Netflix 2021 List of Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide Dominated by Fall Releases Squid Game, Hellbound, My Name then Vincenzo and Sweet Home

The phenomenon known as Squid Game really lifted the K-dramas that came after it, as evidenced by the Netflix most watched K-dramas worldwide top 10 list of 2021. Squid Game is number 1 of course, then it’s Hellbound in second followed by revenge thriller My Name. Those two dramas aired after Squid Game and while good definitely got more viewers because of the overall worldwide audience interest in K-dramas in general thanks to Squid Game. The same goes for The King’s Affection currently trending so high on Netflix, but it didn’t make this list since it’s only aired for 7 weeks and doesn’t have enough time to collect the views. After the top three, earlier year hit Vincenzo comes in 4th followed by Sweet Home, which actually premiered at the very end of 2020 but is considered a 2021 drama since the majority of views were this year. The next 5 on the list are Love Alarm, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Nevertheless, Run On, and Sisyphus: The Myth. There were so many hits and misses in 2021 and I for one am ready for 2022 and a new slate of K-dramas.


Netflix 2021 List of Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide Dominated by Fall Releases Squid Game, Hellbound, My Name then Vincenzo and Sweet Home — 19 Comments

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  2. If TKA is added to the list Sisyphus won’t be in the top 10. Sweet Home came at the very end of 2020 so it makes sense to call it a 2021 drama just like Silent Sea will be considered a 2022 drama. Song Kang once again proving his Son of Netflix status with 3 dramas on the list but Han Sohee isn’t far behind with 2 dramas. The most surprising drama on the list is Run On. I thought Vincenzo would be higher on the list because it has the most episodes which means more views in total.

      • The Forbes list is sourced directly from Netflix. Flixpatrol isn’t official it’s like a fansite that complies publically available data but since nobody knows how Netflix actually calculates it’s data it would be difficult to assume the flixpatrol compilation is accurate.

      • Squid game is this years King eternal MONARCH just on a bigger scale as TKEM was the biggest last year and Netflix no. 1 k-drama on the year end list released by netflix

    • It wasn’t an error though. The reference article was written nearly three weeks ago (Dec 7th). When the data was taken list was compiled, TKA had released only 14 episodes.

      • For a Forbes article, yes it is. Whether that was their intent, it wasn’t very clear as they wrote all the correct number of episodes for the other shows. It was written badly. They could’ve tacked on a “still ongoing” note to that sentence. The way it was written, first thought would be the show ended at 14 episodes.

  3. Vincenzo! <3 <3 <3

    Hellbound and My Name were both buoyed by being released in the wake of the success of Squid Game. WTF at Love Alarm and Sisyphus on the list?

    • Hellbound and My Name were not buoyed by Squid Game they were good dramas plain and simple. Yoo Ah In and Han So Hee have massive fandoms and they know how to pick good projects. Even Nevertheless is on the list for a reason. Love Alarm has always been popular even in 2019 it was a global success and one of the earliest successful drama Netflix had on which it built it’s kdrama empire. Kingdom isn’t what have Netflix it’s boost it was Love Alarm that did that and even the VC of Netflix personally mentioned that.Sisyphus has Park Shin Hye and hate on her all you want the girl is a Hallyu star and even if her dramas never get domestic ratings won’t ever erode her worldwide popularity.

    • Why are KYJ fans always so bitter lmao ?
      Love Alarm has always been super popular, it’s one of the first successful Netflix originals, and Park Shin Hye will always be more popular and successful than your bias even with flop dramas, deal with it ?

      @mune Spot on ?

    • @Mune @EvenAdyIsBetterThanKYJFans

      I just want to ask which ones of Park Shin Hye’s dramas were flops?

      YAB, The Heirs, Pinocchio and Doctors all had high ratings and were very popular worldwide.

      Memories of the Alhambra until today is still on the top 19 dramas with the highest rating on TvN and on the top 7 with the highest premiere rating.
      I don’t consider Sisyphus a flop, it is on the top 2 with the highest ever premiere rating on JTBC. And Achieving – 6.7% rating on JTBC on their wed-thurs time slot where dramas preceding them couldn’t even get past 2% can’t be considered a flop. And is even on the top 10 on Forbes and on Flixpatrol for its Netflix ranking. Maybe, Critically? I agree, since a lot of people hated the drama for its ridiculous story and plot.

  4. 1, 2, 3, 5 et 6 are Netflix produced dramas. So it helps. It looks like JTBC did better on Netlfix than in Korean ratings.

    I was happy to see the King’s Affection mentionned in this article. They made the 4th place in the top 10 of international shows once! Otherwise, they were in the top 10 and were the number one in a lot of asian countries.

  5. To be honest Hellbound benefited a lot from Squid Game’s popularity.

    I just don’t think it should be on second place since only the first 2 episodes were gripping to watch. Also Hellbound is only good to watch the first time because of curiosity, I for one won’t watch it again.

    Whereas with Squid Game, it’s the kind that you could rewatch.

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