. OBS would have actually been better if it aired on TVN instead. CWS and KDM are excellent and have chemistry. Guess OBS will be another underrated gem this year. The good ones never really get ratings or buzz these days only makjang and sageuk gets both buzz and ratings. SW on Channel A getting higher ratings than OBS just proves how strong makjang as a genre is. I can see all the 40+ actresses doing only makjang dramas in the future since it even gets critical acclaim these days.

    • Everything you said is spot on. The category of dramas that generally never fail are:
      1. Makjang
      2. Sageuk
      3. Revenge/Crime/Medical thrillers

      Dramas that generally have low ratings:
      1. Slice of Life
      2. Romcom
      3. Sci-fi

      This is basically the pattern for drama viewers on tv. Good dramas like this should air on OTT platforms so that the actors don’t have to feel let down by ratings.

      • @Q There were only 2 melodramas this year ROY and NWABU. Can’t really attribute their low ratings to the genre because NWABU is just plain bad in every level while ROY is too confusing for a regular person to follow. I mostly agree with the makjang and sageuk genre being a ratings magnet. Honestly there is rarely any sageuk with bad ratings even before. Makjang is staple in any country and always has a legion of followers.

      • Hmm Lost, Youth of May (though this one’s more known as a period drama), Melancholia are also melos haha but yeah I too agree about makjang and sageuk as safe genres for ratings purposes

      • @Queeir

        Especially makjang dramas, they sell like hot cakes… These days viewers wanted those plot that unbelievable like PH drama; a plot overkill indeed.

        To the readers I am sorry for bringing this to the table of convo even this is so irrelevant with OBS.

        ROY is categorically a coming of youth /slice of life/ youth romance drama. This drama ain’t in the genre of melodrama 100%ly. To connect with the low rating, I don’t think you are a follower of ROY because you are associating the drama with low rating. FYI, this drama has an average of at least 7-8% of cable rating nationwide and at least 8-10% in metropolitan area. This drama consecutively topped the rating on local cable rating, on Netflix (this one got at least till fourth place on Netflix all over the world), the drama and cast have been consistent in most buzzworthy dramas and actors /actresses in its month of airing.This drama slayed the three category (rating, Netflix, and list of buzzworthy).

        So I think your argument connecting to low rating is really wrong.

        For the plot, the three categories say that many people enjoyed it. It is a pity that you got confused with it’s plot while many others enlightened with it.

      • @Makjang

        I believe the ROY @tuik is referring to is JTBC’s Reflection of You starring Go Hyun-Jung, not tvN’s Record of Youth starring Park Bo Gum. Reflection of You is a melodrama so their point stands. Instead of asking for clarification, you’re rather overreacting like an oversensitive fan. Calm your tits.

    • They have so much chemistry. It’s crazy to realize the stark contrast between a talented OTP with sizzling chemistry and a bland one.

  2. The drama is good though so far. Though I do think the drama need to bag on that CWS KDM interactions more without love triangle interference. One complaint I have is the color scheme of the drama itself. It might gives off summery vibes but at the same time it’s not vibrant enough and one might say the color seems a bit dull? But the chemistry between leads are good!

    • I’m liking it a lot and the characters are interesting and funny. I like the slightly awkward vibe which works for the characters. Episodes 1-2 also reminded me of how good-looking Lee Joon-hyuk is.

      But the lighting in that drama really makes my eyes feel uncomfortable. Any source of light in that drama feels too bright and there were times when it felt like someone brought the stage lighting too close to the actors or maybe they’re using a whiter bulb? I have no expertise on this matter.

  3. I watched the first two episodes in Netflix and enjoyed it a lot. It gave me the warm and fuzzy feelings that I used to feel when watching straight-up romcom movies or series. I hope the ratings will go up.

  4. Premiere week ratings (not the subsequent episode ratings where story matters most) are normally a combo of leads’ + director/writer star power. This drama doesn’t have it. If the story is good, maybe the ratings will increase later on. It’s too early to tell.

  5. no offence, but in kdrama, i personally think that some actors and actresses are more suitable to be side/secondary leads only. just like these two, i think they shine more as a side lead compared to main lead

  6. I liked the first 2 episodes. It’s kinda hard to follow the timeline because they don’t tell the story chronologically, we got their break-up before to know how they ended as a couple. But I like the characters and the actors are good.

  7. I wonder if CWS regrets turning down an A24 film that Yoo Teo ended up playing. That seemed like a solid romance story like this one, and might have given him more attention awards wise. Also I think CWS is charming, and can be sexy when he wants to be.

  8. I love the chemistry when they were in high school/younger and it was what made me interested when I saw the teaser, but the rest of the drama is a snooze fest to me lol oh well, I’m sticking to Happiness and Red Sleeve for now

    • Happiness is a classic example of a drama airing on the wrong timeslot and a disastrous international distribution plan. It would have been a huge hit if it was on netflix instead of iqiyi. Too bad chinese money won out on that one marring the anticipated comebacks for HHJ (5 year drana hiatus) and PHS (military). Scripting was good, acting was good and chemistry between leads are decent. Sad really that it got overlooked.

      • I’m not sure I agree with you on the chinese money part (except maybe for Jirisan). Frankly Netflix have been pretty spotty the past year or so in picking up K-Dramas – they missed out on hits like Penthouse, One The Woman, Taxi Driver, Royal Secret Agent, Mr Queen and instead opted for (relative) flops like Reflection of You, Private Lives, Run On, Racket Boys, Sisyphus, You are My Spring, and Inspector Koo (most of them from JTBC). Not sure if it was truly Netflix being outmuscled by chinese money or whoever is in charge have taste that run against mainstream Korean taste lol.

      • Penthouse, OTW, Taxi Driver, RSA, MQ might have gotten good ratings but that doesn’t make them good quality dramas. Especially Penthouse, OTW and RSA. So Netflix didn’t miss out on anything. And I don’t think they much care about ratings or what appeals to mainstream Korean taste. They’re just a drop in a global ocean. The dramas they picked did well on the platform and have dedicated international fanbases.

  9. I only know it as a Netflix drama and watch it there. I like the first two episodes a lot and feel finally, there’s a high quality romance in 2021 (not romcom but slice of life romance).

    The two leads are churning out great performance appropriate to the plot, especially CWS whose portrayal is subtle and nuanced in tune with his character.

    I hope the drama will stay on course and be a delight in this Xmas.

  10. KDM only had one hit drama and that starred PSJ and the story has fans since it was based on a webtoon.

    CWS is better off in movies. He picks really good projects Train to Busan, Parasite and the one with KDM as main lead.

    TV ratings are really low since getting double digits is already a reason to celebrate.

    So dramas which got double digits ratings such as HCCC, Vincenzo and OTW are more like a rarity rather than the norm.

    TRS is doing well and hopefully it keeps it’s double digits streak.

    There are dramas which hit 10% but was unable to hold onto the double digits.

    So it might be safe to say that as long as Kim Dami’s drama don’t dip lower than 2% then it’s fine. I think some people might watch this online rather than live.

    • CWS rarely does dramas doesn’t mean he picks bad ones. Hogu’s Love is one of the best K-drama ever made. Just because a drama doesn’t have ratings doesn’t make it bad. Both KDM and CWS are excellent in films doesn’t mean they are bad in dramas. The ratings for a drama aren’t based on just excellent plot and performance there’s a lot more that factors into it. JDY also hasn’t had much luck with dramas doesn’t mean her dramas were bad. SYJ has also had many mediocre rated dramas but eventually CLOY happened. I’m not saying CLOY is an excellent drama but the point remains that ratings are not simply the result of good script and acting.

      • Cloy is not an excellent drama? And its success isn’t attributed to a good script and acting? Why else was it successful both critically and commercially then? For a drama to be a big hit it has to tick all those boxes and more. Just like having a good actor + bad script doesn’t guarantee anything these days.

      • @Yure

        all that you have said are correct. A drama that does not generate a good rating doesn’t mean it is a bad drama. Not all have cases like that. In the case of OBS, just two episodes aired yet so there are more to come.

      • @flowerpot CLOY is definitely a fun drama with mad chemistry and side characters that are amazing but it isn’t an excellent drama. Its a hallyu drama in every sense but not a masterpiece in any way.

      • @Kpotin – Agreed. CLOY is a great Hallyu drama. That doesn’t detract from how good it is though.

  11. Choi Woo Shik is cute and but i dont like this girl really. So she doesnt have the charisma of a lead. CWS was great with UEE in Hogu’s love. I love that drama.

    • it gives me comfort too! The script is great and the acting are spot on. I think this will be my fave drama for the year next to secret inspector

  12. Seen the videos only but seems like this is such comfort cozy drama and leads have great chemistry. Ratings could be all 45 + ppl who watch serious stuff? What are these ratings based on??

  13. Absolutely love this drama. It makes me feel so warm and sweet. KDM and CWS have great chemistry. I’m already really invested in their relationship and curious what went wrong.

  14. I disagree with all three of those groups, especially not hooking the viewer or having the visuals. I love the leads and think they have mad chemistry. It’s been a while since I immediately fell head over heels for a drama. I wish this had aired exclusively on Netflix or another OTT platform because I think it’s better suited for it.

    • Like someone said above most dramas would benefit from airing exclusively on OTT rather than on TV. The difference in quality and plot between TV and OTT only dramas is becoming more apparent.

  15. I love this drama. I don’t care if the rating is low but still I am hoping that the viewers in Korea will appreciate this drama. It is a refreshing drama and I really love the leads – Choi Wooshik and Kim Dami. Anyway, this one is also on Netflix so I think OTT has also something to do with the division of viewers.

  16. Surprised to see those 3 groups of feedback since i-netz are loving the show so far and their feedback is pretty much the opposite.

  17. The first two episodes have the same vibes as “Because this is my first life”. TBH, I enjoyed OBS pilot episodes compared to HCC. Hopefully, the script will be solid until the very end.

    • Same here. This hooks me in the first episode but can’t say the same with HCCC. Both are labeled as slice of life romance but this one is more slice of life-y compared to the latter, which i love by the way. Hope it stays good till the end despite the underwhelming rating.

      This just proves that most viewers are still trapped in the visually attractive leads. Not that CWS and KDM are unattractive, I personally think they are pretty. But some are just still trapped in the conventional definition of beautiful.

  18. Haven’t started watching this drama yet but everytime I see that blonde hair girl I feel for her scalp. The hair damage is going to be crazy so lets hope it was worth it. Sad part is it doesn’t suit her one bit something auburn would have been better.

    • Her hair looks so dry, damaged and brittle from the bleach. I feel sorry for her having to damage her hair so badly for a secondary role and as you said the hair colour isn’t even flattering. She will have to chop it off to give her hair a chance to recover 🙁

  19. Watched the first two episodes on Netflix, I actually liked the story and the concept and I think KDM did very well in her role (whoever said she doesnt have the visual should be ashamed of themselves). The ML though – why did they decide to have similar visuals between the first ML, second ML, and the sidekick? It just makes all three of them look plain and uninteresting. All in all am a bit ambivalent about this drama – liked a lot about it but also don’t feel too excited/looking forward to next episodes about it.

  20. Oh please…i’ve watch the first 2 episode. I love the drama, the setting and the storyline is great.. The actors may not have the best visual ever but they’re the best actor. I love How choi wooshik carry the character. Kim dami just cute as she is. The drama is great in its own way…

  21. I love ChWS and the drama looks great. The leads are not typical eye candy ones for korean audience and that’s the main reason of low ratings I think. There’s this webtoon The Make-up remover and the 118’s episode could be read by most of the population to open eyes to the society. Anyway that will be the only drama I’m watching right now – drama slump partially withdrawn.

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