C-stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Announce Divorce in the Least Surprising Celeb Relationship Update of the New Decade

Sure we’re only two years into the new decade that the the (not) Roaring Twenties, more like the Pandemic Twenties in this century versus the last century, and so far the least surprising celeb couple’s relationship news came today when married C-actors Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy announced their divorce. There was an official press release and simultaneous posting on their own SNS with similar statements about thanking each other and going forward still as a family to raise their 4-year old son. The couple married in 2015 so it’s been a 7-year marriage, longer than some of their other C-colleague star couples which have dissolved including Yang Mi-Hawick Lau and Zhao Li Ying-Feng Shao Feng. The couple has already finalized their divorce and will split custody of their son, giving even more credence to the nonstop rumors the last two years that the couple are divorcing. It’s likely the divorce was many months or perhaps even a year ago but being announced now, and timed to not get much attention as all of China is on the big migration this week for the upcoming Lunar New Year in five days time on February 1st.


C-stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Announce Divorce in the Least Surprising Celeb Relationship Update of the New Decade — 18 Comments

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      • Also Sun Li-Den Chao, Wallace Huo-Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong-Zhang Xin Yi, Chen Xiao-Michelle Chen and others but they are less famous/popular at east for international fans, also all these couples mentioned seem to be more private generally Angelababy and Huang Xiaming were not, they were way too public about their relationship/marriage showing off constanly I don’t think the marriage was fake but made it seem to way, their wedding alone was so huge and over the top, they just seem to love the attention specially her.

  2. Its pretty sad when the public assume you are not together because you didn’t wish each other birthday greetings, appear together often then continue to talk smack about your marriage. Any couple would feel the pressure and call it quits. I have to blame some of this on the constant assumptions by fans and tabloids.

  3. Omg!omg! I thought these two are untouchable couple. Huhuhu my heart is bleeding. I love this couple. I wish then really well for their relationship when the issue came out about them not being together but HXM suddenly posted in his weibo with AB. Huhuhu! Love them still and wish them well also in this time.

      • I don’t think their marriage was fake but it look staged because of how perfect it look and how public they were about their relationship on events and social media and then they just stop so their was definitely going on and it’s been going on for some time, they are now just confirming it. It’s obvious they been separated for maybe 1-2 years, so I don’t understand why some people surprise, in C-entertaiment if there is a lot of break up/divorce speculations about a couple and they don’t go away it’s pretty much because it’s true, I feel bad for their son, but I guess it’s better than two fighting and staying married just for an image.

  4. It’s not surprising they divorce because it’s been rumors for a year now. People also said HXM married her because she reminded him of Vicki Zhao the woman he’d one-sided love for so long. She also marry him for the attention. Feel bad for their son.

    • Why do I feel like HXM cheated with Zhao Wei behind Angela’s back. If my spouse go everywhere talking about how much he like and adore another woman, I’ll leave his ass too. Anyway I hope the best for both parties because in my opinion Angelababy is way too good for HXM. He suits better with Zhao Wei.

      • Vicki Zhao has nothing to do with their marriage and divorce, so why are you dragging her in. Spreading fake rumors about someone is not nice because Vicki never like HXM from the beginning to now so please be wiser. You can express your feelings for Angelababy but leave Vicki out. She never associate herself with any actors although fans like to ship her with her co-stars.

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