Netflix Officially in Talks for Second Seasons of D.P., Hellbound, and All of Us are Dead After Overseas Success

The Netflix K-drama machine plows on with both original new projects and sequels to successful ventures. Squid Game is already confirmed for a new season and now the platform is in talks for second seasons of three additional original dramas: D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), Hellbound, and the most recent release All of Us are Dead. The reason is the overseas success of those dramas which did really well outside of South Korea. I think there is definitely second seasons worth of stories for all three dramas, Hellbound actually ended on a cliffhanger of sorts. With that said, momentum is a beast and it will be interesting to see if the same audience interest continues when the second seasons arrive, I can’t imagine it’s anytime before 2023 or beyond, or will the fickle viewers have moved on to new entertainment trends by then.


Netflix Officially in Talks for Second Seasons of D.P., Hellbound, and All of Us are Dead After Overseas Success — 18 Comments

  1. Yes, D.P. was confirmed for a second season already as was Sweet Home. I’m sure All of Us are Dead will get one since it’s doing big numbers. I could do without a second season of Hellbound, but it will probably get one.

    I don’t think any will be as successful as the first seasons, but that’s usually the case.

  2. I watch k-dramas on Netflix all the time but they are never the ones that become big hits šŸ˜‰ I discovered k-dramas on Netflix years ago (2013 ish)so they have been there a while. It was Faith with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun. Still watching dramas but the luster started to wear off a while back. When I look at what I have completed at the end of the year and which stories really held together til the end, it is shockingly few. I will always maintain moving to a 12 episode drama would really help hold stories together much better.

  3. I would say All of Us are Dead will get renewed based on its global popularity amongst adult males, teens and kids. I live in a non Asian country where even my non K-drama hubby gets hooked to the teen zombie drama. Keep yapping about Prez girl, Onjo & Cheong San (he called him Cheongsam a tight fitting high neck traditional Chinese dress aka qipao). I have always avoided zombie dramas but got sucked into it coz of my hubby. His colleague’s 8 yo son was watching it too. Both salivating for season 2. Lol.

  4. I watch aouad bc of lomon. he’s the eye candy for me. tall, good looking, athletic and have that x factor leading man star quality. soompi’s been busy running articles about him and cho yi hyun’s love line in the drama. I think pr team positioning them as the future stars of k-ent. cue cute couple photoshoot that has has already launched hordes of shippers.

    • Lots of fans have been talking about their chemistry. PD purposely set up scenes for season 2. It will focus on Nam Ra leading a pack of mutants (half human-zombie) squaring off against human team led by Su Hyeok. A zombie Romeo Juliet West Side Story forbidden love continues.

      • no offense but romance in a zombie show should be kept minimum. imagine facing an apocalypse of sorts and caring about dating instead ?

      • you’re shooting yourself in the foot by your comment. the last sentence is just my assumption and you swallowed it line hook and sinker. one kiss doesn’t constitute dating. if that’s ur definition, go ahead with ur delusions.

  5. I think aouad should just be one season or if a second season gets made it should have a new cast. unless thereā€™s a time skip most of the cast will be too old to still play teenagers.

    • salty antis who hates netflix drama. must be from that cheating country who bans netflix. k-dramas are famous for older actors/actresses playing high-schoolers.

  6. Let’s do better in season 2 D.P squad. Love this drama so much.

    I’d love to see All of us are dead season 2 for Lomon. He’s such an eye candy. This young man has a promising and potential career ahead. Good luck.

    Move to heaven season 2 when????

  7. I hope Cheogsan lives on in All of us are dead season 2. Netflix needs to reduce unnecessary violent,smoking and nude scenes in Kdrama just for”cheap fast sell”, kdrama was doing perfectly well without these before

    • Spoken like a true patriot. All hail our beloved righteous leader for expelling all corrupt western values from our entertainment! Death to Netflix k-dramas for promoting violence, smoking and nude scenes!

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