Viewers Impressed with the MBC Production Team’s Color Adjustment Techniques to Make The Red Sleeve Cuff Look Visually Stunning

A popular post this week shows us just how important the visuals are to a drama, what may be taken for granted beyond the big three of acting, script, and directing. The four separate scenes from the drama The Red Sleeve Cuff show the work that goes in from the MBC DI team to adjust the color and gradation of the scene as filmed by the director. It seems like color overlays almost but makes a huge different from rather dull to so vivid and pleasing to the eye. A previous post a few months back also had viewers saying MBC does the best job with colors above KBS and SBS and the network has been known for having the production staff with that talent and eye. It does help that MBC is pulling out all the stops for The Red Sleeve Cuff knowing it has a hit on its hands, the network announced a 1-episode extension so the drama will wrap up with 17 episodes now.


Viewers Impressed with the MBC Production Team’s Color Adjustment Techniques to Make The Red Sleeve Cuff Look Visually Stunning — 14 Comments

  1. Hmm, I’ve never been able to get into saeguks but y’all are convincing me to check this one out. It’s good to hear that alot of thought and care is being put into the details, it’s what can take a show to another level of quality.

  2. Hearing about the extension is making me worried. Another Oh Hae young also had an extension and I wished they just stick with the original no. of episodes.

    Sure it is only one episode but it may drag the pace of the story. I sure hope the writer has something to add enough for one extra episode..

    Maybe it would be better if that extra episode is a special episode like Mr. Queen where the casts were interviewed together. Plus behind the scene footage that were not shown yet.

    • I am always wary of extensions but I am hoping that the story doesnt not suffer from it knowing that this drama does have enough material for another episodes since it does have about a 20 year story to tell in all 16 and not 17 episodes. Additionally they havr enough time to film and make a good script cause they are currently at the end of filming before the extension was announced…
      Hahaha this is just me convincing myself not to worry…

      I dont think they can do a special now, they’ve been religiously releasing behind the scenes, NG cuts, deleted footage and even behind the scenes work like DI discussed above plus the CGI of the tiger. They even did a novel reading session bit which i dont think was done before.
      It feels like this clips are released for promos sake now so I dont know if they have more of other footage.

    • Yes, I was worry about it too. But after I saw 2 deleted scenes yesterday, I think they have more scenes for extended episode. Those 2 scene are important enough for development of the story.

      1st is about deokim told about her family story to wolhye, the CL Jo minion. And it result that wolhye sympatize and want to protect deokim (cmiiw). I think it will explain wolhye character and story in upcoming episodes. The 2nd one is Yisan actually waited for Deokim all night in his room when Deokim was meeting his brother. He even skipped breakfast and said he want to ‘take a walk’.. and the scene after that is Yisan found Deokim in the garden and worried about her sickness.

  3. I liked the filters they used, it’s very pretty.

    I thought this drama would be more serious and less dreamy as a real sageuk and not a fusion one. But it’s good. I ove the grandfather, he’s so an iconic character and has the best glasses 😀

    Sageuks are so beautiful to watch. They really choose beautiful places and colors.

  4. I seriously love the amount of thought and effort put into this drama.

    I am thrilled about the extension. I wish this drama had a couple more episodes from the start as they have been posting the deleted scenes on the Naver channel and the cut scenes would have greatly contributed to the drama. It’s a real shame they were cut for time.

  5. First time to get hooked with a history kdrama, there is really something, a wonderful thought remains.. hoping for the success of this drama until its last episode! I have a new great actress added on my list.. Lee Se Young second to Kim Go Eun.. peace ?

  6. Who would complain? This drama should have been a 20-episode drama. All the cast are great here, amazing chemistry of our OTP and Lee Jun-ho’s performance is consistently outstanding- from the looks and facial expression even when he is not saying anything to intense emotional & strong scenes are amazing.

  7. Just 1 extended episode? How about 4mire to make it 20? I am enjoying this drama so much that it’s going to hurt when it ends. It’s a great production, story wise, screenplay, acting, scenes, directing and a fresh look on the personal life of King Jeongjo, even if it is doecualtion… I really want them to have a happy ending, regardless of the actual history..

  8. There is so much material in this story that the drama should have been a 20 epi series in the first place. So I am not at all worried abt the extension.
    Never been a fan of sageuks but this one hits different. Especially after getting those spoilers from the book ,I know the last few episodes going to be full of angst with some sweet moments thrown in between.

    • Can you please tell me if the novel reproduces exactly what happened historically? I really hope the story ends before the real tragic historical facts, otherwise I’ll freak out, ad they are an astonishing couple, so beautifully depicted, so I really do hope they stop the story before it turns to tragic!

  9. This drama should’ve been longer. It’s a classic palace court lady drama, tyrants king and nice crown prince with backstabbing alley, we have so much room for the fluff and the hard part.

    Not just the colour, the setting of the scene is also beautiful. It reminds of painting and the way they shoot their scene is just incredible.

    At least 30 episode for this genre but I hope the production stays strong

  10. You have done it again. Another amazing drama coming from South Korea. Hollywood you have been left behind by very talented directing writing actually everyone behind making kdramas and not forgetting incredible acting. Keep them coming I must be one of zillions that think the same.

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