SBS Releases the Five OTP Up for Best Couple at the 2021 Year End Drama Awards: Now, We are Breaking Up, Our Beloved Summer, Lovers of the Red Sky, Penthouse, and One: The Woman

I feel like SBS only had surface skimmings when it came to picking the 5 sets of 2021 K-drama OTPs for it’s Best Couple Award nominees at the upcoming Year End Drama Awards. I don’t know who will win but none stand out as OMG such amazing chemistry and/or such a memorable and meaningful love story. One is even so toxic there is death and destruction involved lol, and that I mean Penthouse 2 with Kim So Yeon and Uhm Ki Joon. Next there is Lovers of the Red Sky with red eyed Ahn Hyo Seob and plucky Kim Yoo Jung, who managed to manifest an entire adult reason to love each other based on one day together as teens in a peach orchard. I didn’t watch One: The Woman but all the praise was for Honey Lee and a lot of complaints for Lee Sang Yoon but since it was a successful high rated drama then clearly their nom makes sense. Currently airing Now, We are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong is the most straight forward nomination since high profile drama, A-list female lead, and rising eye candy younger male lead. But their chemistry is hit-and-miss and I’m still watching it so can’t deny it’s not terribly engaging. And last but not lead, just premiered Our Beloved Summer with Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik, they are adorable in promos but the drama is getting very low ratings and I haven’t heard that the OTP chemistry is anything to write home about (yet).


SBS Releases the Five OTP Up for Best Couple at the 2021 Year End Drama Awards: Now, We are Breaking Up, Our Beloved Summer, Lovers of the Red Sky, Penthouse, and One: The Woman — 18 Comments

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  2. I vote for Yoon Hae-Kang and Han Se-Yoon in Racket Boys! They were super cute and very supportive. They understood and helped each other.

  3. Def’ly CWS and KDM in Our B S. Their chem is just perfect and it’s a cozy young rom com. Not sure oldies will take to it unless they see it for what it is. Song serial which is like no rating worth is getting high ratings so it’s more than time to move beyond these nos.

  4. I don’t think any of SBS couples stand out but One: The Woman couple get my vote for worst. So boring with no chemistry at all. They should have just made them allies and friends investigating together and left the weaksauce romance out. It would have made no difference to the ratings.
    It was embarrassing that Honey Lee had more chemistry with the cheating douchebag husband than her supposed true love. Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon’s visuals matched so well but their romance was as dull as watching paint dry.

    • Also thought HL had more chemistry with her douchebag husband than with her written love. Felt like LSY came across as a wet mop next to HL’s sparkling personality.

    • Agreed. I wonder why Lee Sang-yoon even took the role. It must’ve been obvious from the first script reading that it was Her Nibs’ drama all the way. I wondered why he signed on for V.I.P. too, where he just played guilt-stricken straight man to Jang Nara.

  5. NWABU for worst chemistry. They media played the romance so much and the two ended up having no chemistry, which is a feat. I’ve seen hugs more heart-fluttering than their 19+ scene.

    OBS for best chemistry. Enjoying the OTP so far.

  6. Considering all the drama that is happening with Snowdrop I’m surprised it isn’t getting more coverage. Kim Seonho and Joseon Exorcist had more coverage on the blog in their first 24 hours than the Snowdrop fiasco which is much bigger.

  7. SBS didn’t have a lot of choices to begin with . So they pick what they have ! None of them even have a good chemistry . As in many tv awards they change the rules every year, why not giving an award to Racket Boys for the chemistry ‘s cast instead of a couple for once . Just saying . A few years ago, they had so much good couples that it was hard to choose but now they lost the touch of selecting the co leads . An handsome man + a beautiful woman = not a guaranty of amazing chemistry .

  8. Best couple awards have been a long standing tradition for SBS, MBC & KBS. It so happened this year SBS is running low on quality. The most memorable best couple awards for me is 2014 KBS Drama Awards. Park Hyung Sik-Nam Ji Hyun, Ji Chang Wook-Park Min Young, Lee Joon Gi-Nam Sang Mi, Eric-Jung Yu Mi & Kim Hyun Joo-Kim Sang Kyung. Truly a feast for the eyes as Seo Kang Joon & Park Bo Gum were in the audience with Seo In Guk emceeing the show with PMY & KSK. Kim Ja Ok, Kwak Dong Yeon, Taec, Kang Ji Hwan, Choi Daniel, Joo Won, Sung Joon, Jung Eun Ji, Lee Da Hee, Shim Eun Kyung, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun all nominated for various awards. I don’t think no other awards shows came close to the huge talent being packed there that night.

    • Gone are the good old days with very matching same aged couple with good romance, good script. Nowadays there’s only zombies, noona romance, webtoon, remakes, etc. or just using some big names to attract. K-drama are booming but I have not find a memorable romance with great script/acting in recent years.

      • CLOY is not my kind of good romance. In fact among HB popular drama, I find CLOY to be one of the worst. Is easy to watch but the romance never touches my heart.

      • Same here I don’t know why I can’t enjoy CLAY although it’s a massive hit. It’s doesn’t touch my heart either.

  9. I understand why HL and LSY got nominated and they are probably going to bag the couple award since their show was a big hit. But some of the couples sound like a joke. KSY and UKJ? CWS and KDM’s drama just barely aired and I don’t think anyone’s shipping them yet. I don’t even need to mention the other couple.

    Maybe this should be called The Couple you love to hate award?

  10. I feel like best couple awards are typically pretty boring and the actors always look so awkward receiving them and having to say stuff. That should just be cancelled and they should just show a reel of all the couples.

    The only ones that are exciting to see are best couple awards given to a pair of 2 actors or 2 actresses.

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