Leehom Wang Breaks Silence Claiming He Will Explain the Untruths in Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei’s Statements then Later Apologizes, His 80 Year Old Dad Gets Involved and Writes Letter to Media Claiming Lee Jing Lei is Greedy and Manipulative, She Responds by Leehom and Father-in-Law’s Claims One By One

Okay, it’s extra large size of of popcorn time with TW-singer Leehom Wang‘s divorce from ex-wife Lee Jing Lei. In the last 48 hours there is now the following developments, first is Leehom’s 80-something year old dad writing long letter released to the media claiming his son is innocent of any wrongdoing, that his marriage was hell on earth miserable, that Lee Jing Lei used her first pregnancy to strongarm Leehom into marriage, and that she’s demanded tons of alimony, child support and property in the divorce and she’s gotten it. Lee Jing Lei then wrote a follow up letter first chastising Leehom for hiding behind his elderly father and using him to further lies about their marriage and painting her black and whitewashing him. She one-by-one denied all the father-in-laws allegations of her greed and manipulation and shared the text from her father-in-law this week telling her to claim to the media that her first letter was groundless and she is mentally unwell and if she does that she will get the expensive home she currently lives in with the kids. Lee Jing Lei explained that her father-in-laws actions further confirm how manipulative that family was, bullying her during her marriage in many ways and even now doing everything to smear her and absolve Leehom of any wrongdoing.

The dad said Leehom was miserable in the marriage and Lee Jing Lei refuted that by saying they had three kids, if he was so unhappy why would he keep having kids with her. The dad also claimed she used the first pregnancy to rope Leehom into marriage but Lee Jing Lei said it was Leehom who wanted kids because he was 37 years old already so they never used protection during sex and it was because he asked for it. She asked how a guy who the dad claims doesn’t want kids with her, was forced into marrying her, would not use protection two more times until they had three kids together?! She closed by saying she doesn’t think Leehom is trash or completely beyond repute, she just wants him to take responsibility for his mistakes and bad behavior and she believes by doing so there is a chance he can move forward properly. She also confirmed that the only reason she went public is because she asked Leehom to clarify the misconception that she was the reason for the divorce and didn’t get along with her mother-in-law and he refused to do even that because that allowed him to seem blameless in the divorce. In this letter, she closed by saying she will take legal action going forward for these lies being further spread about her.

Last but not least, Leehom finally broke his silence saying that he will be denying and explaining Lee Jing Lei’s claims of his various misconduct (cheating, prostitution, being an absentee dad, etc.), he didn’t want to do it because she’s the mother of his kids but he’s been left with no choice now. He claimed he never cheated during their marriage and explain that he met Lee Jing Lei (he used a Japanese name for her Michiko Nishimura) when she was an underage fan but they never communicated for 10 years until she was in her twenties so the was no grooming her when she was a minor. TW netizens don’t believe a single word he said and is even more incensed that Leehom used her Japanese name (she’s half-Japanese, half-Taiwanese), to try to make C-netizens turn against her just for their general hatred of anyone Japanese.

Lee Jing Lei responded to Leehom within hours refuting his claims. She said they did see each other and hang out when she was underage during those 10 years Leehom claimed they did not have contact, and their friends who hung out with them are witnesses and can confirm. To Leehom’s allegation of psychological stress, she was the one who was mentally abused and gaslighted during their marriage and their therapist can confirm that. He tried to find different therapists to validate his position to paint her as crazy but the therapists would refuse so he would keep switching to new ones for their marriage counseling. Lee Jing Lei called out Leehom for having a narcissistic personality disorder, and shared emails from their therapist (their names are Bobby and Sasha as that is what they are called by friends and family and use at home). She also refuted the greedy allegations and shared their divorce settlement where she waived all alimony (spousal support). She said that the only thing she asked was child support and any requirements so the children maintain their current standard of living and people who care for them so they are not traumatized by moving or changing nanny, etc.

And just now, Leehom posted a full apology statement, taking responsibility for his failings in the marriage, says he will do everything to provide for Jing Lei and his kids, will deed the condo over to her (earlier he only let her live there with the kids until the last one turned 18), and says he will take a break from work to spend time with his parents and his kids. The statement does apologize and take responsibility but still uses phrases like “at the end of the day, it’s always a man’s fault and a man’s responsibility”. Sigh. at least this saga will hopefully come to a close for the sake of the young innocent kids.


Leehom Wang Breaks Silence Claiming He Will Explain the Untruths in Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei’s Statements then Later Apologizes, His 80 Year Old Dad Gets Involved and Writes Letter to Media Claiming Lee Jing Lei is Greedy and Manipulative, She Responds by Leehom and Father-in-Law’s Claims One By One — 12 Comments

  1. Leehom is a scary and manupulative coward. He knows Jinglei’s past and how hurt she was by her father’s departure but still revealed her past Japanese name to try to make people hate her due to her origin.

    I wish Jinglei and her children the best. I hope Wang Lee Hom will retire from the entertainment business so he won’t abuse his “power” and hurt more people.

  2. Poor Lee Jing Lei. I believe her because I have been in a situation similar to this. It’s a nightmare when no one believes you because he has manipulated everything for so long. I am glad she’s got support and able to prove herself.

  3. 越描越黑 is his dad’s defence of his son.

    In fact, it just indicates how calculative-stingy the family is.
    What is so wrong with her who is taking on the responsibility of the 3 kids – to ask for a stable home / nanny help / car etc? And the millions of $ that his dad mentions … hullo it’s 台币, not even Singapore millions. Surely his son CAN afford it? It’s hardly taking half his income.

    8 yrs of a PhD’s opportunities, youth … and now to be a single mom with responsibilities for 3 young kids.

    It’s NOT like he’s some struggling person with fixed income. Doesn’t he want his kids to be comfortable? Best interests of the children? Shame on him and Grandpa

  4. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4382124
    The fulltext translation of Leehom reply if anyone interested to check.

    From this translation, the two were separated 2019 , and I never read or heard bad rap from her about him until now 2021. But Leehom has a lot of rumour.

    This is a classic He Said , She said . Now the battle will all be about pictures, screenshots of messages, email and testimonies from friends.
    Especially the first point was denied, only friends, receipts or Cctv’s if it is available that can prove if indeed they were more than a fan-friend-idol when she was 16 years old . But if it does, it doesn’t help anything, the past is past, they have three children that will read their mudslinging here on the net. Sigh. I agree, Leehom didnt manage the marriage and Divorce
    . If only he came to her defense when the Divorce announcement was done, she wouldn’t come out and defend herself.
    Leehom has his father’s backing, I wonder where and who will come and support her.

    • Chinese and Taiwanese netizens are firmly on LJL’s side and have been relentlessly criticizing WLH and his father. LJL has a whole new legion of fans now and she was getting praise for her prose and the way she handled herself through all of this.

    • His letter is actually really funny in that he never explicitly states anything was his fault. Rather, he is essentially saying he’s sorry she’s upset. Using the word sorry while absolving himself of all guilt.

      And let’s be honest…in terms of their financial situation, considering their 3 kids, the fact that he has a career while she was a SAHM who was caring for their children, she should be entitled to half his fortune.

      Then there was how he worded “She was also allowed to live in our house in Taipei for free for 18 years” just rubbed me the wrong way. Considering she is probably the primary caregiver of their kids…free isn’t really free, and if it’s half her house..using the word allowed seems derogatory, like she needed his permission to live in her own house.

  5. His “apology” is a cop-out. Coward still wants to appear like the innocent victim without actually refuting any of her points regarding his infidelity and grooming.

    Calling her by her Japanese birth name is such a cheap tacky shot… meanwhile he’s saying she needs to think of the children. His ex has all the evidence/screenshots and documentation so far. I hope some tabloid does a big photo dump that reveals the extent of his lying.

    PS: I hate his dad.

    • She’s very smart in her replies to them. All logical replies while theirs made themselves looks like clowns in action.

      Like her reply to him about ‘think of the children’. ‘YOU and YOUR DAD’ were the ones who dragging the kids in. In order to painted her in bad light, they had to go such a cheap way with ‘threaten him to marry her when she got pregnant’. That’s something we expect of a loving daddy and grandpa? LOL. What a joke

  6. The dad’s claim that she strong armed him into marriage makes my blood boil. The dude was old enough to use protection if he didn’t want kids with her. He didn’t have to marry her and keep having kids with her. Then to act like she’s greedy because she gets child support, alimony and property. She has three kids, she should be getting those things.

  7. So dumb of ex GF rebuttal. She said that although the pic was taken in 2013 while they were dating, she posted in 2015. That is to piss her BF. Using a married Guy? Really? Then LJL posted the evidence.

    • I think it’s funny that Yumi decided to stop responding after the WhatsApp topless pic.

      Like, dang… no good will come of arguing online with Lee Jing Lei. Any other WLH “friends” are on notice. Head down and mouth shut is the safe place to be.

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