PD Lee Gil Bok Praises Song Hye Kyo for Her Hardworking Effort and Jang Ki Yong for His Desire to Improve in Discussing SBS Drama Now, We are Breaking Up

PD Lee Gil Bok has worked on many big K-dramas but only recently got to the head PD chair and I think he’s a formidable talent. He directed Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 and most recently Now, We are Breaking Up, the directing was one of the most consistent positives in that drama. He was interviewed after the drama wrapped to discuss his thoughts and he praised female lead Song Hye Kyo for giving her 100% effort from not just the beginning but throughout and even brought the same energy and dedication at the end. For Jang Ki Yong, he revealed that the young actor was eager to learn, always asking questions to improve, and is quite talented in other ways as many of the pictures used in the drama were taken personally by Jang Ki Yong. I guess it’s not bad that one positive from the underwhelming drama is praise for the two stars because I felt they tried their hardest as well but couldn’t overcome the poorly written characters and the dumb central conflict that kept them unnecessarily apart.


PD Lee Gil Bok Praises Song Hye Kyo for Her Hardworking Effort and Jang Ki Yong for His Desire to Improve in Discussing SBS Drama Now, We are Breaking Up — 23 Comments

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  2. After so many years as a kdrama audience, now I get it why everyone in various Forum always talk about the power of SHK media play. I thought people just want to blame her for everything.
    But there’s big news, new shows yet we’re stuck with breaking up. It’s not Only you Miss Koala, even some more bigger platform suddenly publishing about this drama or cast activities.
    So, yeah…. She has good PR.

    • Do you know who own Asiankiwi? I checked reviews about this drama almost everyday and noticed that all bad reviews have been deleted the next day without a trace.

      • Oh I thought I’m the only one who noticed it. They were very diligent in deleting negative reviews.

      • don’t know other website, but Asianwiki often delete some bad review in All drama not Only We Are Breaking Up only. don’t be conspiracy.might be the bad review has some offensive tone.

      • @missjb

        Since it’s coming from you, it’s a big ‘meh’. You are excusing everything with shk lol

      • @Jasmine

        Asianwiki aint a free platform. Evwey bas opinion there is deleted by admin so it has bothing to do with a single actress or actor.

    • Literally the only things that keeps her afloat are her pretty face and her marketing team. Behind that she is really just a mediocre actress who got lucky in making it big at a time when viewers didn’t care about an actor’s skills yet.

  3. What else can he say though. It’s not like he can praise their acting because they were underwhelming. Showing up to set until the last day of filming is the bare minimum for an actress of her position.

  4. I have just watched The Queens, a 2015 Chinese movie with Shawn Dou and Song Hye Kyo.It was a good, wonderful movie about 3 women friends and their painful relationships with men. Song Hye Kyo plays Annie Wong, a beautiful woman who attends the wedding of her ex husband and his new wife. She accepted the new wife’s invitation to be casted as a supporting actress in the movie funded by her ex husband’s new wife and was humiliated by her.
    Shawn is a member of the production team and tried to fight for her honour. Annie also has a wealthy man admirer but she seems to take a liking to Shawn’s character who is a big bike rider and she joins him in a ride. One day, Shawn has a job as National Geographic photographer and leaves. His departure makes Annie confused whether to marry a wealthy woman’s son as age is catching up with her but his mother looked down on her because she was unknown and poor. Annie was a pillar of strength to her two friends who suffered broken relationships. When Annie won best supporting actress in the movie, her wealthy admirer’s mother suddenly approved of their marriage but she chose Shawn. At the award ceremony,Annie said it takes bad guys in our lives to teach us life’s lessons. Loving someone is to have the courage of letting him or her go. Loving is also letting go. That was Shawn’s parting words to her, that is, it is important to love ourselves fully first before we can be loved fully by others.

  5. The amount of SHK mediaplay on this drama is verrrry interesting to see. Proportional to how bad the drama is. And Koala has been bending over backwards to try to find redeeming things to say about NWABU and SHK.

  6. So the director complimented the two actors on…showing up and doing their jobs?

    The NWABU puff pieces are more telling than anything of how badly the show fared and how much they’re trying to do damage control.

  7. Good actors can make badly written characters seem interesting but song hye-kyo’s face was too ironed here . They really saw to it that she was wrinkle-free and flat . Sorry but I did not see an ounce of energy at all .

  8. It would be better for SHK and NWABU team to keep quiet rather than keep posting puff articles like this. Viewers would have move on and forget over how horrendous the drama is since there are plenty of new shows to watch. Their strategy apparently back-fired since agitated viewers now have more things to say over how bad the drama is esp the acting of the two leads.

  9. How about writing about your other faves Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri’s tanked dramas? They worked very hard too. PD also praised them. Memorist finale, My Strange Hero finale, Moonshine? Chirp chirp chirp cricket silence.

  10. The mediaplay to prop up her image is getting laughable. And it’s backfiring because the more it exposed how bad an actress she is.

    She’s not gaining any goodwill from any of her PR pieces. The opposite in fact. More people are resenting her for using mediaplay and coasting on her looks all these years.

  11. Every time I see a Song Hye Kyo PR puff piece for this godforsaken drama I have to laugh like she’s really not reading the room, huh? You’re in your flop era, lady, and pumping out nonsensical glory-seeking baits like these to compensate for your lack of talent ain’t the classy way to go by things!

  12. At first, I did not believe the SHK “mediaplay” but I do now. They keep finding / writing any redeeming factor for NWABU but they themselves are having a hard time. The drama has bad storyline, the dialogues are cringy, the leads have no chemistry, acting was flat / bland. Those who continued watching that drama did so to see if there’ll be improvement in the story and acting of Song Hye Kyo but there’s none…the drama ended up as it is — mediocre and boring.

  13. Isn’t it more embarrassing to be said to have done your very best and yet the product is this piece of mediocre work? Same goes with the director actually.

  14. The director is not that great. But the writer was the worst. Working together was not a good idea since not even their leading star could save the drama.

    I don’t even know what to expect in her next project The Glory.

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