Wang Leehom’s Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei Takes to SNS to Accuse Him of Bringing Three Men for His Child Visitation and Also That He’s Hired Web Services to Press Likes and Support Him Online

One of the messiest celebrity divorces in TW-ent in recent memory is back in the news this week, thanks to male lead singer Leehom Wang coming out of his two weeks quarantine after coming back to Taiwan from China in the wake of his ex-wife Lee Jing Lei‘s allegations of his mistreatment and misconduct during their marriage. This week he tried to visit their three kids at their marital home which is now her residence with the kids and brought along three men and asked her to turn off the CCTV recording so he could enter. Lee Jing Lei was alarmed and refused him entrance and said this violated their visitation agreement which was that any third party be mutually approved and she was fine with having a third party that the kids were familiar with such as a mutual friend. She alleged that Leehom admitted to bringing two men who were his long time aide and agency employee but she didn’t agree to let those two in, and was even more upset that Leehom did not disclose there was a third man there and she heard over the intercom the aide whispering to that third man to step back away from the camera. Leehom’s side said that third man was simply his bodyguard. Anyways, so the visit was scuttled and then came the he said-she said, and his side released a letter from Leehom’s US divorce attorney saying they recommended that Leehom never visit the kids along as they accuse Lee Jing Lei of spreading lies about Leehom so if he’s alone with her and the kids then it could be used against him. Lee Jing Lei further shared evidence of Leehom buying Likes and Supprtive Netizens in the past, such as liking the picture of him getting the COVID-19 vaccine and also liking his Dad’s composed poem, and she brought that up to share that recent tidal waves of netizen blowback on her was indicative of Leehom trying to turn the tide of public opinion by fake likes and commentary.


Wang Leehom’s Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei Takes to SNS to Accuse Him of Bringing Three Men for His Child Visitation and Also That He’s Hired Web Services to Press Likes and Support Him Online — 19 Comments

  1. To be honest, WLH is using so many sources to paint her in a very bad light… and also picture her as a mentally ill person. He does it all thru schemes and rumours…regardless others like it or not, her method to protect herself is to be honest, transparents and all out front. She is fight head on against all his underhanded manner.

    • I’m still waiting for her evidence. Otherwise, she is full of lies as well.

      She claimed WLH + 3 men tried to break in. If they tried to break in they would have succeeded. There’s nothing odd with bringing witnesses during a divorce child custody visit.

      Maybe WLH as well, then this drama is their private matter and they shouldn’t rely on the public to sort it out for them.

      • If you are really a “michael” – try thinking with your head above your shoulders and not the one down there for once and see the failure of your logic. She only has the media to hold him off. Is the CCTV footage of four big burly men vs a petite woman + 3 toddlers behind those doors not chilling to you? Thats all the EVIDENCE thats needed. That picture alone told 1000 words. He could have just brought his personal assistant even that physically would be stronger than her and the kids. He brought 3!!!! #ulteriormotive

    • She tried. For 3 weeks after his apology post and retirement announcement, she kept quiet. Then this happened. Therea definitely alot of ppl coming out and slandering her right now. I dun know if they are paid too but one thing is for sure, she has no where and no one to turn to but the media to make sure he backs off.

    • A homemaker and mother of 3 against the Web full of stabbings and slanders . WLH is attacking her using water armies online…so he does not dirty his hands… She need to protect herself and her kids from such a dirty act of attacks. She is happy to have CCTV installed and film the truth. I will continue to support her… Laws in Taiwan is not as safe as everyone thinks… she is doing her best for her family. Public is tired of WLH’s dirty acts. But many Public would not want to see anyone victimised by a Bully.

  2. I do believe her take on this and she did keep it private for some time until this happened. She doesn’t have enough clout as her ex husband to help her so that’s the reason she is releasing this to the public. WLH is not going to let this go either cause she ruined his reputation, career and he’s all about that image. The real victims are always the kids unfortunately.

    • @Lana, Me too. I believe her. Perhaps Leehom’s thinking, since his reputation is ruined, he will ruin hers too (mentally ill) both of them are ruined and yes, the children are the victims.

      If I’ m on her shoes, I wouldn’t allow the cctv to be off and I would want a police or social worker to be a witness.

    • The thing is – she did. It was in the terms of the divorce agreement that she signed last year. Then he published some ridiculous email letter from a new york law firm and the owner of the law firm (Bonnie Radin) used very strange wording in that letter he published for the world to see. It is laughable in my opinion for a supposed reputable and famous law firm who did not do the paperwork for their divorce or had any meetings in person with LJL to use almost lawsuit worthy defamatory terms to describe her character and actions. If they were paid by WLH to write whatever he wanted – this is definitely a law firm that is shady af just like the man himself. He is beyond redemption in my eyes now. One famous taiwanese talkshow host wrote “he never did love her” – pointing to the mystery that throughout the years they were married not one couple picture they took together had him looking at her in the picture. Only the one by her hospital bed when she just gave birth which was cringe ly stages. Lesson learnt. Dun marry a narcissist. The mirror will alwaya be their most prized posession over people over things.

  3. This guy is really narcissist. When he left his quarantine hotel…he had 10 bodyguards forming a human wall. Instead of takings things slow to integrate into his kids life(he has been abroad plus quarantine rules)WLH can’t wait to show off and visit his kids.
    The situation is still salvageable if he agreed to let 1 of the 3 person staff he brought along. She agreed to 1. What does he need the 2 other person for if he only need 1 witness that will speak for him. Wait on him while he bonds with the kids?
    The divorce agreement in place and cctv should be enough to cover both of them.
    He’s doing extra stuff that will paint badly on his wife. I mean if LJL let them all in, it will imply that she consented. She did not…for reason of safety and breach on agreement. But no, his camp says LJL won’t allow the visit.
    WLH has complete control of the situation. He could have done zoom or video call first few weeks to work out who can supervise the visits.
    Before this visit, smear campaign started. with that girl Yumi agency and now this. You can smell something is up.

  4. Bringing 3 guys to a visitation?
    Hmm…seems like an intimidation tactic. Just sounds sketchy overall so I’m glad she refused to let them in, for her and her children’s safety.
    Honestly, visitation shouldn’t take place in the home but at a neutral location with an unrelated 3rd party to supervise. LWH just seems so shady in every way.

  5. Why does he need 3 men to be there for his visitation? The only scenario i could think of is he was trying to forcefully removed the 3 kids from his wife. Each man take one kid and if cctv is off, the ex wife will be in their mercy. Scary to think what would have happened if she lets them in.

    • Your deduction is highly plausible. One holds her back the other 3 kidnaps 1 kid each. How absolutely frightening. I will start installing more CCTVs and hire my own personal bodyguard if it were me. Now the internet is raging with why she would celebrate the birthday of his personal assistant and nowcsll him out as ex triad member. Its laughable because if Im married to WLH, of course I will do my best to be nice to his friends and become closer to them. Now that the split happened and that person is obviously on the side of the “enemy” why do I still need to pretend to be nice to him. His dirty tactics are laughable and beyond belief!!!!

    • It’s pretty chilling. Why three and the third one a bodyguard that she had never seen before? If she had let them in and the visit was not a kidnapping, then having a stranger would make the kids uncomfortable.

      Not sure how sincere his visit is for the kids considering that he wouldn’t visit them unless he brought his goons with him. Guess he didn’t miss his kids all that much. He could have abide by the divorce agreement and brought an approved acquaintance and got to see his kids.

      And with covid – let’s limit the number of strangers around the kids!

  6. Jing Lei said she called the police regarding this matter. I hope they will be able to help or at least scare WLH away so he won’t try anything suspicious again.
    It is good that she made it clear that she won’t ever commit suicide so if anything happens to her then it will not be her own doing.

  7. He is so truly vile! I believe her too because after her last post, she was quiet and didn’t stir anything up until this incident, which does sound scary. It’s in the middle of the pandemic and what WLH did speaks for itself that he doesn’t have his kids’ best interest at heart; it is always about his own needs and interests. I hope she and the kids will get some support and help because this looks far from over.

  8. While this he said, she said is tiresome … I can see why she’s doing it.

    Stop airing dirty linen in public?

    He’s the one with all the power, the money to hire a defense team. This, is her only leverage. She’s the one doing her responsibilities as a SAHM with kids.

    WHY does this dude paint himself as such a victim – how “vicious” can she be, when he shows up with 3 men for protection … against a women? He’s worried he would be murdered?V

    Go ahead, keep pulling out all his stops … WLH is just showing himself to be calculative and callous. Ditto when he agreed to ‘loan’ her the Taiwanese home – until the kids are grown. When one has so much and still needs to nickle and dime. Says a lot about him

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