Squid Game #1 in Netflix Shows in Terms of Total Hours Watched, Hometown Cha Cha Cha in 10th Place and Newly Premiered All of Us are Dead Hits 37th in One Week

Well this is an interesting tabulation of Netflix shows in terms of popularity. A new list is out through January 30, 2022 showing the cumulative hours watched of each Netflix show. I think it’s more accurate in some ways than number of people who clicked on it because some could watch and then drop it, whereas total hours means the most people who watched it all the way through. And maybe even re-watched! Topping the list is K-drama Squid Game, no surprise here, and the second K-drama on the top 100 is Hometown Cha Cha Cha in 10th so major props to that. My Name comes in 21st, above Hellbound at 29th, which is surprising because in the US market Hellbound got a lot more news coverage albeit mixed. Sageuk The King’s Affection takes 31st then it’s newcomer All of Us are Dead in 37th which I expect to keep rocketing up the list though unlikely to topple Squid Game. Cult favorite Our Beloved Summer lands in the 47th place then rather lackluster reception for the big name The Silent Sea in 53rd. Hospital Playlist 2 comes in at 60 followed by reality dating show Singles Inferno. And last but not lead Nevertheless makes the top 100 in the 71st spot, which makes two Han So Hee dramas on the top 100 so slow claps for her.


Squid Game #1 in Netflix Shows in Terms of Total Hours Watched, Hometown Cha Cha Cha in 10th Place and Newly Premiered All of Us are Dead Hits 37th in One Week — 41 Comments

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  2. Must be hurtful for u to see Han so hee rising everywhere in dramas, movies, cfs especially streaming which is most important media consumption in world now. You put her down so many times. So it is like cherry on top lol! Girl earned her place without any big company and hasn’t let the hype go down since 2 years now. Netflix already wanting her more anyways as well as local production houses who will happily sign her because she brings netflix money

  3. The King’s Affection and Our Beloved Summer did really well. They’re not Netflix’s dramas, so they don’t have the same amount of advertising and they aired in the second semester of the year.

    For Netflix’s drama, D.P. was the best of all for me. Short but very impactful with good story, directing and actors (main and supporting).

  4. Think I contributed to a lot of the hours watched for Our Beloved Summer LOL. I’ve been rewatching it way too much. It’s so gooood!

    Not a fan of the zombie trend frankly but good to see some new actors getting limelight.

  5. That’s great for All of Us Are Dead considering it’s been out less than a week. It won’t topple Squid Game, but I bet it becomes the second most watched k-drama. Our Beloved Summer and The King’s Affection did well. Single’s Inferno was a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m just glad to see do many kdramas in the top 100.

  6. Chart indicates end date with no start date, but I’m guessing the time period captured is Jan 1-30, 2022 aka month of January?

  7. I’m surprised that Vincenzo didn’t make the list. Maybe it doesn’t qualify for the start date as it was aired first half of 2021? I’m happy for the All of Us Is Dead breakout cast. So refreshing. They could well be the biggest star cast of the 2020s like the Heir cast back in 2013. Pictorials from them coming out fast and furious. They just did a shoot for Cosmopolitan Korea and they look damn good. Their drama currently occupies the No.1 spot on Netflix charts in 25 countries. Park Ji Hu is already cast as the youngest sister in tvn Little Women. I’m hoping the rest like Park Solomon and Yoo Chan Young will be getting ML roles soon.

    • This list starts from the end of June 2021. Vincenzo ended at the very beginning of May nearly two months before so it wouldn’t be on the list. Notice all the dramas on the list aired from July 2021 onwards.

    • It’s the period from 28 Juni 2021 to 31 January 2022.

      CLOY, Itaewon and IONTBO are too old to have big numbers.

      I guess Vincenzo was too soon in the year and its success didn’t last long enough.

      Nevertheless and Hometown Cha Cha Cha were airing later.

      • Thanks Sayari. That cutoff makes sense; all these dramas launched after June 28.

        Curious to where you found the June 28 date.

      • Vincenzo finished airing on 1st May 2021 – the list doesn’t start measuring until almost 2 months later (end of June).

  8. I have a feeling SG and AOUAD might possibly have ignited the third Hallyu decade wave thru Netflix. The first wave was in late 1990s-2009 with Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, My Girl, Princess Hours, Boys Over Flowers, etc. Second wave 2010-2019 was split into 2 distinct parts with Sega, Heirs, MLFTS, Goblin, DOTS, popular sageuks and after arrival of Netflix with Mr Sunshine, CLOY, Sky Castle, popular teen dramas like Love Alarm, Sweet Home, etc garnering a new generation of fans.

    • @drama addict – that’s a good point! Hallyu third wave is something that’s now reached western markets, I guess first through kpop (BTS), to an extent cinema too (Parasite), and now thanks to Netflix it’s the turn of kdramas to be ‘discovered’ by the west. Back in 2019 I noticed Kingdom was getting attention from people who didn’t watch kdramas before, but Squid Game just blew the door wide open, I never thought we’d see this day.

      • These dramas are getting appreciated too because kdramas are not politically correct. For eg sex and city reboot is terrible. As a long term fan it is beyond terrible. Where cynthia nixon mixed her real life into her character. As a poc, i wish to see organic inclusion of different race, but it seems forced. Not every show or mpvie has ro be about lgbtq, race wars. And thats why many dramas movies arent working. In k dramas they treat fiction as fiction . Not preach about global warming unlike hollyweird creeps who will be yachting next day. But want public to give up their comfort. Oscars ratings are proof people dont want to get lectured from fiction. Kdramas are very good escape from reality

      • @Royal We, thanks for your compliment! I have actually lost count of how many Hallyu waves there were so I just bunch them according to decades for simplicity sake. I’m just so intrigued by the new trend set by K-dramas on Netflix. It’s like witnessing a new era and that’s very exciting for me. I also wanted to mention Kingdom originally but not sure of the rating to qualify as being “popular”. So I only mentioned the highly rated ones. Lol.

    • IDK what # Hallyu wave we’re on, but Netflix is definitely driving the current wave, and it has been able to scale Hallyu to a global level, which wasn’t possible before, in part due to tech limitations.

      This wave is shaping up to be the most disruptive because it’s impacting what type of content gets made and who makes it big as a “star”. Traditional methods are heading out the window.

      Unfortunately for Netflix though, Hallyu isn’t helping its business metrics as much as it hoped.

      • @Ophelia, I agree with you on Netflix disrupting the traditional business models in k-ent. Another major change I noticed is the way “star status” being created is rapidly changing too. Unlike the old days, A-list k-actresses and k-actors seldom get knocked off their perch easily. They dominate for decades but now the environment is very different. Besides Netflix, I see other streaming apps and Tiktok/YT/Twitter/IG driving the global scale of k-stars popularity. Content matters too like you mentioned. Even Gong Yoo can’t strike big on Netflix as his drama Silent Sea lags behind SG, HCCC, HB, MN, KA, OBS and AOUAD. I think a lot of fans are going into shock at how their faves are easily eclipsed at lightning speed these days. Too bad Netflix shares are tanking like Meta going down the loo. Lol.

      • @drama addict – Yeah, don’t talk to me about Netflix and FB shares tanking. Crying over my retirement as I type.

        For “stars”, the traditional K-ent model relied on established stars who had a certain look, big following, PPLs and CFs, etc. Netflix doesn’t need any of that. It can take unknown newbies and propel them into megastardom overnight. This means that power resides with the platform (Netflix) rather than the star, and veterans can’t just coast. This is good news for viewers who were unhappy with the same faces taking up all the roles.

        For “content”, Netflix takes a very data-driven approach to content creation (more so than its streaming peers). It throws everything at the wall, see what sticks, and then iterates. Their Content Strategy team is supported by DS and Eng teams who build models to identify what works and what doesn’t, which then influences programming decisions. This is good news for more K-content variety and lets writers flex their creativity.

        It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out, and expect a lot of shock and resentment from fans who aren’t used to this type of industry disruption.

  9. biggest conclusions I draw from list is one undisputed rise of han so hee. two, netflix is kim seonho’s biggest saviour. it must really hurt his antis that his drama is number 2 even with stigma of abortion scandal. this will give him leverage to make his comeback faster and be in demand again. three, song kang is on the way of being dethroned by the zombie squad and other young ML like Rowoon. interesting times are here.

  10. If you want to be accurate 00 you should not be comparing shows with less episodes than those with more, therefore more hours. The way to rank it is the number of hours/number of episodes–so you can determine the number per episode and then rank it. And I thought you were proclaiming DP is a big hit–where is DP?

  11. Imo actors who r singing up with streaming sites are doing good. Infact it has given new career lease to senior actresses who used to get avoided when they hit 40. Squid game actresses became most global actress in weeks. And is signed with caa now. Sandara bullock , jen aniston julia roberts all have work .selena gomez has started new journey with comedy show. Surely netflix or hulu dont give u backen profit. But they pay well upfront . Actors who r lining up with streaming sites are smart. It is present and future.

  12. I’m waiting with excitement to see original netflix k-drama sound of magic starring jcw. if the drama is a hit like my name I wanna see him paired up with hsh. hope new drama will give wookie’s career a new lease of life.

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