Wang Leehom’s Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei Takes to SNS to Accuse Him of Bringing Three Men for His Child Visitation and Also That He’s Hired Web Services to Press Likes and Support Him Online

One of the messiest celebrity divorces in TW-ent in recent memory is back in the news this week, thanks to male lead singer Leehom Wang coming out of his two weeks quarantine after coming back to Taiwan from China in the wake of his ex-wife Lee Jing Lei‘s allegations of his mistreatment and misconduct during their marriage. This week he tried to visit their three kids at their marital home which is now her residence with the kids and brought along three men and asked her to turn off the CCTV recording so he could enter. Lee Jing Lei was alarmed and refused him entrance and said this violated their visitation agreement which was that any third party be mutually approved and she was fine with having a third party that the kids were familiar with such as a mutual friend. She alleged that Leehom admitted to bringing two men who were his long time aide and agency employee but she didn’t agree to let those two in, and was even more upset that Leehom did not disclose there was a third man there and she heard over the intercom the aide whispering to that third man to step back away from the camera. Leehom’s side said that third man was simply his bodyguard. Anyways, so the visit was scuttled and then came the he said-she said, and his side released a letter from Leehom’s US divorce attorney saying they recommended that Leehom never visit the kids along as they accuse Lee Jing Lei of spreading lies about Leehom so if he’s alone with her and the kids then it could be used against him. Lee Jing Lei further shared evidence of Leehom buying Likes and Supprtive Netizens in the past, such as liking the picture of him getting the COVID-19 vaccine and also liking his Dad’s composed poem, and she brought that up to share that recent tidal waves of netizen blowback on her was indicative of Leehom trying to turn the tide of public opinion by fake likes and commentary.

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Leehom Wang Breaks Silence Claiming He Will Explain the Untruths in Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei’s Statements then Later Apologizes, His 80 Year Old Dad Gets Involved and Writes Letter to Media Claiming Lee Jing Lei is Greedy and Manipulative, She Responds by Leehom and Father-in-Law’s Claims One By One

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Vivian Hsu Issues Statement Vehemently Denying She’s the Married Star Cheating with Leehom Wang as He Starts to Lose Endorsements in Wake of Divorce Scandal

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Leehom Wang’s Wife Lee Jing Lei Posts 10,000 Word Screed in Aftermath of Divorce Announcement Accusing Him of Cheating, Prostitution, and Using Her as a Brood Mare and Abandoning the Family

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TW-ent is Reporting that Singer Leehom Wang and Non-celeb Wife Have Divorced After 8 Years of Marriage and Three Kids

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C-ent Buzzing Over Leehom Wang’s Abrupt Wedding and Revenge Weibo from Rumored Boyfriend Li Yun Di

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