Jang Dong Yoon, Nana, and Park Ki Woong Confirmed for Rom-com Drama My Man is Cupid

This is definitely new year new start for K-actor Jang Dong Yoon. He was supposed to have had a fantastic 2021 with the highly anticipated big budget zombie sageuk Joseon Exorcist and that turned into him taking an extended hiatus until the whole cancellation brouhaha died down. This year he’s coming back with the rom-com drama My Man is Cupid (which I keep reading as My Name is Cupid) opposite Nana with Park Ki Woong as the second male lead. It’s about a love fairy who loses his wings , is stranded on earth for 500 years, and then gets shot by his own arrow and falls for a career focused vet. Looks like someone needs a different career path lol. The drama is from the screenwriter of One More Happy Ending with the PD of Lovers of the Red Sky and will air later this year though the network is not yet set.


Jang Dong Yoon, Nana, and Park Ki Woong Confirmed for Rom-com Drama My Man is Cupid — 8 Comments

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  2. Yes finally a casting news with my boy Dong Yoon ?
    And with bonus Park Ki Woong too!
    Haven’t seen Nana in anything tho so can’t comment on her acting skills, but will definitely watch this for Dong Yoon and the super talented PKW

  3. I really liked Nana in Into the Ring but I dropped her other dramas… It’s nice to see Jang Dong-Yoon with the unfair JE’s mess. Park Ki-Woong should choose better his character and dramas… You Raise Me Up was pretty awful. I liked his cameo in TKA.

    The plot looks fun.

  4. Nana is extraordinarily pretty. If only she can improve her acting skills(which I don’t think is bad but it’s not great either) she could have a great career in acting. I feel like she’s got so much potential, just needs to work hard a little.

    As for JDY, I felt bad for him last year but good to see he’s coming back this year and I hope he enjoys some success this year, he deserves it.

  5. He was busy shooting his movie Project Wolf Hunting from end of June to November 2021. JE was cancelled on 27 March 2021 so a 3 month break is hardly an extended hiatus.

  6. Yep. Jang Dong-yoon was quietly working very hard in 2021. Cancellation didn’t affect his career. Koala probably didn’t know about the film shooting as it was very much under the radar.

  7. After JE, Jang Dong Yoon indeed stayed low, but he was quietly working. He filmed an indie ‘screenlife’ movie ‘Long D’ with Park Youna, then continued filming for ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ with Seo In Guk until mid-December. His animation movie ‘Chun Tae-il’ in which he participated as one of the voice actors was also released last December and he joined some promotional activities as well. Now I guess he is preparing for the drama filming. All the best for Jang Dong Yoon!

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