Ji Hyun Woo’s Total Surprised Pikachu Face When He Won the Daesang at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards is the K-netizens First Cute Meme of 2022

I legit never thought I would see a live-action Surprised Pikachu Face in K-ent but here we are and it’s adorable. The winners at the big three network Year End Drama Awards are usually known in advance, if you show up it means you know you’re winning something. The K-drama On Air went deep in there to start the series in discussing that background politicking. The discussion around the KBS Drama Awards this year was definitely that no prime time drama got high enough ratings for the leads to merit the award so it was going to come from a weekend drama between Young Lady and Gentleman or Revolutionary Sisters. K-ent thought it was going to be between two elder veterans but ended up going to male lead Ji Hyun Woo of Young Lady and Gentleman. He was so genuinely surprised that the camera captured the exact moment he made what the world knows as Surprised Pikachu Face. It’s now become the first K-drama Meme of 2022 and bonus points to veteran mommy Lee Il Hwa who gets to be in the background of this meme forever as well lol. As for whether Ji Hyun Woo deserves it, for me it’s not for this drama but he’s been acting for 17 years so in terms of experience he’s built up the cred for sure. For me it would always be Queen In Hyun’s Man.

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