Child Actress Kal So Won From Miracle in Cell #7 Transitions into Teen Roles with Striking Youthful Beauty

Another child actress is ready for her teen role mantle and this one was one of the cutest little cherubs I’ve ever laid eyes on when she debuted. Kal So Won rocketed to fame in Miracle in Cell #7 as the daughter who later grows up into Park Shin Hye‘s adult but Kal So Won had more screen time and won the hearts of the prisoners in the jail along with the viewers of the movie. Unlike Kim Sae Ron who really impressed with her acting at a young age, Kal So Won was really too young to be a true actress prodigy and what she brought was the ability to act well enough and the overwhelm charm and personality of her adorable looks maximized. She’s since that movie in 2013 been in a handful of dramas as the child counterparts and I remember her most as the young Samjang in Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) as she was way better than the adult female lead haha. She was also the youngest mermaid version of Jeon Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea. She’s 16 years old (18 in Korean age) and I foresee a very bright future ahead as she steps into true teen roles and hopefully evolving into young adult roles in the next 5 years.


Child Actress Kal So Won From Miracle in Cell #7 Transitions into Teen Roles with Striking Youthful Beauty — 20 Comments

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  2. Her part in hwayugi was so mall. I don’t see her better than the adult version. The actress who acted as the adult was much much better.
    Miss Koala just always havr a hate and bias boner ?
    But yes she stole the show in a miracle no 7, park shin hye acting skill is not up to par with this girl

  3. Damn she’s beautiful, how do they all grow up to be so beautiful? I am not worried about her to be honest, she’s got a great acting talent with the little I have seen from her, the only thing I hope for is that she gets her chances by being offered roles to showcase her talent even if it means starting from a supporting role. 16 years of age is quite young so she can take her time, go Kal So Won, I am rooting for you big time.

      • Is it obvious? How can you tell? Maybe I just don’t have discerning eyes. She looks very cute as a child too, especially in the first picture.

      • Probably whitening injection and around the v-neck shape (v-line surgery), which is very popular among south korean women besides eye-lid surgery.. you can see it clearly with several kpop idols and actresses, they have quite the same jawline, which is obviously not natural but she is very cute though

  4. I predict a very roaring comment section this year of the tiger. There’ll be plenty of fireworks in LSG-LSY law love drama. If Koala chooses to review Handsome Shaman as Oh Yeon Seo is the FL there, there’ll be DEFCON 5 level of rants in the comments. I have just re-read all the Hwayugi posts from 2018. The name OYS sure touched a raw nerve as the failed one half of Samjang Oh Gong OTP.

    • I doubt koala would even mention a peep of that drama. she had a huge thing against oys even 4 years later still aiming a dig at her. I feel so so sorry for seo in guk to be saddled with the oys curse. koala would be all about lsg with her beloved lsy.

      • She might be interested in it though cause I don’t think she hates Seo In Guk. He might be a good a good reason for her.

      • Can someone please explain why OYS is so hated in relation to Hwayugi? I’m newbie so I missed the background story? Does she have botox? Genuinely curious.

    • There’s no mention of her faves Hyeri and YSH’s Moonshine. If her faves drama not doing well, she’ll bury it or go completely silent. Lol.

      • The winter olympic will kill it for sure. Hwayugi was affected by the winter olympic too. Kbs will air 2 back-to-back episodes in Feb 8. Dunno about the last 2 episodes.

      • moonshine will stay in the 4-5% range like dali and cocky prince. will still rate it as “cult following success” or narrative loses steam but remains fan favourite.

    • I shudder at the snarky botox comments levelled at oh yeon seo. she’s been compared to nicole kidman mid 2000 era. more heated than shk’s botox comments in nwabu. lol.

  5. I think she is already to take major roles. Remember that KSH and KYJ started to take lead roles at age of 15 or 16 and now, both are celebrated leading ladies. So, I think can do it too.

  6. I actually prefer ksw to be the youngest sister in tvn’s little women. park ji hu is just so bland. the hong sisters drama return would also spark heated comments with OTP pairing of 9 year gap jung so min and lee jae wook. I wonder whether that would invite a fan war in the comment section as hong sisters writing is extremely polarising.

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