C-netizens Vote Liu Yu Ning and Yang Chao Yue as Actor and Actress the Other Gender’s Fandom Most Does Not Want Their Fave Star to Work With

So this is an interesting poll in C-ent where the fandoms of stars was asked which opposite sex star the fans most DO NOT want their fave to star with. So the fans of the actresses were voting on their most dislike to work with actor and the fans of the actors were voting on their most to-avoid actress. For the dudes the voting came out with one of these is not like the others in the top 4 vote getters lol, basically three out of four are all expected. Liu Yu Ning topped the list of the actor the actresses fandoms most do not want their actress to star with. That was followed by Wang Yibo in second place, Xiao Zhan in third place, and Deng Wei in fourth. The inclusion of Xiao Zhan is a surprise but I think it stems from how crazy his fandom is more than him being a difficult or scene-stealing costar. On the actresses side, the actors fandoms voted Yang Chao Yue as the actress they do not want their fave actor to work with, with Angelababy in second place and these two share the same reputation of being absolutely drop dead awful at acting so that seems to be the main reason.

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C-netizens Snarking Over Huang Xiaoming Dating an Influencer Who Used to be His Ex-wife Angelababy’s Top Fan and Got Close to Them That Way Before the Divorce

So this story has no allegations or implications of cheating as all industry gossip says Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy‘s divorce a last year was mutual and for financial and life goal reasons for the most part. But recently they are … Continue reading

Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni Officially Get Shadow Banned by C-ent as Weibo Accounts Frozen, Reportedly Same Goes for Lisa of Blackpink

So what happens outside of Mainland China is clearly still under the purview of Mainland China so a word of warning to C-stars who think abiding by domestic laws and standards in territory is all that matters. Last month Blackpink‘s … Continue reading

Fallout Continues for Angelababy Attending Crazy House Show in Paris, Removed From November 2023 Marie Claire China Cover for Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, and Sun Li Pinch Hitting Last Minute

The two biggest losers in C-ent this month of October 2023 has to be Angelababy and to a smaller degree Zhang Jia Ni after the two ladies went to the Parisian cabaret show Crazy Horse for the much buzzed about … Continue reading

C-netizens Heavily Criticize Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni for Attending Blackpink Lisa’s Guest Striptease at the Cabaret Show Crazy Horse Paris

Social norms are different in various cultures and this is one landmine that two C-actresses stepped in themselves rather stupidly. Blackpink member Lisa has been all over the pop news this week for doing a guest show at the famed … Continue reading

iQIYI Joins the C-drama Abrupt Release Party with July 2nd Premiere of Xianxia C-drama Divine Destiny with Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu

The spring C-drama drought is over and of course its now the extreme with a full on flood. Today on July 2nd iQIYI released xianxia C-drama Divine Destiny with zero announcement and promotion. Starring Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu, the … Continue reading

Tencent Randomly Announces Writer and Psychologist Modern Romance Twilight with Allen Ren and Angelababy Release Same Day as Drama Drops

This drama is not to be confused with the Hollywood movie series Twilight but the release seems as random as that whole story haha. Tencent on June 29th announced the release of modern romance drama Twilight on the very day … Continue reading

Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

This weekend was the 2022 Weibo Night in China, weird that it takes place in 2023 but the 2022 means it covers dramas and movies from last year. The popular vote for Weibo King and Queen was trending young but … Continue reading

C-netizens Go Full Catty on the Actresses at the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards with Complaints Across the Board

So I noticed the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit solely for the onstage pairing of Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang, two sizzling in popularity young actors who happened to play the same character in Ever … Continue reading

Comedic C-actress La Mu Yang Zi Suddenly Changes Stage Name Back to Real Name Li Jia Qi and Then News Breaks that the Chinese Government Will Prohibit C-stars From Using Foreign Sounding Stage Names

Welp, here comes another spate of regulations small, big, and/or annoying by the National Radio and Television Administration of China, the government entity regulating the entertainment industry. C-actress La Mu Yang Zi (Jackie Li) who was in the news earlier … Continue reading

Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right

If the C-actresses are dressing way better than their K-counterparts on the red carpet, more diverse and experimental, they are also looking better makeup wise with rarely any overly BB-creamed face. K-actresses are so foundationally shellacked it detracts from the … Continue reading

C-stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Announce Divorce in the Least Surprising Celeb Relationship Update of the New Decade

Sure we’re only two years into the new decade that the the (not) Roaring Twenties, more like the Pandemic Twenties in this century versus the last century, and so far the least surprising celeb couple’s relationship news came today when … Continue reading

Yellow is the New Black at 2020 Weibo Night Awards with Striking Gowns by C-actresses Tang Yan, Ni Ni, and Guan Xiaotong

It’s been some time since I saw so much glitz and glamour and this time it’s courtesy of C-ent which held the 2020 Weibo Night Awards despite it already being 2021. Better late than never and the ceremony feted popular … Continue reading