K-viewers Express Overwhelming Love for SBS Drama Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Despite the Low Ratings During Domestic Run

The ratings for SBS Mon-Tues romance Our Beloved Summer would have been okay had the drama aired on cable network like tvN but being a prime time drama it is undeniably low and not what was expected for a high profile quality project starring two successful movie actors in Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi. The ratings started with 3.2% and stayed in that range for the first few episodes before climbing to the 4% range and then twice breaking 5% with the final episode getting a series high 5.3%. So the ratings increased is the only positive but overall this drama feels like a cult hit, a drama like Extraordinary You which also got low ratings but lots of viewer love from those who watched it. Our Beloved Summer did do well on Netflix streaming. The reviews have been glowing from critics and the audience but it didn’t translate to a broader awareness of this drama to bring in more mainstream television viewers. The general analysis for why it was low rated was that it was too slice-of-life and leads Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi together through a 16 episode drama did not have the same electric chemistry from their first go-around in The Witch and were instead very comforting and ordinary which could come across as a tad boring. I’m just on episode 4 and making this my savor watch because I love it so much but absolutely can understand why this drama doesn’t “grab” more viewers as it’s realistic and low key but lacks the dramatic beats that viewers who typically watch K-dramas want or expect.


K-viewers Express Overwhelming Love for SBS Drama Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Despite the Low Ratings During Domestic Run — 39 Comments

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  2. OBS didn’t do well domestically, but it did quite well on Netflix and has been a decent hit internationally.

    Netflix has this capability to really boost underrated gems and turn them into hits. Shows like Yumi’s Cells and Happiness could’ve benefited from the same treatment.

    • I agree. For example, i dont think sweet home & squid game will be such a hit if it was not broadcasted on netflix.

      Quality kdramas should really aim for netflix from now on.

  3. I pretty much watched the entire thing as fast as Netflix allowed, and it was still an episode too long lol. The last 30% of the last episode was cute though.

    • As fast as Netflix allowed. So you mean you fastforwarded and wasted 16 minutes of your life without actually watching the drama. Lol yup. Makes sense.

  4. It was a really good drama. It’s sad they added big usual tropes because the rest was pretty well written.

    But it’s a genre that doesn’t speak to Korean viewvers, focus on feelings and less on action.

    The OST was great!

    I was surprised that hte drama didn’t get better ratings, both actors are famous with a lot of Instagram followers. Witch 1 was successful, they filmed the second opus at the beginning of 2021.

  5. I loved them together, and the chemistry was great, but by episode 6 it was clear there isn’t much to this show other than chemistry. The plot was so boring, and there was so little character growth. The show never gave a good and convincing reason for the first breakup, so I wasn’t enthusiastic about them getting back together again.

    • The reason for the breakup was simple and straightforward. She was insecure and in pain being happy in her relationship made her more scared that it would all fall apart so the breakup was self fulfilling prophecy. There was no dramatic reason for their breakup. The pain was harsh but the breakup was for a purely self centered reason by the female lead. Which is normal and realistic because that’s how breakups are in real life. One party just doesn’t want the relationship anymore doesn’t always mean they stop having feelings for the other person.

    • The drama didn’t show the story in a chronologic way, so you need to be patient to have the answers.

      Sadly, the break-up’s origin was a big trope, but the FL’s reasons were understandable.

      • So I watched up to the penultimate week and did see that her low self-esteem was the explanation for the first breakup.

        As a reason for a breakup, it was of course a trope and in my opinion, the drama didn’t offer strong enough reasons for the leads to get back together. For me, the character growth and their ability to build a better relationship the second time around was unconvincing. I felt a more realistic portrayal would have been them moving on to new romantic relationships.

    • As a person who quite have the same experience as them, i really understand the reason of their break up at that time. Low self esteem and pressure is what i have been through too. For me, the show shows a realistic thing that happens in real life. Because I see many people also relates to yeon soo’s decision

  6. The drama is excellent and ratings are a bad indicator that a show isn’t beloved or extremely popular because OBS topped the popularity ranking for weeks and was second only to TRS in the early airing. The fact remains only Makjand and Saeguk no matter how bad get ratings and nothing else. Slice of life dramas irrespective of how well written or high profile never get ratings. HCCC and CLOY are literally one of the only romcoms in recent years to have gotten ratings. OBS isn’t just a cult drama its extremely popular both domestically and internationally and is one of the most successful dramas in the 20-49 ratings bracket. Which basically mean anyone under 50 loved the drama. The availability on Netflix also means people can stream instead of live watch. Changing patterns of consumption aren’t fully represented in ratings even when majority of the mainstream audience loves the drama.

  7. It was a cult following, because it has a fandom that enjoyed it, but not really interest of bigger audience. Like a niche drama that has some number of people who saw a charm. For me personally the story has no colors, so I understand perfectly why majority didn’t tune in. IMO.

  8. I Love it overall, But the weakness is the side character has such a boring and nothing special to the story. Once the leads resolved their issue, It’s abit tedious and boring? I was hoping there is more to Yeon Su’s boss story or the relationship between Ji-Ung and his feeling so there is more tension, but overall other than has a big contribution the 2nd documentary happened, I don’t see him add anything to the story. I Like the first half episode about her being poor and Him being a wealthy family background is included in the narative, But in the present time unfortunately, it doesn’t matter anymore so it make the show less tension and conflict. I hope they emphasis some of the problem in earlier episode and bring that to their current state in present life. It’s just at the third act it seems like It’s lacking that umf factor that make first half more compelling

  9. Loved it. I can understand the domestic ratings though. It is a slow burn, breezy type of narrative. More suited to a 10 episode run than 16. Indeed, it is likely to have cult status. I heard YEH (coffee prince FL) say her housemates are following the show. Among its imperfections is the lack of feedback on the second documentary of their life. We were told about the first quite a lot. It made us excited for the second. It preoccupied us and then we were not told of its outcome. Was it a hit? What did people feel about it. Were they told of what people liked or did not liked about it? The feedback could have given us some insight into what the second ML was all about or into? The writer pulled in (part of the docu cast) was hinting something about the second ML but was it confirmed that this second ML s crushing on the FL was being projected into the docu? But i loved the small alley scenes, the gallery/exhibition halls, the architectural portraits (whatever you call those types of paintings); loved them enough to get into the rabbit hole of researching where it was shot, who is the actual artist– all on YT.

  10. Its a character driven story. Their reasons for the things they do are slowly peeled away as you watch the episodes. Everything about the drama was amazing for me – the cinematography, dialogue, acting, chemistry and ost. Kim DaMi and Choi Woo Shik can convey so much in every scene without explicitly telling it to the audience. They are both amazing actors. Their story is told like a novel in different points of view and not chronologically so it will take an episode or two to get a clear understanding of their motivations. Its really a class of its own. The story is simple but the execution is genius in all fronts really.

    • I second to this. Luv this little gem. The writing is neat and the acting of each caracters are solid. It potrays love story of each time age realistically. Unlike other dramas which sometimes loaded with cringeyworthy scenes such as late 30’s leads who have romance like teenagers or vice versa. This drama is like a breath of fresh air among arrays of makjang/serial killer/apocalypse/crime/sageuk/timetravel which dominated 2020-2021 dramaland. Kim Da Mi & Choi Woo Shik really nailed it.

  11. I adore this show to bits but I can never give a clear answer to “Should I watch it?” to my friends haha I found a lot of cathartic and relatable aspects from the characters and their whole journey was, as they call, very healing to me. However I can understand a lot of people will find it slow/boring since there’s not much actual plot in it. It’s pure slice of life and character driven so that can get tiring. The fact that they are ordinary and not electric is a huge plus, and ads a layer of realism since the main couple has been dating on and off for 10+ years. Super happy it eventually found a cult following at least.

  12. I loved the drama. But starting from ep 13 I felt there were too much filler scenes and I was starting to feel bored with it. But I still continued despite all those filler coz I loved it. And then boom! so much going on on episode 16 it looked like they tried to give everyone their happy ending on last episode.

    It has been a long time a drama could make me this excited for the coming episode, rewatching the eps while waiting for the new ones, scrolling through #OurBelovedSummer on Twitter. Ha!

  13. I love the drama – to me it’s is one of the top 5 and that’s a huge compliment.
    I don’t think it’s too slice of life
    I found it has the coveted triangle of dramas
    1. Thoughtful storytelling
    2. Great directing
    3. Excellent Acting
    It has all 3 and two more plus: a superb OST and a strong beginning to finish
    It has one of the best finale episodes I have seen
    Staying true to its story to the end
    Not many dramas hit all 3 + 2
    Some always miss out one or the other
    I love the colours and seasons of the drama too
    There’s a lot of love for it online and on Netflix so I don’t think it’s a disappointment for SBS
    The clips they have are consistently with the highest views on the stations YouTube site etc
    It sounds like I’m explaining too much but that’s how much I think this drama is worth it.
    If you are only at ep 4 , it’s a long way because the best episodes in my opinion are 6.8,10. At episode 10 I was overwhelmed by how good it was.
    And the finale was *chef kiss
    Seriously I have been hurt so much by crazy kdrama finales that don’t make sense, gets run over by live shooting or in general don’t give justice to the story
    But this drama landed strong and for that it’s an A+

    • I agree. I’ve been a kdrama watcher for 18 years abd this easily goes up on top 5 for me. One of the best finals I’ve seen.

  14. This now ranks my 4th favorite kdrama. Every episode is a gem and im just grateful that for everything that it made me feel and remember in my own life

  15. I love, love this drama! The leads and support casts are amazing. Not one of them are off in acting. My favorite is still One Spring Night (I can’t count how many times I’ve watch this drama), and also The Other Miss Oh, but this one comes very close to these faves.

  16. For me, the drama itself is a sweet snack, which can be slowly savored rather than binge it.

    The drama has slice of life feels to it and seasonal theme at its core,so I have no urgency to know the plot and watch it while I am in certain kind of mood.

    Live watching is all about Urgency. Therefore, I understand why ratings are not the best , yet the drama has certain loyal followers.

  17. OBS was a beautiful and bittersweet watch. I love the summery, nostalgic feel of the drama, and some of the relationship stuff hits close to home for me.

    Domestic ratings aren’t the sole indicator of success anymore, especially for a show that attracts the younger crowd who likes to stream.

  18. It’s SUCH an amazing drama. I don’t think I’ve seen better since 2020. I have nothing but love for the cast, the direction, the acting, the chemistry, the OST, the cinematography, and the list goes on. This is as good as it gets.

  19. It’s one of those dramas where the characters remain alive forever. They’re so real and relatable. With real, relatable struggles and most importantly, growth earned through experiences and maturity. I love that the leads love each other but also love themselves. They were their own heroes as much as they were each others. If anything, this drama reminded me of Weightlifting Fairy. Low ratings but an absolute cult favourite.

    I know kdramas are huge on dramatics, epic gestures and sweeping romances. I love those too. But dramas like OBS and WLFKBJ are the type of dramas that remain with many for a long long time. Not only because of how great they are, but because it’s so easy to imagine there’s a real Bokjoo-Joonhyung or Woong-Yeonsoo somewhere living their best lives and being happy.

    • I second this.This drama had characters that basically live forever somewhere in this alternate universe in my mind. There may be few plots that feel unnecessary,but mostly are still making sense.Yeonsoo is so relatable in every way.For me,being a 32 years old with the same old routine every day sometimes make me take my life for granted,just like Yeonsoo. I learn how to appreciate my life and the people in it more along with her. And Woong,how I love his character.His growth,how he learns to let go of his past,how loving he is with Yeonsoo,Ji Woong and his parents,I want my own Woong really. He is childish,but not thoughtless. Not a typical romantic,but his actions made me swoon. Side characters are also not without purpose and had their own story. The OSTs are gold too. All in all,this is by far up my kdrama top 5 lists. I’m still having a hard time letting it go..

  20. Tbh this drama can come off a bit boring in the beginning but it caught the best of my emotions with each passing episode. Almost every episode seemed hopeless but the very next episode would, at some point of time, spark a hope again. I am so satisfied with this drama – because a happy ending is what I was looking forward to and it happened…finally! The story seemed very realistic to me. I could basically relate to every character (no joke). Especially, if you somewhat have the same personality as that of the female lead in this drama, if you keep your burdens and worries to yourself, don’t know how to lean on others, or if you too have a long lost favourite person with whom you share too many unforgettable memories, you will be able to feel the emotions more deeply. This drama might not have many exciting playful scenes but it definitely portrayed one of the best chemistry – be it between lovers or between two friends or among parents and their child. I think there should be more dramas like this one, where the love is too strong and secure to be gone for good.

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