Ji Hyun Woo’s Total Surprised Pikachu Face When He Won the Daesang at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards is the K-netizens First Cute Meme of 2022

I legit never thought I would see a live-action Surprised Pikachu Face in K-ent but here we are and it’s adorable. The winners at the big three network Year End Drama Awards are usually known in advance, if you show up it means you know you’re winning something. The K-drama On Air went deep in there to start the series in discussing that background politicking. The discussion around the KBS Drama Awards this year was definitely that no prime time drama got high enough ratings for the leads to merit the award so it was going to come from a weekend drama between Young Lady and Gentleman or Revolutionary Sisters. K-ent thought it was going to be between two elder veterans but ended up going to male lead Ji Hyun Woo of Young Lady and Gentleman. He was so genuinely surprised that the camera captured the exact moment he made what the world knows as Surprised Pikachu Face. It’s now become the first K-drama Meme of 2022 and bonus points to veteran mommy Lee Il Hwa who gets to be in the background of this meme forever as well lol. As for whether Ji Hyun Woo deserves it, for me it’s not for this drama but he’s been acting for 17 years so in terms of experience he’s built up the cred for sure. For me it would always be Queen In Hyun’s Man.


Ji Hyun Woo’s Total Surprised Pikachu Face When He Won the Daesang at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards is the K-netizens First Cute Meme of 2022 — 13 Comments

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  2. I loved his honest reaction. He did deserve it because he has been acting for quite a while and he does try hard every time.

    • 100% agree. I think his prime was definitely 2010-2012. Have you seen Becoming a Billionaire? He is so hilarious, and good in that drama. Namgoong Min was the second male lead in the drama and has done incredibly well after.

      I think Hyun Woo in his 30s hasn’t had a break-out hit the same as his co-stars like Song Jong Ki (they were also in My Precious You). The entertainment industry is really unforgiving.

      He was one of the first nation’s little brother too!

      • Seems to me his “prime” is the most current second he is in now. Kind of tired of people judging someone else’s prime, life, whatever.I agree his past experiences were great but future ones will be better.

      • I should cavaet his career prime* was in the late 2000’s early 2010s as the Nation’s Little Brother. He is a very capable actor, but hasn’t had the best luck getting drama hits like his costars / peers.

        Same thing with Yoon Eun Hye. She is one of my favourite actresses due to Goong and Coffee Prince, but has not picked the best roles/dramas and has faded out of the spotlight. I am eagerly waiting for her comeback and hopefully she will find success.

        How are you human if you aren’t even allowed to hold your own opinion?

  3. Nothing he does will ever top Queen In-Hyun’s Man. That is one of the very few dramas I’ve watched twice (out of over 300). It is perfect and he is perfect in it. Happy to see him get some recognition even if it is not a drama that appeals to me.

  4. Heh. The guy who confessed publicly that he loved yoo in na. What a media frenzy that was. The other two elder veterans must have offended kbs bosses. Too much soju on new year’s eve lol.

    • Yeah it was a big deal during that time. Now, there are even bigger scandals. I think he was sincere though. Just bad timing to confess so publicly when he was going to be away for 2 years. It’s in the past now, and he did something crazy in his youth. Hopefully he can find a good partner that is a better match for him.

      He is quite the minimalist and lives very modesty now in 2020/2021. He was on I Live Alone and appeared so down to earth and non-fussy… very prudent! His closet is quite empty and he lives in an apartment that doesn’t even have an elevator. I was expecting him to drive a German import like some idol contemporaries but he drives a Renault.

  5. sorry, of topic.

    the 1. January passed and Dispatch didn’t exposed a secretly dating couple. What happend? No rumor to verify?
    A little disappointing…

    I hope some day, that there is no need to hide their relationship anymore. I’m genuinely happy for every couple.

    • speculations were high that a lot of k-pop dating couples were being spied on but at the last minute their agencies did a deal with dispatch called hostage concert. as for the acting side, maybe no a-list couples are worthy to report on.

    • I have a theory. After the kim seon ho scandal, every dating actor/actress in sk immediately changed strategies until even dispatch can’t get any dirt on them. All date at home or wear elaborate disguises to go in and out of their homes. I’m happy actually that stalkers like dispatch couldn’t come up with anyone this year.

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