Lee Se Hee Builds on Her Young Lady and Gentlemen Success with Casting Opposite D.O. in Legal Drama True Swordsmanship

The shining star in the KBS drama line up last year was weekend hit Young Lady and Gentleman, which is in the tail end of it’s airing period. Female lead Lee Se Hee was a super rookie newcomer with not even a second female lead role under her belt when she was selected as the female lead and the success of the drama will clearly help her career. She’s already got her next project lined up as she’s been picked as the female lead in legal drama True Swordsmanship (True Sword Battle) opposite D.O. It will be his his drama since he finished his military service. The drama is about a prosecutor with a strong sense of justice who fights corruption which I swear is the byline for nearly ever single legal drama lol. The drama is slated for filming in the coming month(s) and will air in the second half of 2022.


Lee Se Hee Builds on Her Young Lady and Gentlemen Success with Casting Opposite D.O. in Legal Drama True Swordsmanship — 9 Comments

  1. I like her a lot in Young Lady and Gentleman. She’s talented. A legal drama though … I’d rather see them together in something else. A cute rom-com or something.

  2. She is delightful. D.O. has a certain skill set and has a nice comedic touch but not so much in serious dramatic moments so we’ll see. I am kind of over legal shows but they just keep on a coming.

  3. Ehh..her acting in YLAG is so weak and easily overshadowed by other casts, even the kids are better than her for sure, so nothing about her stood out, not even cute and endearing to watch. Well, she might follow Shin Ye eun’s and Park Hye soo’s step, too quick for leading roles with little experiences in supporting roles and as a result, causing mediocre performances back to back. This new drama sounds like focused on D.O character. and her character might end up become the accessory to the drama, no wonder they don’t cast more senior actress.

    There’s a reason why child actors / actresses receiving so much respect – they wait for a right time and work consistently in support roles for years.

      • Do you even believe that auditions are totally fair and purely for talents only? She’s probably the best candidate not necessarily because she is that talented but her agency also agreed to the lowest payment. Next KBS drama also cast rookie actress for the main leading role – another actress who never left impressions in major supporting role. Weird strategy.

        Even when Shin Hye sun led My Golden Life, she had already left good impressions in Stranger and other works prior. At least it was well earned leading role, that’s why the outcome continuously to be good. KBS think they can create another Shin Hye sun but a gem is hard to find.

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