Park Bo Young in Talks for New Drama From the Screenwriter of The Light in Your Eyes and the PD of All of Us are Dead

K-actress Park Bo Young is looking ahead in 2022 with a new K-drama and hopefully it will wash away the lackluster picks of her most recent dramas Doom at Your Service and Abyss. This one isn’t a fantasy drama, thank god, it’s called Morning Comes to Psychiatric Wards Too and is from the screenwriter of The Light in Your Eyes (Brilliant) and the PD of All of Us are Dead on Netflix who also directed Beethoven Virus and Damo. It’s the story of a nurse who works in a psychiatric ward and her diary/collection of incidents that happen there. This sounds like it could be absolutely heartbreaking and bittersweet with opportunities for cathartic laughter and already sounds like a promising choice for Park Bo Young.


Park Bo Young in Talks for New Drama From the Screenwriter of The Light in Your Eyes and the PD of All of Us are Dead — 8 Comments

  1. I love Park Bo Young. She always breathes life into every role she plays. I have been disappointed in her last two projects, so I hope this one is a good one!

  2. Her last dramas were all fantastic ones : Oh My Ghost, Strong Woman, Abyss, Doom… Except OMG, the 3 others were pretty badly written. So I really need her in a normal story, being a normal person in normal world. No fantastic elements, murderers, etc.

  3. Not hating but I cannot watch her act. Everything about her repels me. I don’t even dislike her but something about her is such a turn off….

  4. Haven’t stuck with any of her dramas since Oh My Ghost, which I enjoyed. Strong Woman was a huge hit for her but not even her chemistry with the actor could get me through it. I like her and hope the writing works out for her. This sounds like it might be a bit slice of life which sometimes doesn’t bring the ratings but I tend to enjoy them.

  5. I haven’t been able to finish her last four or five dramas. This sounds promising and it’s good it is not another rom-com.

  6. Hope she moves away from cutesy characterisations – i dont find it endearing. Her dramas have not been doing well. I didnt like SWDBS. Actually I prefer her way more in movies

  7. To be honest, her last 4 dramas were all underwhelming. Oh my ghost will be considered the best among four bec of the cast. Her char in swdbs isn’t lovable and it just rly became a hit because of her chemistry with Park Hyung Sik.

    With abyss and DAYS tanking, fans got tired of her stuck in the same genre plus chemistry with partners aren’t rly sizzling to stay unlike the former two projs.

    I really hope this drama will showcase her talent. It is a waste of her potential if she will stay in her comfort zone.

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