K-ent Discusses Who is the Next Top Classic Korean Actress of the Decade After Kim Tae Hee in 00’s, Kim Hee Sun in 90’s, and Hwang Shin Hye in 80’s

I think most long time drama watchers know that K-actress Kim Tae Hee has been the unmoving consensus among K-ent and K-netizens for her Top Beauty. This week there is an article discussing the successor to the Top Beauty Per Decade and the feeling that there is no consensus decision. In the 1980’s the pick was Hwang Shin Hye, and in the 90’s it was Kim Hee Sun. Among TaeJiHye it’s always been Kim Tae Hee edging out Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo but the three remaining as the pillar for the 2000’s. But with 2010 now done and the 2020’s two years in, there is no consensus on the Top Beauty in either pick or frontrunner. Some would say it should be Han Hyo Joo for the 2010’s, and right now in the 2020 decade Suzy and Han So Hee has their name in the hat. What do you guys think? The criteria is (1) all natural and (2) fits the traditional classic beauty concept among South Korean populace.


K-ent Discusses Who is the Next Top Classic Korean Actress of the Decade After Kim Tae Hee in 00’s, Kim Hee Sun in 90’s, and Hwang Shin Hye in 80’s — 122 Comments

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  2. Han so hee has that beauty plus edgy appeal for overaeas audience whereas she is more trending with korean women according to various polls. The jyp golden has been spoon is too basic for overseas audience where they prefer edgy looks over her vanilla looks and no more beauty trend in korea. She was never a beauty on par waith taehyeji or senior aura actresses like lee young ae, kim hee sun and is no more trendy with new gen

    • Has-been whose visual has no overseas appeal? I’m sure you’re talking about the eternal chaebol. Ain’t nobody find that Kris Jenner bloated face attractive other than his horny fangirls. And let’s not talk about in Korea because all the top hallyu actors have been nominated or won prestigious awards like Baeksang Best Actor but your fave is the only one who hasn’t despite that 2 decade career. Nobody respects him. 🙁

      • Marie u need tissue. My fave is in 100 billion won drama. Ur plastic showpurce has been ex bed warmer of his wont ecen get showpiece role . She is in low budget lops. My fave has another mrga project coming up a space show. Ur plastic has been wont even be considered n she is flop overseas. My fave will hav3 career when ur fave will be doing weeknd low budget soaps lmao

  3. Actually KTH has always been a mystery to me as to why she’s the standard of beauty when SYJ is prettier. For 20s Suzy, IU, HSH, Jennie and KSH are the obviously the standard for beauty.

    • I remember there was survey of plastic surgeons before hsh breakthrough. That irene was top most client choice followed by jennie and yoona in 2019. They have reportedly replaced kth shk and han ga in as top 3 most demanded faces wih new gen. International standards are very different from korea and KTH fits their standard to perfection. Personally i find shk more beautiful and jjh’s body the killer one!

      • JJH for proportions 100% but for looks I agree on SYJ or even HJM. Not just KTH for me even LYA is a mystery but if you follow the suit LYA and KTH look very similar and so does HGI. Small round faces with defined noses and big eyes but I also think the beauty standard in SK is changing because of how popular HSH has become and even like the others mentioned Jennie and Irene none of them fit the standard beauty. I would also add Wonyoung but then again she is a JJH lookalike so that’s the same beauty standard. Still I do feel the beauty standard in SK is more westernized than 20 years ago. I also agree about Suzy, IU and KSH and in a way they also are a representation of the changing standard.

      • @Rewe Interesting. this is the first time I read someone saying Irene and HSH dont fit the standards lol. Not trying to argue with you, just surprised because I always see Irene being used as an example of someone who 100% fits beauty ideals in korea lol
        But I very much agree that the standard is changing. When I first watched Singles Inferno I was so sure that the dudes would fight over jiyeon because she’s the one who fits the standards the most and is the most innocent/”pure”-looking lol but then they fawned over jia instead lmao. I guess Jennie-like faces with cute-sexy vibe are really popular in korea nowadays lol

    • Agree with Kim So Hyun, Han So Hee, and Jennie. Kim So Hyun is reminiscent of top visuals such as Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In, and thus she’s the representative of classic korean beauty for the early 20s group, while it’s Han So Hee is for the late 20s group. As for Jennie, need I say more? Girl has one of the most requested faces in plastic surgery clinics, more so than other idols who actually fit korean beauty standards more, which is impressive lol

    • Totally agree with you. I don’t find Kim Tae Hee that beautiful. Maybe it’s her smile or her teeth that put me off.

      Personal favorite is still Song Hye Kyo though her recent acting skills are really boring. Another next favorite is Son Ye Jin who’s pretty and definitely can act.

    • Kim taehees a total package. Beauty and brains . And the way she carries her life until marriage is admirable. Maybe thats why koreans adore her so much. For the new gen beauties i like kim ji won, suzy and go min si.

  4. Kim hee sun at her peak . And lee young ae in jewel in palace. Taehye ji. Han ga in. Son ye jin. Now han so hee. Key is these actresses were born with beauty. And then have money to maintain it. Non natural beauties can be easily differentiated from natural ones. Go n watch yoona in superjunior video pre snsd debut. She got whole new face lol

  5. Chae Soo Bin and Jung So Min for me. Also agree on Han Hyo Joo. These are natural Korean beauties as far as I’m concerned. No alterations.

  6. I prefer Kim Tae-Hee because of her aura. She exudes a certain charm that makes her beautiful but accessible.

    For 2020-2030, it’s kinda too soon to choose. But I won’t choose Suzy or Han So-Hee. Suzy is beautiful but more on pictures, I don’t find her “charming”.

    For Han So-Hee, the balance between her jaw and neck looks really weird. It makes her neck looking large.

    • The deer neck that you’re talking about is something Koreans love. Kim Tae Hee, Yoona, Han So Hee and Kim So Hyun are famous for their deer necks which is why they are so popular for their visuals.

    • Kim Tae Hee is absolutely gorgeous. I get that people have different tastes, but it’s just wild to me that other people find her beauty overrated lol. I respect their opinions tho. For overall aura/vibe, Jun Ji Hyun is the winner in TaeHyeJi. Song Hye Kyo is objectively equally beautiful as KTH, just that I prefer KTH’s striking features. I don’t get the Suzy thing either, I think her eyes are a bit small to completely fit the korean standard but I find her very likeable

      • @Maidenpool And you’re entitled to your opinion, of course 🙂
        Beauty really is subjective after all lol

      • Kim Tae Hee was the package not because she was the most beautiful but she was the whole package. She went to the most prestigious university. Granted she didn’t major in anything mind blowing but getting into that university is very hard.

        So people idolized her because she has the looks plus the brains. Of course there are more beautiful actresses but I do find her looks very pleasing. She seems down to earth as well.

  7. Han So Hee would be my choice, she fits korean beauty standards while still looking edgy/striking enough for international fans.
    For the early 20s group, it would defo be Kim So Hyun as she also fits korean beauty standards perfectly with her pale skin, small oval face (I remember one Under 19 trainee saying her face is as small as a fist lol), big doll-like eyes, ski-slope nose, slender body with great proportions, and just an overall innocent angelic look (love that she can also look fierce when a role calls for it). She also gets compared a lot to top beauties like Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In ever since she’s young, and that says it all.
    Jung Il Woo was right after all when he said that she’s going to grow up to be a beautiful lady lol.
    Kim Yoo Jung is also pretty, but rather than being a classical korean beauty, her look is more on the modern, trendy side. Love that both Kims are natural beauties.
    I think Moon Chae Won would’ve also been a serious contender had she been more visible in recent years, she kinda looks like a younger Kim Hee Sun IMO

    • Yes agreed 100% with So Hyun and Moon Chae Won they are absolutely classic beauties. I’ll add Kim Ji Won too who looks like a mini Kim Taehee

    • You are spot om with Moon Chae Won and Kim Hee Sun and Kmedia and Knets are well aware too. There are a lot of articles about her being the mini Kim Hee Sun when she first debut

  8. Suzy, Jennie and Han Sohwe are the most obvious choice for 20s but I would also add Noh Junguei, Kim Sohyun and Lee Youmi for actresses and Karina, Winter and Yuna for idols.

    • I would have been okay with karina but her chin is too v shaped and the ratio of her jaw to neck makes her face look weird to me. As for Winter, i don’t find her that pretty. She doesn’t have that striking factor unlike karina.

      • Agree with you, yet, winter seems like the most popular one. It’s the same with BP. Despite Jisoo is the visual, but koreans love Jennie’s face more. While internationally, lisa is more favorable. Beauty is really subjective.

      • Kim Tae Hee is without doubt stunning!!
        For me after watching the show Happiness-Han Hye -Joo is just mind blowing !!
        She just looks unbelievably beautiful even without smiling..
        Another absolutely beautiful actress for me is Moon Cha Won!!
        Of course this comes down mostly to personal opinion?
        So many others are beautiful too.
        HHJ for me rates number one!!

  9. Hmm Honestly I feel alot of these trending for beauty things are just hype/marketing from these stars’ agencies, and it was easier to do so back in the day, in the pre-social media era.

    Whilst I personally never found KTH to be devastatingly beautiful (and certainly no more than the other 2), she does have a warm/charming vibe like someone mentioned above. JJH has a very highclass vibe but comes off unapproachable sometimes, whereas I find SHK to be quite cold. Though I have to say that JJH has that star quality about her. It’s how she carries herself in general/how she appears onscreen – a charisma that can’t be bought. Personally find Han Ji Min to be just as beautiful if not more than the others, and she seems to have a super down to earth and fun personality.

    As for the current gen, not sure. No one really stands out to me. Beauty-wise none have that combo of striking looks + charming personality + charisma. Though I have to say SK likes very “plain” pretty people that suit a certain mold (like Suzy). Though she isnt trending much these days.

    IU/Yoona/Jennie… nope. Han So Hee looks weird to me, like her face is slanted and squashed up. She’s also not tall and doesnt have much presence. SK likes their tall beauties. Perhaps Han Hyo Joo, tho she has a very similar vibe to Han Ji Min.

    I personally think alot of stars these days just trend for awhile/few years, and then someone else will come along and replace them. It’s just a very different world compared to the 90s or 2000s.

  10. Kim Tae Ri and Han So Hee are undoubtedly the two most interesting and versatile younger actresses. However, if the question is simply which younger actress is the most pretty it would be hard to name anyone else but Kim Yoo Jung. At least until Jennie starts acting!

      • @Mary Kay, yes Kim Yoo Jung.
        When you said, she doesn’t have appeal, you rrally don’t know what you’re saying.

      • Kim Yoo Jung is definetely gorgeous. @Mary Kay you can’t deny that.
        You can mention that you prefer another beauty, but to say she doesn’t have an appeal is ridiculous.
        She definetely is a beauty. No your ordinary korean beauty.

      • Kim Yoo Jung is definetely a Goddess. @Mary Kay can’t relate. Every woman has their own beauty, and Kim Yoo Jung is one of my most favorite. What a pretty face.

      • The beauty of Kim Yoo Jung is really undeniable. She just exudes so much beauty. Her face is my type of beauty. With or without make up, she’s rrally so pretty. And honestly, she is really not a typical korean beauty. Aside from her, I also find Han So Hee so pretty. And in the above 30s, Song Hye Kyo still for me. And yeah, Roh Jeong Eui. The girl from 18 Again.

    • Yasss Kim Yoo Jung! No wonder she has several endorsements! She’s beautiful no matter the angle and no matter the emotion she protrays!

  11. Might be an unpopular opinion but another actress who i think has a natural face and quite pretty is Lee Seyoung.
    Ofcourse she doesn’t have the star power unlike the other ladies mentioned here. But there is something in her that draws me in..I watched her first in hwayugi and was actually stunned by her beauty.

    • Kim ji won could be a good shout as earlier in her career she used to be nicknamed ‘little Kim Tae’ but she’s 30 now plus I think shes going to have more of a lowkey career. For now I’m going with go min si, I find her to be pretty and charismatic.

    • Is it unpopular? She’s very pretty. I would’ve mentioned lee se young and jung so min too but I think theyre around 30.

    • I agree with @Kailey B, koreans actually love LSY’s natural beauty. She has that gentle beauty that I think is similar to Han Ji Min’s, they both even portrayed Seong Uibin! lol
      I adore LSY’s warm smile & aura so much! Not unpopular to see her as pretty at all lol

      • I wasn’t talking abt her being pretty as an unpopular opinion but rather the fact that to nominate her as a representative beauty from the 90s generation might be considered one since she is still not trendy for example actresses like kim tae ri or Han so hee etc.

      • @Val Oh okay I get what you’re saying now. I don’t know how much her popularity increased in korea after the success of TRS, but I think she’s still a bit underrated, especially amongst i-fans. Hope she can follow TRS with another hit to continue her momentum

    • @Kailey B @Val – I agree with your choices of Lee Se Young and Kim Ji Won, both are ’92 line actresses and natural beauties who would certainly be the representative faces of this generation if they hadn’t spent so long in the supporting role trenches for most of the 2010s.

      They’re still young and in demand since they’re talented actresses, so I wouldn’t count them out of the game once they hit (Korean) 30 – they are only two years older than Han So Hee!

      imo if there is a representative face of this generation of actresses, it’s HSH and the Kim girls (Yoojung/Sohyun), and for 90s-born actresses in general it’s Park Shin Hye.

      • You should see lee seyoung’s younger pics. Her features hasn’t changed a single bit. People often say her nose is too unrealistic but when I checked it with her childhood pics, it’s indeed her natural nose.

      • @royalwe

        It was annoying how overlooked they were and both also only got their lead roles in 2017. Yh both could have interesting careers in their 30s maybe it could be their prime,fortunately its not Hollywood where the natural of order of things means its always about the young under 30 IT girl.

        BTW I didn’t realise han so hee is similar age to them I thought she was like 24 lol.

      • @Val – she looked like a doll, I’m still amazed at how kdrama casting was so dumb to sideline girls like her into supporting/second lead roles for most of the last decade while giving one lead role after another to idols. And then complaining “there are no actresses in their 20s”! (yeah because you don’t freaking cast them!)

        @Kailey B – it was seriously frustrating to think of how badly they were overlooked. I know a lot of people criticise Kim Eun Sook (even I do lol) but it’s thanks to her purposely casting KJW in Descendants of the Sun in a non-bitchy 2nd lead role that KJW finally started getting noticed. … and even then she really only made it to the top tier because Fight My Way was an unexpected sleeper hit.Lee Se Young took even longer, I can’t believe she had to be cast as a zombie in Hwayugi when she easily had the talent to play FL and the Hong sisters used to be writers who took a chance on casting not-so-established actors in lead roles. But I hope they continue to make an impact, they’re amazing actresses and it’s a good sign that their industry now woke up to their talent.

  12. Maybe it’s just me but i actually don’t get the appeal behind bp members’ beauty. Like they are not outright ugly but not my taste either.
    For Rosé , it’s her chin that bothers me , in case of lisa , it’s her big forehead. Jennie is cute but that’s it. I don’t like her gummy smile.
    Jisoo was the only one whom I used to find quite pretty but seeing her in Snowdrop, it made me doubt whether i actually found her pretty or was decieved by her glamourous appearance.
    I guess the main selling power of bp is their styling and luxurious image which makes people think their visuals are unrivalled.

    Some idols may appear pretty initially but they don’t have that what knetz refer to as having “an actress face”. Jisoo is one of them. Same goes for Son Naeun. I first came across her in a drama, and she looked quite average to me. Only later on I found out she is a visual in her grp and actually quite famous for her looks.

    • This how i feel about Seolhyun (?) Aoa? I dont find her pretty but she seems to be quite popular for her visual.

      Nana of after school was chosen as the most prettiest girl in earth years ago but she didnt go anywhere.

      Nara, from bulgasal, is also pretty. But boring.

      Twice tzuyu is pretty. I hope she will go for acting!

      I like bp girls, they have the aura.

  13. I wonder if Seo Yeaji would have this much hype rather than Han So Hee if it wasn’t ofcourse for the scandal. Her beauty in IOTNBO was just mesmerising and she had charisma for days,her voice was refreshingly unique too.

    Suzy’s popularity to me is odd yh she’s pretty but in a boring girl next door way and she can never have that spunk and she looks the same in all her roles.

    • The criteria here is to have natural beauty. Seo Yeaji has tons of articles about plastic surgery and such. Although she denied it, but still.. the plastic surgery issue sticks with her

      • Ah OK thats really dumb. Isn’t plastic surgery the norm lol. And I doubt suzy etc are natural.

      • You don’t think these actresses mentioned have had work done? Even JJH has had at least a nose job.

      • Alyzna

        The natural beauties mentioned here were always seen as stunners from day one when they debuted. Seo Ye Ji’s plastic surgery-aided beauty only shone in IOTNBO, where it was further enhanced by the gifted styling & makeup team and flamboyant fashion in a girl boss b!tch character that I-stan kdrama Twitter gets wet for. She does NOT qualify in this convo. And definitely not to the Koreans who decide their own standards of beauty. Deal with it.

  14. Sorry, may be it is unpopular opinion. But I find Go yoon jung(Law school,sweet home) much prettier than Suzy and even Han so hee. This girl can hit big if proper roles are given to her. She has that It factor aura. May be it seems to me. She is subtle, elegant and at the same time can be badass

    • I agree with u. Go Yun Jung has smth that attracts attention. It’s not only beauty, she has unique charm. When I first time saw her, I thought about Son ye jin. She’s soft and gorgeous. I also agree that Kim Ji won gives the vibe of Kim Tae Hee. She is very cute and beautiful at the same time. I want also mention not popular new actress that attracts my attention. Choi Sung Eun from Beyond Evil is really gorgeous she resembles Han Hyoo Joo. And Park Ju Hyun from Extracurricular reminds me Jun Ji hyun. Idk wht but she has that sharp screen presence and cold beauty like JJh. I know they aren’t considered the level with HSH or Suzy. But I find them more charming than them.

  15. For me, Go Yoon Jung and Shin Ye Eun are very classically beautiful among the newest crop. Han Hyo Joo is the best of the 2010s.

    I mean no disrespect to Han So Hee as a person or actress but, to this day, I am stumped at the furor over her beauty. She must just not photograph well.

  16. I really don’t get all the hype over Han So Hee. Every time people comment on her appeal or looks, I have to google her to make sure that’s who they’re talking about. There was nothing impressive about her in Nevertheless, and as far as her looks are concerned, not exactly my cup of tea either. To me, the arrangement of her features comes off as more awkward/off than edgy. Especially her mouth, which is really high up, making her chin appear quite large. I try not to focus on the lower part of her face when she’s acting. That said, there must be something about her that attracts people, that I don’t see.

    • Neither do I. I saw her in 100 days my prince and Abyss before she blew up, and I remb her face always looked weird to me. Seems slanted at one side with squashed features. Someone here said she looks like a pug and I agree lol. She also has a tendency to look constipated when she makes certain expressions. Seems very short/petite which translates into no presence on screen.

      Her acting is nothing impressive. Completely unbelievable in My name. As if a short, skinny girl can really fight all these ppl in real life.

      She’s just in trend for k ent now. Trends change even faster than b4. Watch her get replaced when the newer crop of late 90s/2000s actresses start taking up more roles. There are loads of talented, pretty ones in that batch.

  17. Out of left field, my pick for the 2020’s would be Hong Su Zu from the drama special Be:Twin. I really find her so beautiful. If they give her more prominent roles, she’s going to be a big star. Girl already got 900k Instagram followers.

  18. Just going to put my preferences:

    I remember first seeing son yejin in Secret Garden’s cameo when i watched the drama like 4 yrs ago. I was still a newbie in kdramaland so was mostly aware abt the usual hallyu actresses only. So when she appeared in Sega, i was awed by her beauty. I tried searching abt her after that because back then she was the prettiest sk actress i ever came across.
    I then wondered why people don’t hype up her looks enough like they do with other famous actresses. But i guess she was mostly involved in films so ifans didn’t care much.

    Now talking abt 2010s, it’s definitely Han Hyo Joo. I know some people have reservations regarding her acting but her visuals are unmatched.

    As for the actresses born in 90s. I don’t think she is a full time actress yet. Irene’s visuals are just top notch. People say she represents korean beauty standard, and ig they didn’t lie.
    I tried watching her debut movie. It wasn’t any exceptional but Irene looked so pretty.

  19. I think the whole thing is weird. Lots of pretty people in entertainment but the focus on this standard of beauty is over the top.

    • Looks do matter. Witcher is successful because we watch for yummy hopefully next bond Henry Cavill lol. And recently woke writer was bashed terribly because she promotes show on his name, but sidelined him in show and she knows noone will watch if henry isn’t there. An actual top star is not based on acting. But a combo of star power acting how they look etc. Scarlett johansson isn’t the greatest actress but lucy became massive success because most were male fans who went to watch that movie in theatres, wanting to see hot actress beating men! So was cameron diaz who earned 40 million paycheck for bad teacher because she had that hot teacher thing going on making movie success. Leonardo dicaprio was always great but titanic created leo mania based on his looks and the lover boy image. Tom cruise was always the pretty boy with actio star skills

      • “looks do matter” I mean that’s what I said. I get it but long conversations about who has the looks of a decade….no, that’s what I was talking about being over the top. Pretty people in entertainment is not shocking anywhere in the world; it’s a given but not too the extreme I see in Korean entertainment.

        Also, Tom Cruise has his issues but he is an actual good actor i.e. Vanilla Sky, Born on the Fourth of July, The Firm, Minority Report etc The fact he started making more action films says more about the state of the American movie industry than it does about his acting skills. I’ mean “pretty boy” that’s friggin insulting when you look at his body of work.

    • I think discussions about beauty and visuals are fun once in a while as long as everyone is stating their opinions civilly and not staying it as a fact lol
      We can appreciate their beauty and talent at the same time

  20. She might have had a quiet 2020-21 but in terms of impact and being a leading face of the generation, Park Shin Hye has had a strong and consistent record – Korea agrees she’s pretty, her dramas this last decade except for Sisyphus in 2021 all had consistently high ratings, her movies did well too, and she’s been consistently in demand for endorsements and really popular overseas as well as Korea (she used to be kpop fans’ go-to punching bag of “what about her?” every time their idols were criticised for bad acting lol).

    I think Kim Taeri is another leading face among the 90s-born too, and so is Han So Hee in the up and coming category. The 99’er Kim girls have been accepted faves for almost a decade but just need one more hit to really solidify their position.

    • I agree with the kpop idols PSH is a terrible actress. There are kpop idols that can act circles round her. It was all luck and timing with her.

      • Psh is a great actress to a lot of people hence her popularity. Opinions on any actor’s and actress’s acting prowess just like Beauty is always subjective to a viewer’s taste.

        To you, your fave is a great actress but to some, she/he might be terrible too. So, please be respectful. Don’t act like your taste issuperior or better than the rest.

      • well, unlike the kpop idols being hyped here, Park Shin Hye actually delivered multiple hit dramas and movies over the last decade and is very popular domestically as well as Hallyu wise. It’s not about whether you think she’s talented or not.

        (But it is a rule that any young actress getting bashed by idol-actress fans – PSH a few years ago, HSH now – is very popular, and the bashing is a sign that they’re feeling threatened on behalf of their faves )

  21. I’m sorry but Korean standard of beauty is completely different than International. Their classical beauties would only be considered as pretty not more. You can ask any non Korean about KTH and they would never say she’s beautiful. As a non Korean I see Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Se Young, and Kim Yoo Jung as beauties. Han hyo joo and Kim so hyun as pretty.

    • And why they have to please others especially westerners who think their beauty standard should be everyone’s? Colonisation worked a big role in many parts of world. Anyways atleast they dont get that kim kardashian type body full of plastic from top to below. If that is ur standard, keep it lol. .surely i find many korean beauties plain jane but at same time i can’t tell koreans what their standard should be nor they have to oblige western people standard

    • “You can ask any non korean about KTH and they would never say she’s beautiful” LOL

      Why are you speaking for all non-koreans? I’m not korean and KTH is a goddess-tier beauty to me, always has been. The people in our country also loves her beauty after they’ve watched her old dramas.
      And Kim So Hyun and Han Hyo Joo are more than just “pretty”, they are beautiful especially Kim So Hyun whose beauty captured the hearts of non-koreans as evidenced by her massive global fanbase lol. And people who actually saw her in real life says her features are much sharper, more defined and even more doll-like in person, certainly not merely pretty lol

      Again, it’s okay to have your preferred beauty, I respect people’s opinions, but please don’t state it as if it’s a fact

    • I am not korean, but i always find kim tae hee beautiful so dont say non korean dont find her beautiful. When i watch her drama love story in harvard im amazed with her beauty..shk and jjh are also beautiful..but among the 3 kim taehee is no 1 for me, next shk and 3rd jjh. We have our own preferences.

    • huh? im not korean but i think kim tae hee is handsdown the most beautiful actress in Korea lol. her beauty is just on another level. i watched her first in Iris and i was blown away by her beauty. it was INSANE. she is indeed the nation’s goddess

    • huh? im not korean but i think kim tae hee is handsdown the most beautiful actress in Korea lol. her beauty is just on another level. i watched her first in Iris and i was blown away by her beauty. it was INSANE.

  22. As someone who isn’t steeped in Korean culture, I find Korea’s rigid insistence on and obsession with *one* standard of beauty befuddling. Perhaps because Korea is so homogeneous and small that it can arrive at (or force) a consensus.

    A lot of the people deemed as the Korean “standard of beauty” have always looked vanilla to me, no matter how much I squint my eyes and rotate their pictures. Don’t understand all the razzmatazz over appointing “goddesses” and “visuals” either.

    Just goes to show how much subjectivity and cultural context there is to beauty.

    • It is weird honestly. There is so much diversity to celebrate in beauty, but they are bent on having this one representative of beauty. Strange. Glad I don’t live there.

      N I agree, most of their beauty “reps”, including all those comment in the post n in comments are all rather bland to me. Lots of them have so much filter, media hype and all sorts of makeup/styling to make them look good.

      Thankfully I live in a country that has diverse looks and there are non celeb women here who look better than these k celebs

      • I agree. I am so glad I do not live in South Korea. Otherwise, their beauty standard would cripple the self-esteem of my very mediocre-looking self.

  23. For some reasons I don’t find jun Ji Hyun’s visuals that impressive. She has a good figure but that’s it. Among tahyeji shk indeed is the prettiest followed by kim tae Hee. But apart from them my no. 1 pick would be son ye jin.

  24. Suzy is only right answer.. she’s standing out for the whole last decade and being the standard like ” next Suzy , little Suzy ,male Suzy , japanese Suzy , Chinese Suzy ” getting mentioned in every drama…she definitely has the impact and beauty , basically the face of 90s actresses and the 2010s – till now decade.

  25. suzy? lol. who cares about beauty if you can’t act for shit. the only popular actress in her twenties known for her beauty but has talent to back it up is han so hee.

    • delusional. han so hee has surpassed suzy. she’s a has been. look at the quality in director/writer combo of hsh’s upcoming drama compared to suzy’s. she also has more cfs than her and is netflix’s darling unlike local suzy. let’s not even talk about talent because sohee is on a completely different level. not to mention suzy doesn’t even make cine21 list of most anticipated actresses because no one is looking forward to her.

      • Han sohee with her 0 rating drama ? Yeah sure….let’s just read the knetz comments on these news nd let’s see how they agree on one name from the 2010s most of them are saying “no one else but Suzy” lol and Abt cfs Suzy with her peak got 22 cf in one year (record) – 60 cf for now not to mention she’s highest paid model so automatically less cfs…let’s just stop here because if we mentioned the dramas ,movies ,ratings, awards , the whole impact it’s ovar for your 5 minutes bubble world

      • @elsa it’s obvious she built her career through her face lol. she won baeksang best new actress which is one of the easiest awards to win. even fellow mediocre actor nam too hyuk won that. baeksang best actress nomination is a whole other league honey and i’m certain han so hee is going to get that nom for my name next year. girl carried her drama to success, boring suzy who rides off the popularity of her popular co-stars wishes.

      • Nam joohyuk won the blue dragon which is less prestigious than baeksang and almost popularity… easier to win but non of idols or even actors who nominated was able to win that easily even ur darling hsh (that u calimed she surpassed Suzy) lmaoooo ….and for the nomination for best actors things non of them won except for yon Eun hye and seo juhyun(?) Can’t remember her name .. imagine considering the nominations as the achievement and downgrading the prestigious award/trophy itself …the dumbassness really shows…if that the case she wouldn’t be an icon and standard for idol actors that led to the media play using her name by every idol if they debut in acting LMAOO …ok let’s see if that girl will be able to being nominated with her bland acting and let’s see how in future Suzy will (((win)) the best actresses awards and daesangs and will be the (first)smth as usual..it’s just veterans favor Industry and that gonna work for her in span of twoo years or less lmao

      • @elsa jang ki yong and ahn hyo seop also won baeksang best new actor just like suzy LOL talk about the mediocrity! nobody takes them seriously. and yes, han so hee will definitely be nominated for baeksang best actress unlike your mid af fuck fave who after 13 years, not even 1 nomination. keep bragging about those rigged free channel awards that your girl robbed from actual talents like jang nara because that’s all you can brag about lol.

      • @elsa jang ki yong and ahn hyo stop also won baeksang best new actor along with suzy LOL talk about the mediocrity!! nobody takes those three seriously. and yes, han so hee will get a baeksang best actress nomination in the future unlike your mid af fave who after 13 years, not even one nomination lol. keep bragging about those rigged free channel awards because that’s all the suzy stans can hype her for even though knetz giving thousands of upvotes saying she robbed talents like jang nara. how embarrassing for that has been airhead.

      • @elsa

        Pure passerby here who has no opinion on all the actors & actresses you guys are arguing about.

        But, I have to correcting your one sentence about Blue Dragon being less prestigious than Baeksang. That is completely UNTRUE. Blue Dragon, together with Grand Bell (these few years, BD is more of the IT than GB) are the Korea’s equivalent of Academy Awards. Not Baeksang.

    • @elsa and can suzy act? han sohee being praised even in her supporting roles but suzy still being criticized after how many lead roles. this btch marie keeps talking about baeksang best actor to shade lee min ho, but does suzy have a baeksang best actress nomination or a blue dragon best actress nomination? NO, because she can’t act for shit. even other idols have one. all her stans can brag about are those rigged free channel awards that no one takes seriously. the last award suzy got, knetizens had a field day roasting her for robbing THE jang nara haha.

      • she’s the only idol who won baeksang for her movie and got praised ever since …do you think she built a career with her face lolll

      • @elsa it’s obvious she built her career through her face lol. she won baeksang best new actress which is one of the easiest awards to win. even fellow mediocre actor nam too hyuk won that. baeksang best actress nomination is a whole other league honey and i’m certain han so hee is going to get that nom for my name next year. girl carried her drama to success, boring suzy who rides off the popularity of her popular co-stars wishes.

      • @key The latest reply above ..lol what a mess anyways I said what I said stay in you delusional bubble world luv <3

      • @kay The latest reply above ..lol what a mess anyways I said what I said stay in you delusional bubble world luv <3

      • @elsa you’re the delusional one if you think one 1 award for a prestigious ceremony from more than 10 years ago for a role that literally just played herself means she “built her career on talent” LOL. she’s being criticized ever since then unlike han so hee who has been praised more and more. stay in your delusional bubble luv <3

    • “talent” lol do you mean talent at posing for ads and photoshoots, cause it certainly isn’t acting talent.

      Korea’s best screenwriters and PDs haven’t been able to get a good performance out of her in ten years, and it’s not for lack of trying. The Architecture 101 hype isn’t going to cut it a decade later, she’s not even the most relevant or successful idol actress in the twenties (that would be IU), forget a real actress.

      • @royal that elsa and marie are two of the most deluded suzy stans. imagine calling han sohee’s acting bland when she stans suzy of all people! LOL. han sohee worked her way up from supporting roles and in just her 2nd lead role, was able to lead a drama to success unlike suzy who for the past 10 years, riding the coattails of her hallyu male leads. suzy’s not even the most popular idol acting. even yoona and iu being shown love from blue dragon and baeksang while suzy just being emcee. even jisoo has shown more promise in her first lead role than current suzy. and now she wants to be brave and compare suzy to han sohee, the most in-demand actress in her twenties who has talent isn’t just about face lol.

    • I watch her in reflection on you and she is still beautiful GOD. Go Hyun Jung. is already 51, older than my coworkers, but she look younger than my coworkers who is still 45. WHat she eat ? I heard sugar make us older much faster. I think thats the case .

    • Go for Kim Tae Hee not only physically but no rumors of different boyfriends before marriage, Beauty in and out, as of now its IU can be considered. I’m not Korean. Thank you

  26. Don’t get this “beauty standard” and Suzy being the most beautiful thing. I find many korean actress or actors who are as good looking as her. The aura is different matter though.

    Almost all lead young actor / actress in Korean television is so good looking is almost unreal. even the fatty one look good looking. I almost wonder what skincare they are wearing, or what they eat that make their skin almost flawless?

  27. Go for Kim Tae Hee not only physically but no rumors of different boyfriends before marriage, Beauty in and out, as of now its IU can be considered. I’m not Korean. Thank you

    • Whts wrong with having different boyfriends before marriage? Women have right to choose right man for then and learn can from errors and trials. I will only find a prince after kissing frogs

  28. I like Kim Tae Hee’s look. There s something charming and classy about her. She could portray both sweet (my princess) and cold (yongpal) looks.

  29. I get why they would pick Suzy, since she’s so popular.
    But my favorites for classic beauty would be: Shin Se Kyung (her face is just so perfect, LOL!), then Lee Yoo Bi, Gong Seung Young, and the super young Cho Yi Hyun (All of us are dead) who’s absolutely lovely and a natural beauty.

  30. The beauty of KTH doesn’t attract me maybe because of the teeth but indeed she is beautiful. Song Hye Kyo us really beautiful in all aspects of ger face. Jeon Ji Hyun is smart beautiful for me, mostly her versatility in acting makes me look at her so beautiful. Kim Hee Seon is also beautiful and just so natural. She ages but aged beautifully. Lee Young Ae is another actress that has been consistent beautiful since young till these days. Let us add Han Ga In and Han Chae Young of Sassy Girl Chunyang, Han Ji Min has a classic soft beauty. She is always loved by cosmetics brands. Like HJM, Son Ye Jin has the classic soft beautiful face.

    For the latest actresses – Yeah I find Han Hyo Joo, Suzy, Han So Hee, Seolhyun of SNSD, Kim So Hyun,Kim Yoo Jung, Moon Ga Young, Go Hyun Jung, Nana, Lee Sung Kyung, Park Bo Young, Kwon Nara, Kim Ji Won and Seolhyun, beautiful in their own rights.

    Kim Tae Ri is like Jeon Ji Hyun for me – she is smartly beautiful because of her versatility in acting. She will take the throne of JJH for being versatile. I love Kim Tae Ri.

    Park So Dam and Kim Go Eun both have the same looks but not pretty nor beautiful but they categorize having cute faces.

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