Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon Yeo Bin in Talks for the K-drama Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day

Okay, this casting if true is going to generate so much discussion. I won’t say controversy but it’s definitely one of those casting choices that doesn’t immediate go “Yes, perfect pick!” K-ent is reporting that the K-drama remake of critically acclaimed hit TW-drama Someday or One Day has offers out to Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon Yeo Bin to be the leads. Unless the casting was to find the K-version dopplegangers to original leads Greg Hsu and Alice Ke, to which I say homerun selection, then I find the acting ability for the male lead all wrong and the vibe for the female lead not what I was expecting. Ahn Hyo Seob is also the Song Kang of this year, from Lovers of the Red Sky to upcoming Office Blind Date and now the forthcoming Someday or One Day, I can do with less him everyone for the present stretch as he’s better in smaller doses. I’m better with Jeon Yeo Bin’s casting than with Ahn Hyo Seob but I’m having a hard time picturing them together, from high school and also the adult days, and making it work like the original leads. I don’t know, maybe go back to the casting drawing board m’kay?


Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon Yeo Bin in Talks for the K-drama Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day — 76 Comments

  1. HUH?????

    This is one of the most head scratching pairing I’ve seen. JYB is a great actress and she can pull off the adult character, but big question mark on the teenage character in a high school uniform.

    AHS gives me more worry. The two of them go together like chalk-and-cheese. I can’t envision them having romantic chemistry and her vibe is more mature than his, not to mention the discrepancy in acting ability. She’s also going to act circles around him. This gives me flashbacks to the Kim Taeri and Nam Joohyuk pairing. Why couldn’t they have casted Kwok Dongyeon for this if they want JYB as FL?

    Back to the drawing board indeed. JYB, please pick something else.

    • I think JYB would be alright as a high schooler. She played a teenager in After My Death in 2018 and that was convincing to me. With the right make up and hair, she could probably pull it off.
      In total agreement with AHS tho. This combination is not convincing me

      • Okay that’s true. But that film was 4 years ago and it’s always tricky for actors to play younger versions of themselves, especially when they have to wear school uniforms.

        The biggest problem is I cannot wrap my head around this pairing, and the acting discrepancy is huge.

    • never like any work from AHS, His acting is fine but lack of precense. Kwok Dongyeon is a big yes, like give this talented young man leading role already he so underated it break my heart.

  2. Funny thing is AHS will supposedly play SK’s character in Love Alarm. Enough with these guys PD-nims. They just got the looks but their acting is meh.

  3. No, no, no, no, no, and NO.

    I can take Jeon Yeo-bin as the FL. She’s not the first (or second, or third) actress that comes to mind for this drama, but she’s a super chameleonic actress and I believe she can pull off all iterations of the character.

    Howww did Ahn Hyeo-Seob get offered for this? JYB is going to have to *hard* carry this drama because he’s going to be acting deadweight. Why are all these talented actresses getting paired with younger and less talented actors?

    Also, this is a remake of a beloved hit drama and will be on Disney+. No and no. There’s more downside than upside with this drama.

  4. Honestly, I’ve found both of their acting meh in their projects I’ve seen. And their pairing is just so out of left field. Who is even asking for this remake? Funny how drama stans are chill about this but if it was Hollywood trying to remake SOOD, they’d scream bloody murder. Smh.

    • Not feeling this at all. The original masterpiece is still fresh and so perfect. Plus the male lead is bland and no way can JYB pull off being a high schooler

  5. If she supposedly pulled it off in 2018, it doesn’t mean she will in 2022 or whenever this drama is going to air. Her vibe and aura just don’t match the role. And if her acting will be anything like the early episodes of Vincenzo, then heaven help us. As for the dude, the less said the better. Next!

    • Her acting was fine in Vincenzo. It’s what blew her up commercially and her character is a fan favorite. Did y’all watch past the first few episodes?

      Original comment went into the black hole somewhere.

      • I prefered the last few episodes when she barely in them, also there more han seo who was much more interesting to watch. Plus the show become more dark and fast paced.

      • My first comment disappeared, but people don’t like Hong Chayoung? What???? I loved her and she was mad popular (on Reddit).

      • @yzma
        Nope I found her character annoying eventhough I know she was written as ott. I also started enjoying the drama more when her screen time was limited.

      • @kailey b, Oh. She’s one of my favorite female characters and definitely stole the show for me. I wanted a spin-off for her ?. That’s fine. Different strokes for different folks.

      • @yzma

        Haha its cause I watched vincenzo expecting a dark Mafia show, so the comedy bits were off-putting to me. The last few eps was how I wish the show started like. This opinion is polarising though there was also many that hated the last few eps as there was less focus on the potential budding romance and comedy side.

      • @kailey b, That makes sense. I liked the comedy and found the last few episodes disorienting because of how dark they got. Count me in the camp that was shouting for the romance ship to sail faster ?.

    • I loved her in Vincenzo but I’m not sure why you would assume her acting would be anything like Hong Cha Young anyway? That’s one character and this would be a totally different one. Pretty sure Jeon Yeo Been as a talented actress who has won or been nominated for multiple prestigious awards for her acting work knows the difference between playing an eccentric, amoral lawyer and a woman in mourning going through an existential crisis involving her deceased boyfriend.

      • @Sunny – Yep. HCY was written and directed to be extreeeeeemely OTT in the beginning. If anything, this character is more similar to her Be Melodramatic character, and she NAILED that role (didn’t she get a Baeksang nomination for it?).

        But this project won’t work with AHS as ML.

      • peanut: baeksang for best new actress is not that hard to get. Looking at actors who can’t act and still got nominated and won like Song Kang, ahn Hyo Seop, LMH… you get the picture.

        I think YJB doesnt have good comedic timing but she is great at emotional scenes. This drama doesnt have comedy in it so she will be fine in this drama if she can pull off being a teenager.

      • @Ichchi – Yikes, never mind then. Baeksang aside, I thought she was great in Be Melo and SOOP sounds like an offshoot of Be Melo. She’s a stronger dramatic actress, but I think she has decent comedic chops. I found her Be Melo character pretty funny (with that deadpan humor), and Hong Chayoung was a HOOT.

      • Tbh, baeksang often biases popular dramas. That’s why lmh, and ahn hyo seop won because their dramas had high ratings.
        Sweet home was popular internationally,so I can see why song kang got the nomination.
        However be melodramatic didn’t fare well ratings wise, nor was it buzzworthy outside sk. But the drama had good critical acclaim and jyb did well.

  6. Is this going to be an SBS production? Because of it is I could understand why. Before Yang Se Jong went to the military, SBS started casting AHS as male lead in Dr. Romantic 2 and it’s soon to be made sequel.

    But I really wish another actor be cast for this role.

    I feel that good looking young actors are just getting too many lead roles. While some who are more talented just keeps getting sidelined in supporting roles because their visuals are not up to male lead standards.

    • @M – It’s supposed to be on Disney+, which just adds to my apprehension about this project.

      Where’s @Royal We? I’m interested in hearing her take on this.

    • I can’t even imagine these two as a couple at all and am trying to picture them as the original leads and how it’ll work but it’s just not working, I can’t picture JYB as an high schooler nor do I foresee any chemistry between them.

      This was a masterpiece that does not really need a remake right now cause it’s still fresh in people’s memory so it’s funny how both Chinese and South Korea are pushing for a remake so badly.

    • I believe Han Suk Kyu is the male lead (Dr Kim) of Dr Romantic 2. AHS at the most is the supporting junior. Being a supportive cast is where AHS should belong. He is so bland, how can he lead?

  7. When it comes to casting, I don’t care about looks matching so much as acting skills being on par. But if k-ent HAD to cast by looks, Wi Ja-hoon can pass off resemblance to Greg Hsu. I don’t know who looks like Alice Ke in South Korea though.

    I can understand why Jeon Yeo-been is considering this role. It is a meaty role and the sort that stretches one’s acting ability. But the risk is too high. It’s going to be difficult to come close to the quality of the original, and I am utterly dismayed by the the ML candidate.

    • I notice wi ha joon and greg hsu being similar when WHJ was promoting squid game!

      Their big smile i think is making them look the same

  8. I Really love someday and one day, And I’m more worried about who is the screenwriters???? It will break or make the drama. I will sure JYB will pull this character off… If only the male lead is someone else. I agree of someone who suggest Wi Ha Joon. He would be perfect.

  9. Since the writer of the original explicitly stated that the Dramas was WRITTEN FOR Ko Chia Yen, for any remake to succeed artistically, the FL is critical. Sadly, for any K Drama to succeed commercially, it’s the ML that matters. This casting confirms my suspicion that this remake will $uck, but Di$ney won’t care because it will be a big $ucce$$ in the only way that matter$

  10. People are hating on the ML but both the leads are mediocre in different ways. JYB sucks outside her usual crying/tearing up scenes (which would work for the intense bits of SOOD but Idk how she’s gonna pull off the teenage parts) and AHS, the less said about him the better. K-ent casting continues to suck, imagine casting these two in the place of Greg and Alice. Hopefully the original SOOD is distributed on Netflix instead of whatever this is.

  11. Rather than Ahn Hyo Seop I think his senior and close friend, Yang Se Jong, could pull this off flawlessly for his post-enlistment drama. They only thing is they might have to modify the school setting to university or something as I don’t think YSJ can convincingly look like a high schooler.

  12. I want her to stay away from this project because (1) no remakes can ever pass the original works and the comparison will get more and more tiring as the drama airs (2) the scriptwriter and PD is still vague and these 2 contribute a lot to the quality of a show (3) drama takes lots of time and energy i’d rather to see her in more critical movies instead of going for mainstream.

    I trust her anyway. If she chooses to do this she’ll be able to pull off the depressed teen, cheerful teen, and grieving adult version of the female lead. And i’d say not many actresses can do that simultaneously.

    • I could not agree with you more on your 3 points. This remake has significantly more downside than upside.

      I also was hoping that she would choose to continue with films next, especially since she scored good feedback and a bunch of awards nominations with her film this year. Perhaps there aren’t many movie offers going around due to the film industry being affected by the c0r0nav1rus?

    • I agree with you about remakes and your point of how the scriptwriter and PD can also affect the success/non-success of a remake. I was thinking about how popular the cdrama, A Love So Beautiful, was but the korean remake got very little attention. And when you remake something that had already been watched by a good number of the population you’re remaking the thing for, you’re stuck in a catch-22 in terms of what you can change. And how do you make it fresh for people?

      As for casting, sometimes you’ve got to work with who you’ve got and maintain a balance between talent and profitability. And casting folks see the actors in more things than their most popular role. JYB has a pretty nice resume before Vincenzo.

      I think the only remake that really worked across its many versions was the movie, Miss Granny. The themes were universal, and there was a part of it where each country was able to slot in their own cultural and historical references.

    • @Beez: I agree. I think JYB will do an excellent job if she accepts but, truthfully, I don’t see any benefit for her in joining the production. People are already critical and the comparisons will be endless as the original Taiwanese drama is already regarded as a beloved masterpiece.

      I fail to see what a Korean remake can bring to the table and I struggle to think of any Korean remakes that were even half as good as the original. I am neutral on Ahn Hyo Seop but I think this role is too much for him.

      I also find it worrying there is no mention of the writer or director who are vital in making this complex drama work. Makes me suspect the production company will just hire some inexperienced dogsbodies and rely on the success of the original work.

      I would rather JYB reserves her time and talents for another film or an original drama series that is not a remake.

  13. Lol her fans need to stop brainwashing people into believing she has any range. The Qoo article has comments upon comments on knetz making negative remarks on her acting and pointing out how terrible she was in Vincenzo. AHS is getting criticized too, the dearth of interesting young actors is real.

      • Qoo commenters agree. Her i-fans kept trying to brainwash people into believing she is an actress with range but the Korean reaction to this news has exposed the truth. Her fans have been calling others bad actors and actresses for a while, the clown came back to bite I guess.

    • Lol. It is very obvious that @Joane/Jennie/Kaguya/Isis/Rapunzel/Jennifer is a hugely toxic solo Song Joongki stan the way she constantly fangirls over his other works (like Battleship) and spams comments section hating on Vincenzo (because of his costar), JYB, and is perched in every NWABU post hating on his ex SHK like she’s getting paid coins to do so. Oh and throwing constant tantrums because the Korean grandmas don’t like her shows and they’re getting low ratings.

      Font, go on back to Twitter to play with your fellow Pokémon. Your fave didn’t get this role no matter how much you wanted her to. ?

      Funny you failed to mention all the positive reception on qoo. Don’t be shy. Drop the link!

      • Okay Delusional, take your meds before accusing people. Who knows that you aren’t the same person spamming positive comments on JYB? Also I like SJK? LMFAOOO. A pathetic one-note actor who relies on women to promote himself? Yeah sure I like someone who’d have been Jang Geun Seuk 2.0 without leeching on to SHK. Just wait till his drama comes, I would comment on his trash acting too. This conspiracy theory is so funny that I can’t even be mad or take it seriously LMFAO. Stop projecting delulu clown. Vincenzo sucked, Sjk sucks, JYB is mediocre too. Cry about it. The Qoo article is literally still on page 2/3, why don’t you go check what people are saying about her acting in Vincenzo instead of crying here? I dislike every mediocre actor, especially SJK, SHK and now this overhyped flop too, thanks to you fans.

      • Someone dropped the link below. They did a breakdown of the response too. I’ve read the actual theqoo post and seen comments from other forums. user @show me the data’s summary seems a good representative.

      • I saw her comments trashing SJK earlier so stop claiming every Yeobeen hater a SJK fan please. I don’t even know who her favourite is because she seems like she hates everyone

      • First, SHK fans claimed people criticizing SHK were SJK fans. Now, JYB fans claim JYB haters are SJK fans. Stop blaming everything on SJK fans, it’s annoying.

      • @fawkes i just read that the qoo comments and it’s actually closer to 50:50. 80:20 is way too generous. it’s really a lot more divided than that and way more obvious than what show me the data is trying to pass off as typical or similar to ifandom reaction. in fact 50:50 feels a bit generous. the ones not outright hating her acting doesn’t think she suits ahn hyeseob

      • reading even more and i’m just gonna add, the arguments are pretty heated with jeon yeobin defenders blaming the director and script for the bad reviews of her acting. i really don’t know how show me the data came up with 80:20 good:bad reaction ratio. it’s really far off

      • @show me the data

        it’s so difficult to get this posted but since i’ve typed this out i’ll try again:

        i’ve backread the entire comment section on this qoo post you linked, all 700+ comments just to see this 70/30 or 80/20 split. i have no idea where you get that number from, this is way more divided than what you are trying to imply. people were outright fighting and throwing insults, jeon yeobin defenders were complaining about comments being suffocating and how there were so many mother in laws (implying original work fans being overbearing) some started to insult the original work as well, even going after the original main actress’s looks! this is a very heated comment section.

        it’s definitely not at all mostly positive or “standard split”. i also saw some pointing out how they didn’t like her vocalization not even in be melo and people who haven’t watched vincenzo but had seen her film being confused about the amount of bad reaction to her acting.

        i said 50/50 before but after reading more of the comments, there are more negative and skeptical ones than positive. so many variation of “but the acting has to be good though” comments. in any case, people seem to be really passionate about the original.

    • It is a pet peeve of mine when people make generalizations on the Internet to suit their narrative. Poster Joanne seems to have a personal axe to grind with Jeon Yeo Bin (since people ignored her 1st comment, she had to post a 2nd one), so then let us take a look at the data.

      Several hundred comments, and the feedback pretty much matches this comments section. Top concerns are: vibe doesn’t match; no chemistry; JYB cannot play a high schooler; AHS can’t act; why is a remake necessary?

      Similarly, there are comments praising JYB’s acting in her works and comments criticizing her acting in Vincenzo. The split is roughly 70/30 or 80/20 between praise and criticism, which is a standard split given the sample size. So there you have it. Qoo commenters aren’t too far off from i-fans.

      Joanne, weren’t you also the same poster who kept complaining about how knetz have bad taste in dramas and can’t appreciate quality? Funny how you now take a subset of their words as gospel.

      • Thank you for giving me a satisfying laugh. I was relieved that most people ignore that user’s attention seeking post. For me it’s best to ignore them. But i have to admit that your kind of reply is also satisfying.

      • Thanks so much! I’m glad you broke it down because when I checked theqoo yesterday, user Joanne’s generalization didn’t seem to match their overall feedback. Moreover, I’ve seen the tweets from Korean Twitter users, so I was confused by Joanne’s statement. Yesterday, I’ve seen users defend JYB even on dcgall and in the comments section of theqoo as well. And there were also those who were looking forward to her performance, if ever she will take it. I’m glad that you’ve clarified it because that hasty generalization is… yikes. Anyway, the response of her agency makes me wonder if she will accept this role because unlike her previous casting offers for Glitch and Vincenzo, they didn’t use ‘positively considering’ this time.

      • ?

        I love it when people BRING RECEIPTS. If it’s anyone trying to brainwash, its @Joanne. What a whole pterodactyl.

      • i’m reading theqoo link you provided and i think 80:20 or 70:30 is actually on the generous side? it’s maybe 50:50 from what i see. plenty of people just going “ah..” “uhhm” not exactly happy about it but not rude enough to say anything bad. people who saw her in be melo definitely like her. i was trawling dcinside the day the casting news came out and they were mad, mad about ahs and then they were mad about jyb.

        theqoo is usually milder probably because they have stricter rules whereas dcinside they talk without filter. but even then the comments on theqoo were surprisingly (for me at least) on the mean side. calling her not pretty enough and dissing her. which is stupid because the original’s FL wasn’t even a looker. she just needs to be charming.

        i personally think she can pull off this role. tbh i didn’t like her in vincenzo but she did well with the emotional scenes and her be melo character fits at least one of the FL’s characters for this remake.

      • so difficult to get this posted but since i’ve typed this out i’ll try again:

        i’ve backread the entire comment section on this qoo post you linked, all 700+ comments just to see this 70/30 or 80/20 split and i have no idea where you get that number from. this is way more divided than what you are trying to imply. people are outright fighting and throwing insults, jeon yeobin defenders are complaining about comments being suffocating and how there are so many mother in laws (implying original work fans being overbearing) some of them started to insult the original work as well, even going after the original main actress’s looks! this is a very heated comment section.

        it’s definitely not at all mostly positive or “standard split”. also saw some pointing out how they didn’t like her vocalization not even in be melo and people who haven’t watched vincenzo but has seen her film being confused about the amount of bad reaction to her acting. this is so clearly very sharply divided. i said 50/50 before but after reading everything, there are more negative and skeptical ones than positive. so many variation of “but the acting has to be good though” comments. in any case people seem to be really passionate about the original.

      • @Far and @Yoa,

        I eyeballed the 70/30 and 80/20 split for comments on JYB’s acting specifically, since that was what the original poster Joanne targeted. If you are talking about overall reaction to the casting, then the split is 50/50 or 40/60 given many commenters don’t think the vibe is correct, nor will there be chemistry. If you want to be scientific about calculating the split, you can also tabulate all several hundred responses in an Excel sheet to come up with the precise split.

        The great thing about linking the original data source is that people can go look at the data and come to their own conclusions (as you two did), instead of taking internet strangers’ word for what the data says, and everyone is working off a single source of truth (the dataset) when they discuss the topic.

      • @show me the data but there is really no need to tabulate in excel. it’s actually painfully obvious even just eyeballing it. i really read thru all of it and the comment section had plenty of people who are negative and skeptical about her acting itself, definitely way worse than 80/20 or 70/30. i’d say it’s about 40/60 maybe even more skewed to bad than that. some don’t outright say her acting is bad, they just say “the acting needs to be good tho” implying they don’t think she’s any good. there were also people commenting that she lacks range, plenty of outright insults on her acting in vincenzo that even some of her defenders started arguing that she’s actually ok EXCEPT for vincenzo, imploring others to watch her film before judging her. some commenters even commented that they are surprised at how so many comments are calling her acting bad. i think the reaction is understandable since vincenzo is her most recent and most popular projects and i she was divisive in it, so many of these commenters don’t know that she can actually be good in other things.

        overall if u include people complaining about her not suiting the role or the combination with hyoseob being weird it looks about 30/70 to me. i find it very hard to characterize that comment section as good or fair towards her at all. i definitely wouldn’t call it standard or comparable to the reaction from i-fans. it actually almost felt like a pile on

    • And did we brainwashed the professionals acting critics too? Cause she got awards at such prestigious ceremonys like biff and grand bell waaay before she become popular through Vincenzo. If ya’ll don’t like her character there is okay but she was just doing was she was told and paid to do, both her, the director and the writer knew beforehand that HCY wouldn’t be loved by everyone, but she was really writen that way. Vincenzo may be her most recent and popular project but isn’t her only one, if you never watched her previous works like After My Death, Be Melo and Night In Paradise just don’t talk shit about what you don’t know.
      Yeobeen is known for eye-acting and ever change her voice tone for almost each character she play to the point some people has a hard time to recognize her for one role to another, that’s how delivered to her projects she is. She has the range and the industry already recognized that, and also you’re not the emmy or oscar awards critic juri you think you are, just pathetic lol

  14. I have no doubt that JYB can do it, she was incredible in Be My Melo.

    But AHS… He was pretty disapointing in his last drama.

  15. I must be in the minority who didn’t like the original TW drama lol pacing was an issue for me but good luck with this remake. AHS is whatever and not a fan of JYB either I thought she was awful in Vincenzo but liked her showing in Be Melo. I’d like to believe she won’t be terrible in this. And Alice Ke and Greg Hsu didn’t look like high schoolers also so I don’t see that as an issue in this remake for now lol

  16. I…think Jeon yeobin can pull this off? Especially with the right styling. Wasn’t the original actress even older when she took on the role?

    I discovered Jeon yeobin thanks to Vincenzo and loved her there. Her chemistry with Song Joongki was smoking hot ? but this new guy looks a bit like jailbait. I don’t know anything about his acting.

    • While JYB gained critical acclaim for her films, Hong Chayoung is my favorite among her characters. I love her portrayal and find her presence very charming. The tone, rhythm, gait, and mannerisms made me adore her character even more. I’m looking forward to her next work. I hope she chooses her scripts well.

  17. jeon yeo bin will do good here. it will stretch her acting ability and she was amazing in be melodramatic. the biggest dark hole is ahn hyo seob. his acting ability is still severely lacking.. unfortunately, this drama puts more weight on male leads

  18. It’s very very very unfortunate that my intro to her was in Vincenzo where her awful acting was such a turnoff that *I* personally never want to see her on *my* screen again. As for him, I find him exceedingly mediocre in both acting and visuals. So the fact that there are waaaaaaaay more talented and better-looking actors in his age range who aren’t being pushed the way he is frankly pisses me the eff off. If they’re both confirmed, hard pass for me.

    • I could’ve written that first sentence. I get that her character was written to be ott, but she couldn’t pull off that crazy oddball acting. Not everyone can do ott naturally and clearly she isn’t one of them. It was very, very cringey and try hard.

  19. I saw some comments about YJB having bad diction in the qoo, so maybe that’s why some knet said her acting isn’t good? How important is diction is anyway, anyone knows? If one’s acting is good but her diction is poor, will it affect the evaluation of the performance?

  20. JYB please pick another drama.
    She will not be short of work if she doesn’t take this one.
    After Vincenzo doing this drama? Hmm…

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