Most K-stars Show Up in the Usual Black and Whites at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards Ceremony

The 2021 Asia Artist Awards was held last week and it gave out 7 Daesangs so that tells you the rigor of the voting body lol. It’s always been a popularity and hype contest which is fine, there is definitely a niche for ceremonies that is all about getting fan faves together. A few of mine won and attended which is why I’m even covering it since the fashion side was sooooooo bad it puts even prior years lackluster K-award fashion to shine. Like, I miss the old stuff because it felt like stars tried even if they had zero adventurous spirit. This time it doesn’t even feel it any try went in. For the actors and actress side, Lee Jung Jae won the Daesang for Actor of the Year but then Lee Seung Gi won a Daesang for TV Actor of the Year for Mouse so that’s confusing since I’m assuming Lee Jung Jae won for Squid Game which was a TV drama. Oh AAA, you’re trying so hard to throw awards you went in a circle. Lee Seung Gi basically acted his heart, brain, and guts out for Mouse so he deserves any acting award for the best acting he’s ever done but don’t just toss it at him. Na In Woo won an award for AAA New Wave Actor, the Popularity prizes went to Song Ji Hyo and Kim Sun Ho, and Jeon Yeo Bin and Han So Hee both won for the AAA Best Artist (Actor) award whatever that is.


Most K-stars Show Up in the Usual Black and Whites at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards Ceremony — 15 Comments

  1. Check out these award names:

    Focus Actor, Potential Actor, Best New Artist, RET Popularity Award, U+Idol Popularity Award, Icon Actor, Hot Trend Actor, Asia Celebrity Actor, Best Choice Actor, Best Actor, Fabulous Actor, Emotive Award, Best Artist + 2 regular and 1 super daesang.

    ? Ohmigosh! They had to invent a super daesang for LJJ while LSG and YAI won regular daesangs for TV and Film respectively. ?

  2. AAA is what it is and can’t be taken seriously but can we please talk about the insanely adorable interaction between Han Sohee and Yoo Ahin that night! Now I want them in a drama or movie together!

  3. Oh I think AOA Seolhyun tried Moon Ga-Young’s dress for 42nd Blue Dragon Film Award but chose the red one. She was stunning in these black and white outfits.

  4. I’m digging Jeon Yeo-bin’s cropped outfit. Other than that, everyone looks like they went shopping at David’s Bridal or Macy’s, but that’s Korean red carpet fashion for you.

    • Korean red carpet is a showcase of the season’s bridal collection every single time. I know why young actresses in their early 20s wear white but whats stopping the older ones from going extravagant? Chinese red carpets are the epitome of fashion done right.

      • @miiranda – Yesss! Chinese stars treat every red carpet like it is the Met Gala. Thai stars also really bring on the glamour.

        I don’t think I can recall a Korean star ever wearing a haute couture piece.

      • Same! And Chinese stars don’t shy away from color and aren’t afraid to take risks, especially at fashion venues and galas. Really love the “I’m going to be the Belle” gowns actresses don for the occasion. And I also like the couple shoots of Chinese actors more. Korean actors are always dressed in black and white or neutral tones.

  5. AAA = an attendance award.

    Asia? It’s only Korea and a few other countries..

    Ps : you’ll never go wrong with black tho. That’s why.

  6. Korean award fashion is dullsville as usual. Boring black or white, ill-fitting dresses, boring designs.

    I don’t even like that one colourful minidress much but it’s just nice to see some colour.

  7. For the ones who love fashion i recommend to look the youtube channel of Loic Pringent , a french fashion’s reporter who covers every Paris fashion week . He shows a lot of backstage, introduce new stylists, …you will learn a lot .

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