K-ent Reporting that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Will Hold Outdoor Wedding at Luxurious Seoul Walkerhill Hotel in March 2022

Top stars and engaged couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin announced earlier this month that they are tying the knot next month in March 2022, and their agencies confirmed it but said it would be a private wedding. Some celebs hold so-called public weddings where the news reporters can interview them beforehand and even post pictures from the ceremony. Either way is fine and both are normal in K-ent, and even private weddings have pictures leaked from attendees or the married couple will release it themselves. K-ent is reporting that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s ceremony will be an outdoor wedding at the lavish Seoul Walkerhill Hotel in its outside veranda, with about 100 close friends and families in attendance. This location has hosted MANY star weddings in K-ent, naming off the top of my head Jang Dong Gun-Ko So Young, Ji Sung-Lee Bo Young, Joo Sang Wook-Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Shi Young and her hubby, and more. It’s a truly picturesque locale and the inside banquet hall can be transformed afterwards into a gorgeous wedding evening dinner venue.


K-ent Reporting that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Will Hold Outdoor Wedding at Luxurious Seoul Walkerhill Hotel in March 2022 — 40 Comments

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  2. It’s super pretty! I dont see these two giving PSH-level media access to their wedding but maybe they will release a few pictures? I bet Hyun Bin will look dashing in a tux. I still can’t believe he’s trying the knot. Thought he would remain forever a bachelor.

    • @really?
      It was not broadcasted. They were snippets pieced together. They had lots of friends who shared photos and videos. The photos that were taken by a professional were the ones from their agencies, from PSH and from their wedding director. That’s all. It just looks like the whole wedding was broadcasted but it were just fans who edited and pieced those clips together.

  3. Isn’t it going to be cold still even in April/end March? Hopefully there won’t be any violation like reporter or others trying to fly drones around the venue.

    • Because SHK is too cheap and her marriage is nothing but media play, especiallysponsoredby the Chinese media. Don’t link it to all the top stars wedding. So beautiful Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. This is the original marriage and couple of the centuries. It’ll be embarrassing to link her name with Hyun Bin and Ye Jin unnie.


      • Binjin shippers trying so hard to paint them as a very private couple and yet there are so many leaks from friends and even from parents regarding the personal details of their lives.
        Trying to do media play using 3rd parties? LMAO!

      • Park Shin-Hye didn’t have this issue.

        Omicron doesn’t send people to the hospital like Delta. Europa countries are abandonning their restrictions.

      • Maybe they don’t mind the crisp air lol or the information on outdoor wedding is wrong. Lots of click bait articles being written these days.

  4. Why are the leaking so much information while simultaneously saying they want private wedding ? I mean i saw a news about SYJs mom giving her some 10Mn box to put her wedding dress ? LIke that’s so personal and some leaking their house details and some on the wedding venue details…

    • What are you trying to imply here? They’re the most private couple, it’s just their friends and the media sharing. You’re accusing them of media playing? Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin don’t do cheep promotions like some people.

      • Lol I don’t know what this all is if it’s not media play. Wait Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin don’t know how to media play. It’s only hater that make up rumors. SMFHO joke of the century. Binjin has pathetic hypocrite fans. ????? Sorry seeing so many crazy Binjin fans acting like some rabies dogs, I gotta share my opinion too.

      • @Seesee OMG I’m not even a SHK fan and find it so hilarious to see these people try so hard to paint SHK name just to lift up Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I now see why SHK is love by so many, because she is a strong and classy woman.

      • The way ShK fans are clicking on any HB and SYJ related topic to insert themselves and accuse them of media play is too funny. And then claiming not to be a SHK fan…sure we believe you ?

      • @Antifan OMG I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE. SHK is just bad luck. HB and SYJ has the craziest fans. Assuming everyone who has different opinions are SHK’s fans. Now they claim it’s third parties leaking about Binjin. At first I thought Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin were cute although I’m not a fan of them and crash landing on you, but their fans and shipper makes it so hard to like them.

      • @Pojliab or whatever the fuck you go by: do you think we’re all idiots that we won’t notice the multiple comments you’re posting under different names to portray multiple SHK supporters? What is with you losers honestly?? Go troll around with your favs and leave these two alone for goodness sake.

        Also, marriage leaks are not only common, but almost expected with celeb marriages. There’s so many people involved that it’s only natural that high profile couples have at least the bare minimum details leaked before the big day. And it’s especially funny to me that these SHK soldiers are out here trying to shame them for this when the Song Song couple had a ridiculously public wedding with fans and reporters running amok on the day and after. So watch your tongues will you?

    • Why assume leaks come from the couple? Leaks usually come from other sources. With all involved in wedding planning there would be a lot of vendors that could leak info. Even last year when their dating news was announced, there were details leaked about HBs new home purchase and details about his parents buying it as a marital home gift. There’s always little leaks but it’s never verified so you just treat it as gossip.

  5. It’s their wedding . Their ceremony . The only wedding ceremonies that surprised me by the sobriety are the ones of Rain and KiM Tae Hee and Won Bin and Lee na Young .

  6. Binjin shippers are trying so hard to paint them as a very private couple and yet there are so many leaks from friends and even their parents regarding the personal details of their lives. ?
    Trying to do media play using 3rd parties?! ?

    • Shk fan alert spouting off same arguments from Twitter. Keeping lots of tabs on a couple you claim to not care about. I doubt Shk cares about her ex getting married. She’s living her life just fine. Wish her fans would stop being so insecure. You reflect badly on your bias.

    • I would not be shocked if they divorce because this is SYJ’s first love. You can be blinded by love and HB has more experience. He is likely settling down with her this year before she turns actually 40 years old in Western years.

      HB even stated he wanted a stay at home woman. I think he is also deluded. He dates a lot of celebrities and it is hard to keep the marriage up if the woman wants to be in the spotlight as well.

      I think Ji Sun and Lee Bo Young worked, because they tied the knot in their early-ish 30s and had time to have children.

      Kim Tae Hee was never a top actress, but known for beauty and was fine sitting back with Rain to have a family.

      SYJ and HB are both S-level actors. I doubt having children is their priority, otherwise they would have done so sooner.

      This won’t crash like Song2, but will be a slow fade.

      • I feel like HB is a complicated man. As the saying goes; “Still waters run deep”. Good luck, SYJ!

      • What? HB never said he wanted a stay at home wife. In fact he gave an interview years ago saying he preferred the opposite. He said when he was younger he thought women stayed at home (like his mother) but that when he grew up he began to really admire women who have careers and he said he could fall in love with such a woman. He wouldn’t have dated SHK, KSR or SYJ who all work hard at their careers if he only wanted a stay at home wife type.

        Accusing a 40 year old woman to be blinded by love is a bit much. She isn’t a kid. Her calling HB her first love doesn’t mean she never dated before either. She has talked about dating and relationships before. She just never went public with anyone. And sometimes you don’t consider past relationships to be love once you’ve actually had the real thing. I think her comment was misunderstood as HB being her first relationship which he is not.

      • Lol as if u know them personally.. why do all these people talk as if they are the ones in the relationship.. like seriously is yr life really boring or what?

        N stop comparing to song2 will ya?

      • Calling someone your first love is a red flag. Your first love is whoever you fell for. If she hasn’t experienced first love, then that tells me she can be co-dependent on this feeling and high. Marriage is a completely different ballgame than first love. You need to have the same life goals as well. To me, HB has a record of multiple dating people he acted with, all high profile.

        She could have just said, I am in love, but calling it a first love implies almost a mania.

        Hyun Bin preferred a women at home in his 2017 Guerrilla Date interview. At that time, he already dated SHK. He is a very hard working actor, and is always busy, so dating actresses is probably very familiar with him.

        Also HBlover, I am just trying to voice my opinion and play devil’s advocate.

        Both are extremely career oriented and that may be an issue if they want children. SYJ is a world class actress and does not seem like the type to want to stay at home to raise the kids. That would put Hyun Bin in a position to sacrifice his career. I noticed a lot of k-drama fans focus so much on shipping their celebrities with each other, but I rarely see two high profile couples work out without having dated for a long time, and having one person sacrifice their spotlight to take care of things at home. Also, HBlover, you don’t need to argue with a ad hominem attack to get your point across. At least I use my name unlike your superfan alias. My life could be boring, but at least I don’t come off as a self-righteous super fan like you.

  7. Shk fans are so disgusting.. ahh i know cos they are trying to cover shk’s flaw so they use any chance to make others looks bad. why are they even here anyway? dirtying all binjin comments section. If dont like binjin dont need to click…

  8. I dunno why references to anyone else are even relevant. Everyone’s got their moment to shine, and this moment is HB and SYJ’s. They’re a lovely couple; they’ve known each other a long time and have dated for quite a while, and whatever they want to do for their wedding is up to them, not fans (or anti-fans). I hope they have a beautiful, memorable wedding, and even more, I hope they have a long and happy life together. They get along well and love each other. I’m happy for them.

  9. All I gotta say is it’s so hard to like this couple because their fans are some super scary stands. Assuming everyone who click this topic has to like their couple or else it’s all SHK’s fans trying to downplay Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. HYPOCRITE IS THE WORD TO DESCRIBE THEM.

  10. Sometimes I wonder how SHK feels that her name is always dragged into matters that doesn’t concern her and most of time it’s usually her fans who do that. It wasn’t an SYJ or HB fan who first brought her up in the thread. It wasn’t an SYJ or HB or even neutral fan who keep leaving comments about the SYJ and HB’s personal lives. If you think HB is a bad guy or is bad for SHK, be happy that she dodged the bullet a decade ago. Be happy that she seems to be at peace with her career and her life now.

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