Pictures Show Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye’s Star-studded and Sweet Wedding Celebrating with the Joyful Couple

Before Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon head into nesting mode to prepare for the arrival of their baby and life as a family of three, the newlyweds pulled up a wedding that was equal parts star-studded and sweetly lowkey. It felt like any young couple getting married but they happen to have super famous friends in attendance including Kim Myung Min who ran into Ryu Jun Yeol looking like the usher on their way in, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Bum, Seolhyun, Nam Ji Hyun, Namgoong Min, with special serenade performances by D.O. and Crush, Zico, and Lee Hong Ki. The cutest celeb nod was Lee Min Ho getting a seating arrangement made out to his Heirs character Kim Tan and his well wishes to leading lady Park Shin Hye a congrats line from the drama to his Eun Sang. So much feels, dammit! Love so much being able to see pictures and share in this happy occasion for an actress I love and watched grow up so beautifully.


Pictures Show Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye’s Star-studded and Sweet Wedding Celebrating with the Joyful Couple — 43 Comments

  1. Beautiful photos! Unfortunately, the all black/grey ensemble are killing my fashion eyes. Every single one of the guest shown here can blackout the All Blacks. Lol. I know guests try not to upstage bride and groom but goodness me a little of bit of colour surely would not hurt. Must be the impenetrable Korean dress code for any occasion.

    • I know it’s cultural but the black takes some getting used to lol. I have a floral skirt and pastel cardigan that I typically wear to weddings.

    • You aren’t supposed to upstage the couple getting married so most people end up wearing bland clothes. Not just this wedding, any wedding.

      • My Yoruba self really, really, really cannot relate because after buying aso-ebi we go to weddings ready to kill and slay everyone. The couples already know this, so they themselves come prepared.

      • My Malay-Chinese-Indian cultural background totally cannot relate at all. Showing up in black at South East Asian weddings is almost like an automatic expulsion from the event or given the evil eye. Try wearing all black at the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. I think the younger generation can get away with being “chic” or “fashionable” but the nagging from grandmas, mums and aunties will drive you crazy. “Wei, you wanna to die ah, bring bad luck ah? Try to be Audrey Hepburn ah?!! Save the black for your college prom night.” Hehehe.

      • Yep, crazy rich Asian tais tais in Shanghai, KL, Singapore, Hong Kong will be dripping in gemstones and gold jewellery at weddings. Definitely must be a cultural thing for Koreans to be as bland as the waiters at hotel wedding banquet halls. Lol.

    • It’s definitely a cultural thing and I respect it, but where I’m from it’s the opposite and dressing in black at a wedding would be considered bad luck (and dressing drably would be considered disrespectful to the bride and groom lol). But I’d probably be thrown out of a Korean wedding even in my blandest ‘wedding guest outfit’ which is like…green.

  2. Was there any dress code or did they want to attend funeral? Not mentioning how dreary the colour was, why did they dress so casually? Those were just like outfits to go to the mall! Where’s the formal wear? At least some men looked formal enough, but others? Even one wore sweatshirt underneath his suit! OMG! Even if they dressed like they wanted to attend red carpet, they wouldn’t upstage the bride! Just look at how boring their red carpet looks! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  3. Omg the uncle with white sneakers and awkwardly folded up sleeves takes the cake! Talk about fashion faux pas. I don’t understand the korean obsession with black colour. It’s for funerals. Yikes.

  4. Amidst all of you gripping anyone noticed how genuine bridal pair looked? This is the first time I’ve seen PSH smile so widely? And CTJ looked so loving.

    Guess that’s what real love looks like for them. Congratulations to the happy couple. I love the hanbok outfits for both of them.

    • Relax buddy, we are just being real people gossiping about the fashion as we all do at people’s weddings. Behind their backs. Of course we wish the happy couple triple blessings. Celebs will look stunning on their big day, that’s a given.

  5. I have the same reaction with others here. What’s with the attire of the guests. Black. To me it doesn’t scream happy occassion with all of them wearing that color but maybe it’s their culture so respect that.

  6. Idk about the guests cuz all my attention is on how absolutely gorgeous and happy the couple looks. I’m used to korean celebs dressing boring from all the award shows forgettable red carpet events. Saw some more pics on twitter from the official photoshoot and they’re all lovely. Wishing for a happy marriage for them ^^

  7. So Korean celebs wear same type of clothes for weddings and funerals?
    As an Indian, the dressing at korean weddings are such a disappointment…

  8. Congrats! Wish them all the best.

    She looks genuinely over flowing with happiness.

    Does anybody know how far along she is?
    Her dress doesn’t show anything.

  9. Beautiful wedding photos; the best among recent celeb wedding.

    Also, what’s with all the judgements re black attire? Maybe they decided to treat it as a formal celeb event type of event; like the big award shows – most K celeb dress in black all the time at the events.

    • It seems . But it’s normal as having a good relation while working doesn’t mean that people become friends in real life . I was more amazed by not seeing Jung Yung Hwa .

    • Saw in IG someone posted that there was Heirs reunion, which included LMH and KJW (also label mate) but KWB was away for filming engagement. Just hoping to see the pics.

  10. The wedding was beautiful….Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Jun looked so in love…Park Shin Hye couldn’t hold back tears, I know she has always spoken about how much she wants marriage and children so it was good to see her happy. I am glad that they had allowed their friends and family to share their big day eith the world. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  11. Weighing in on the wedding and guests, Korean weddings typically are like that, casually dressed guests, short. It seems they’re more for the photos. I hear they even have to give money at the entrance (a gift) which is fine but they make it feel like you’re paying an entrance fee.

    Anywhoo the couple looked so blissful and in love, practically shinning. Wish I could have D.O serenade mg wedding

    • This is cultural. Chinese do that too at weddings before you enter the hall. Money in red packet or envelope like Chinese New Year. It’s called good luck money in lieu of gifts. Sometimes guests give both red packet money and gifts. That’s why single people dread getting a wedding invite, it means we’ll be perpetually broke if we get invited once every few months. Contrary to Korean weddings, Chinese weddings drag on forever if they combine ceremony with lunch or dinner banquet.

      • I was assigned to be the wedding money collector at the wedding of my team leader. Money have to be counted carefully, sometimes recorded as in who gave how much and given to family after the door is closed. This is the part I hate the most. We should just be grateful to be receiving love and blessings but in a certain society it’s like a business to earn back the fees paid for catering and food. Lol.

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