Yoo Seung Ho in Talks to Join YG as His New Agency After Successive Underwhelming Dramas in a Row

On one hand, K-actor Yoo Seung Ho is still young at 30 years old Korean age (28 in western age), but then he’s been in the industry for two decades now and I still wonder why he can’t get better projects. It’s like all this potential unable to be properly tapped. K-ent is reporting that Yoo Seung Ho, who announced earlier that he would not be renewing with his current agency, is in talks to join YG Entertainment. I don’t know if that’s a good move since YG has many actors his age under its umbrella but a change to a big agency is worth a shot. His current drama Moonshine (Thinking of You When the Flowers Bloom) has low ratings on KBS and honestly is just not very good. It doesn’t suck but it’s got the other death knell – it’s boring. I got up to episode 8 and just forgot to watch the following week and still have no desire to go back. Yoo Seung Ho can’t be accused of typecasting himself as he’s done many different genre dramas I just hope he gets some buzzy momentum going at YG.


Yoo Seung Ho in Talks to Join YG as His New Agency After Successive Underwhelming Dramas in a Row — 56 Comments

  1. I know people think NJH is popular today because YG had him booked all the time but that isn’t true. In the beginning NJH had no intention of getting into acting but he was constantly being pursued by PDs because of his looks and height. He only started to pursue acting with more intent after the reality check he received in School 2015 which is why he fell back to supporting roles but it wasn’t until Ansi City where he started to truly pursue the craft at which point he left YG. The gigs he signed up for post School 2015 he auditioned for most of them so no YG isn’t the reason for his success today. Him being booked with CFs also is because of his past as model and the boy has major contacts in the modelling world. People who stan YG know that they don’t push their artists other YIN would already be a Hallyu star. They put everyone in the dungeon unless someone can source work for themselves. KSW has been completely over taken the Lee Ree because YG gace her no work for years and now they only give her minor characters here and there. This girl was a chungmroo star is now scraping the bottom of the barrel while Lee Ree is getting cast by big named directors who are specially writing roles for her. In YG if you want to succeed who have to already be successful. If NJH got love calls from the industry its because he had the looks, height and personality which the industry loves. Even Na PD fawns over the boy because he works hard.

  2. To be honest he never had the star potential to begin with. Being a decent actor doesn’t equate to being a star. He can’t sell out products so brands don’t want him. He can’t bring in ratings so A list productions don’t want him. His child actor image is still strong even though he’s hitting 30 so people still see him from that lens. His new drama isn’t good and his character is boring not just that his acting is also sub par. Hyeri on the other hand is killing it and shows growth in her acting spectrum. Another problem he has is his inability to build chemistry with his female leads. Not having any dating experience shows in his romance acting.

    • Him and Kim So Hyun have the same career status. They are both not demanded by top PDs and writers. Hope for them to find that project that will propel them to big popularity and superstardom.

      • Disagree with this. At least Kim so hyun dramas have lots of buzz like Love Alarm and Tale of Nokdu. it’s been years since School 2015 aired and it’s still being talked about by international fans until now. She was also cast by popular writers such as Kim Eun Sook for Goblin and thrice by Park hye Ryun for I Can Hear Your Voice, Page Turner, and While You Were Sleeping. Meanwhile Yoo seung ho, as @orange pointed out, “nobody seems to know him outside of his fandom”, which is a bit exaggerated, but I totally get his/her point. Kim So Hyun is at least one of the most popular actresses in her age bracket as evidenced by her almost 12 million instagram followers (yes I know IG followers isn’t the only metric for popularity, but it can tell you a lot about how popular an actor/actress is).
        Also, she had lots of appearances last year from dramas to photoshoots to MV, let the girl rest lmao doesn’t mean she’s fading to obscurity like a lot of exaggerated commenters here seem to imply Lol

      • As far as I know, Kim Eun Sook did not cast her in Goblin. It is the PD who casted. Further, Park Hye Run already lost her starpower as screenwriter. She is not an A-list anymore. Further, even if So Hyun has millions of followers in IG, it doea not translate to endorsements and popularity polls.

      • The PD Lee Eun Buk is A list and so is the PD for RWTMR. How do you think he was able to land both SYJ and KHN for one project. Who told KSH isn’t A list? She is literally the most in demand early 20s actress and the reason she chooses not to do endorsements is the same reason KNG or KDW or YAI rarely if ever do endorsements. They want their image to be free from clauses and want to be known specifically for their acting. Try hard @myrranna to be a troll in every article but KSH is a superstar and everyone knows it. LA 2 even made it on the Hallyu poll by KOFIC as one of the most popular Kdrama of 2021 internationally despite having only 6 episodes.

      • @Myrrana Oh is that why her drama broke 10% before the controversy hit hard while his is barely in 5%? Kim So Hyun has never not been in demand by top writers or PD. The Love Alarm PD is A-list she directed Fight My Way and Mine. The writer for Nokdu wrote Love in The Moonlight. Goblin PD is freaking Lee Eun Book who personally asked for her. Park Hye Run is still very much a big deal and let’s not forget Yoon Sang Ho PD has Yoon Yuh Jun, Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul for his next drama. If that isn’t the definition of an A-list PD then you are lying to yourself. Kim So Hyun is the Asia Pacific brand ambassador for Bausch and Lomb her ads are literally plastered all over Taiwan and Hong Kong. She is in every way a massive superstar and 12 million followers with over 1 million likes on most of her posts is very good. She barely updates her Instagram but it keeps growing at a massive rate which is very rare. She gained 1 million followers in the 2 months River aired. That is a rarity and even Shin Min Ah didn’t get that many followers during Hometown. Kim So Hyun has never been one for endorsements it was Sidus who kept pushing her into contracts she never wanted. Now that she paid off her family debt she doesn’t need the extra money. Girl is focused on honing her skills and that Baeksang nomination speaks volumes about her talent level which is far above her peers.

      • LOL.

        The 2nd PD of Goblin casted her not Lee Eun Bok

        River PD is never an A-list as he do not have a string of successful projects

        FMY PD is never also an A-list. FMY is only a hit but not a mega one that will make someone an A-list.

        Further, So Hyun lacks endorsement deals. Currently, she only have 2 which is very dismal considering she already did a lot of projects.

      • @Mary kay Blah blah blah. Don’t worry, we know whose fandom you’re from ?
        Go back to worshipping your 1% rating fave who only knows how to play damsel in distress roles, who always flops when she’s not paired with a popular leading man, and who will never be in the same level as BAEKSANG BEST ACTRESS NOMINEE Kim So Hyun ?
        Lmao imagine stanning a one-hit wonder ?

      • Why are you straight up lying? LEB and KSH worked together on a drama special and based on that he invited her to cameo in Goblin. Your hate agenda has zero fact you are just a bitter human being and nothing more.

      • @mary kay The nerve to call THE Kim So Hyun a “fl*p” when you probably stan miss 1% rating lmao ?

        As for @myrrana, longtime readers on this blog know she’s obsessed with bringing up so hyun in every unrelated post just to shade her. Don’t feed the troll guys, we all know so hyun is mega popular lol even celebrities from my country follow her on instagram.

      • @mary kay The nerve to call THE Kim So Hyun a “fl*p” when you probably stan miss 1% rating lmao ?

        As for @myrrana, longtime readers on this blog know she’s obsessed with bringing up so hyun in every unrelated post just to shade her. Don’t feed the tr*ll guys, we all know so hyun is mega popular lol even celebrities from my country follow her on instagram.

      • People, please stop exaggerating things and being delusional about Kim So Hyun. I am just stating what I am observing about her career. I am not insulting her.

        Further, as far as I know, LA2 was never listed in KOFICE 2021 Hallyu poll. Can you provide me the source because I cannot find it in the web.

      • @myrrana Just go on Naver or Theqoo or literally just search it on Twitter. Denying reality is not healthy. Nobody is exaggerating her when literal celebs and sports stars from outside of her home country following her on IG and commenting on her posts. Deal with it.

    • Myrrana bringing up So Hyun in a very unrelated article just to shade her and stir the pot? *pretends to be shocked ?*

      Just Myrrana being Myrrana, nothing new to see here guys lol ?

  3. The issue with Moonshine it’s there was also “Royal Secret Agent” and “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” in the same year. The 3 dramas are sageuk, with a strong female lead and a ML as official… Mooshine doesn’t have a great production that could help to distinguish itself.

    In comparison, TRS and TKA were really beautiful and more original.

    I like Yoo Seung-Ho. He’s a really good actor. I think he can have chemistry with his costars like Park Eun-Bin, Chae Soo-Bin or Jo Bo-Ah.

  4. The 93 line isn’t young young anymore the whole 92-94 line is pushing 30 so whoever managed to break out will coast in their 30s and those who didn’t will continue to pray for a breakthrough. If he joins YG I won’t be surprised to see his next drama feature one of the BP girls which might finally give him some buzz because nobody seems to know he exits outside of his fandom.

  5. What he needs now is a two-top drama with an established actor. He doesn’t have that chemistry with his female colleagues to sell the romance (like many other smaller stature actors), so he should really stay clear of such projects. He also needs to lose some weight tbh.

    • He’s an established actor himself being in the industry for 2 decades. PDs and directors know what is he capable of and what he lacks. It’s just that he doesn’t have the star factor that brings in ratings and buzz so he is not considered for high profile projects. He can’t choose good scripts if none were offered to him.

  6. YSH needs to work as a supporting actor to more seasoned actors. Or try getting cast in an ensemble drama. Or maybe he could try a villain role like NGM did.

    Or if he is rich enough he could retire from the industry.

  7. PBG has already been out of the military, but YSH career remained stagnant, he has no good eye for scripts and seemed to have regressed too… Not sure how signing with YG will help him land better productions unlike with Soop or BH Ent lol but they have good connections with brands and advertisers so he’ll get CFs here and there I guess

  8. I feel sad thinking he went down that way. C’mon he has been there since long time ago with incredible talents. Nowadays even the rookie guys took over him. Looks like visuals and heights really matter in k-drama industry.

  9. Lots of child actors and actresses like Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young also had a hard time finding that one drama that brought them to new high and cemented their status as established adult actors. He needs more time and a bit of luck.

      • @luna Lee Tae-ri being the exception, unfortunately. Even Lee Won-geun seemed to have surpassed him.

    • Agreed! LSY had her best year in 2021. Sometimes even one really buzzy movie can launch you into super stardom.

      To be a former child actor and still be able to score leading roles – even if they’re not that great- is still so much ahead of some other child actors. Not everyone can reach stardom. Poor Lee Tae-ri who only gets side characters. He was Lee Minho before Lee Minho became a Hallyu star.

      I’m not sure if YG is the right route for him, but if something isn’t working for him, it’s time to change.

  10. 93 liners are my favorite because there’s so many I like. PBG, SKJ, YSH, LHW, DO, IU, TAEMIN. Even though I’ve never seen a drama of YSH yet (I tried Memorist but dropped it eventually) I still like him and have a soft spot for him. I hope he finds a good script in the future. He really deserves more recognition.

  11. It’s unfortunate because YSH was one of the most popular in his age group before leaving for military service. He was the nation’s little brother with a cute visual, talent, and spotless image. He had the potential to lead the 20s bracket of actors in terms of popularity, but then his bad choices in dramas and lack of romantic chemistry with female leads stopped his rise. Now Park Bo Gum and DO have long surpassed him not to mention others in the 94-97 lines like SK, NJH, CEW, Rowoon, etc. Hopefully YG can at least insert him in some high quality-ensemble works with veteran and/or popular stars to give him more buzz.

  12. It’s a shame really that Yoo Seung Ho do not have recent success in dramas because of lacking chemistry with his leading ladies, although he’s a very good kisser (you can see YouTube clips with Jo Boa and Chae Soobin). The only drama he starred in that I really like was ages ago when he was the most popular teen star, God of Study. Missing You was very popular but it has very controversial premise and unlikely for a re-watch because of its ML.
    He has relatively more success with his movies – The Way Home, The Magician, Seondal and Blind (Park Bogum did a cameo here btw). He’s very versatile that he can do melodrama, romcom and straight drama I suppose. It’s just that “oomph”; IT factor that propelled him to stardom in The Way Home has been lacking in so many his productions of late.

  13. Before leaving for military servive and i know i’m repeating myself, his role In I miss you made a certain turning point in his carreer , still remember his first scene with YEh in wich they are teasing each other, i felt that he could have a kind of sexual chemistry with a partner , it’s visible only a few seconds but it was there .But when he came back he had to battle with new competitors . Some are talented , others have the looks searched by producers . I’m sad as he did an examplar military servive, has no scandals, … it shows thas luck is a factor in the industry .

  14. It’s kind of absurd to expect every actor to become a star. It’s a very small and highly competitive industry, only a handful can truly become stars. In any case, he needs to consider acting in a double male lead drama since he seems to really lack chemistry with his female leads. If he’s paired with a veteran actor, the chemistry can work. He should stop with the light-hearted romance dramas and start picking serious scripts. Not every actor is meant to be in romance dramas.

  15. He is a good actor who has had decent dramas under his belt and he tries different things. He hasn’t had a massive hit but a lot don’t. I still like him regardless. Wishing him all the very best.

  16. I’m shocked at his career trajectory post military. He’s very talented to I hope he’s able to get cast in better dramas and at least has a few critical and commercial hits.

    I have wondered why he doesn’t do more movies though, not sure if the opportunities aren’t there (although with his time in the industry, I feel he could at least get supporting roles for meaty characters and build from there) or he turns down movie roles for whatever reasons. Either way, it’s sort of unfortunate to see, wish him the best.

  17. I will always love YSH. I always have a soft spot for him. I think he is a versatile actor. It is just these past few years he didn’t have that drama that got good ratings but he has remained a very good actor. I hope he’ll be blessed to whatever agency he chooses to go.

  18. he doesn’t really excel at anything which is why I’m not surprised his career went the way it has. I also thought he’d age better because I used to get baby so ji sub vibes from him but he still mostly looks like a boy, which for his age is not exactly a good thing anymore.

  19. I believe it’s time for YSH to be mentored by a great acting coach for the next stage of his acting life. I don’t believe in coasting on child acting 20 years experience. Leo DiCaprio did it ( I remember him in Growing Pains with Kirk Cameron). SJK looks baby-faced but with Vincenzo or Saya role, he just slayed it. YSH’s biggest problem is choosing the right script or being offered the right one. He also needs to evolve his physical appearance in each role to distinguish it from other roles’ looks. Taking bay steps ala Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, Her and Napoleon. Lose some weight, work out to build some muscles, have a different hairstyle, thinning his eyebrows, talk or walk differently. His ex agency mate SIG who admires Joaquin method acting makes it a point to add tiny details into how each of his character looks despite some rating bomb dramas lol. His Louis character looked and acted totally different from Yoon Jae or Kim Moo Young.

    • he can also co-starred with other actors. kim bum with rain, lee dong wook with wi ha joon, lee joon with lee jin wook, etc. also stay away from rom-coms for a while. sometimes his child acting background can be more of a curse than a blessing.

      • So true! I’m glad there are more dramas now where we can have dual male leads. Another child actor – Yeo Jin-goo- has developed a superb resume full of non-romantic roles even though every now and then he picks a romance up. Guess the trick now is to be offered a good non-romance role in the first place.

    • All of this! I don’t have much hope with YG since it’s not an actor-centric agency, but I wish at least YSH can have an overall image overhaul. Other posters here are saying his acting is overrated, they’re entitled to their opinion, but in my opinion, his acting has never been his problem, it’s his lack of luck when choosing scripts (he doesn’t seems to have an eye for choosing a drama that’s going to appeal to today’s audiences, and bring him lots of buzz) and probably his height. However, plenty of short actors have had success, like DO, so he still have a chance. One thing he has going for him is the korean GP love, and he can take advantage of that. I agree with having a new look too. Slimming down and bulking up a bit will make him look taller and give him more matured leading man vibes. The boyish hairstyles they’re always giving him need to go too lol. And then probably he can take on darker anti-hero roles. Or action roles. Tom Cruise is short too, but because he carries himself well and does a lot of action films, there’s this illusion that he’s taller. Enough with the romcoms lol
      Having a social media account will definitely help too (I remember one commenter here said he has a vibe that he takes himself too seriously and doesn’t know how to have fun, and I think having a social media account can remedy that and brings him closer to his fans).
      He had an IG before but it seems like he deleted it for some reason.

      Of course he doesn’t need to do all of these if acting is just his passion and he doesn’t care about popularity, but let’s be honest, popularity will bring him the top-quality scripts.

      And wow, didn’t know that SIG admires Joaquin! Joaquin is king ?

      • @Kurapika, SIG has opened his own music studio called AER Music. In his studio IG post he had classic movie posters taped to a board he specifically created. Joaquin’s movie Her was there along with Leo DiCaprio, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, Natalie Portman in Leon, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. SIG mentioned in interviews that JP’s Joker one of his fave movies and he admired his acting style.

      • Knowing how to build a rapport with fans and having fun are crucial in growing momentum and popularity. From @seungho’s comment, I can see the point of engaging directly with fans thru social media. SIG is pretty PR savvy and I can see he’s pivoting to directing/producing music videos of singers under his label. Very smart career move to have a back-up plan B. YSH can learn some tips from his hyung instead of jumping to YG which seems counter-productive.

      • @seungho fighting That’s really cool! Her and Joker are two of my favorite JP movies too, along with The Master and Walk the Line. And Audrey is one of my all time fave actresses. SIG has great taste 🙂

    • Why does YSH needs to be mentored by someone ????? He already has 20+ yrs of experience of acting I don’t really see the need of him getting mentored acting wise. What he needs right now is the luck of choosing the correct script w intriguing storylines that will hook the audiences attention. Or he can choose to star in a Netflix kdrama that can possibly boost him to stardom. YSH potentially signing up for YG isn’t that great of a decision himself as YG is well known for locking up their artists in dungeons instead of supporting their artists. If I were him I would prob sign up for Soop, BH or Artist Company lol

      • Pride comes before the fall. Staying humble and always learning is better than relying than past experience. One never stops learning until the day we depart.

      • Tsk tsk. Him not getting a Netflix role is bcos of his anti-social stance and riding on his hyped up 20 years experience. His 20 years acting experience means he can be like Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin with no socmed accounts but still A-list & expecting Netflix roles to fall on his lap. He has to earn some cred first. Nam Ji Hyun also has 18 years experience but her fans stay humble not crowing about she deserved Netflix role like Han So Hee. Get real.

      • Acting coach or mentors can help him choose better roles and build critical industry networking. Having such a proud attitude of I don’t need to learn anymore, I’m good enough is fatal. Speaking of Nam Ji Hyun, she said in interviews she always listens to the opinions of others as a learning experience even if they have less acting experience than her. Doesn’t mean she has to follow those opinions.

  20. Lack of chemistry with most of his leading ladies. Very lacklustre indeed. Overrated talent. Doesn’t have star or it factor. Even zombie kids on netflix have more buzz and popularity.

  21. It’s the koala curse. Her faves have been fl*pping real hard or comatose. First SHK, then JGS whose fans said focusing on music so no need to act anymore and now YSH.

  22. After reading all the comments here , i think that the best for him is to do a buddy drama a la Kim Bum and Rain , Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo, Shin Ha Kyung and Yeo Jin Goo ,or to be casted as the bad guy … but after 2O years in the field , people are suggesting him to take classes, to change everything about his apparence, poor guy ! How is he going to do to be 10cm taller . I know that Nam Goong Min said that his carreer took a major turning point after getting a little plastic surgery but … if viewers or producers want guys as Nam joo hyuk, Song Kang, JHK… i have a soft spot for him but i couldn’t finish his post military projects aside Memorist and it was because i wanted to see what the silly final writers had in store. And i wasn’t disappointed .

  23. As an old timer in watching movies and dramas I get the sentiment. Nobody is asking him to be taller. I think the main gist of comments is changing his PUBLIC acting image to advertise his true range. YSH can retain his original looks however he wants in his private life. He can start off starring in a movie playing a minor role as the bad guy but in order to do that he needs to convince directors he can play diverse roles. It’s all about how you sell yourself like a product to the acting industry. Show me your USP (unique selling point) other than a former child actor and looking baby-faced. He seems to lack the requisite fire in the belly and bold initiative to hustle in a tough dog eat dog SK acting environment. Being reclusive and absent in social media doesn’t help his public image. Successful Hollywood actors do transformation in their acting roles all the the time for longevity. Brad Pitt started off playing sex symbol pretty boy romantic heroes then morphed into Fight Club, Inglorious Bastards, Fury type of roles. Johnny Depp started off in 21 Jump Street played handsome high school student then transitioning into Edward Scissorhands then morphing into Jack Sparrow with with rotten teeth, braided hair. Not afraid to look ugly for the sake of the role. Others like Matthew Broderick famous for Ferris Buller faded into obscurity, Broadway roles and cartoon voice overs. If I’m YSH’s manager, I will be booking some photoshoots for him to look different like Kim Hee Sun in her pink hair concept. Changing looks is a marketing tool not a death sentence in the acting world.

    • Yoon Si yoon is returning at the beginning of his career with his new role in KBS weekend family drama . I do admire him for be humble enough to do that . I like him very much and hope that it will help him to get again future lead roles as in Train, Your Honor,… Nice move . Yoo Seung Ho Should do the same perhaps or work with a male co star .

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