Thirty Nine Returns from One Week Hiatus to Same Ratings Cadence and Audience Reception

I have girlfriends who are super into Thirty Nine and didn’t realize there were no new episodes last week due to the presidential election preemption so they are happy to be back on track this week. The drama got 5.708% for episode 7 and 7.229% for episode 8, and there are only four more episodes left as this is another one of those recent trend 12-episode dramas. Now that the dust has settled on whether Thirty Nine can be considered a success, and it can because averaging high 6% ratings on cable network jTBC is middle to high end of the pack. The bigger takeaway was that the drama was billed and expected to be a “prestige” drama but due to the weak writing it’s being hard carried by the acting and star power of the leads so it’s like a completed dish with half the ingredients substituted with lesser variations. One recent critic aptly described the problem with the script – the writer is using too many K-drama cliches from infidelity, terminal illness, and birth secrets to name a few but not doing anything interesting or new with it. It just feels like lazy writing, saved by a strong cast. Hopefully the last few episodes can tie things up well because even okay dramas can be worth watching if the story ends strong.


Thirty Nine Returns from One Week Hiatus to Same Ratings Cadence and Audience Reception — 18 Comments

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    • I agree!! I think I can wait to see if it gets any better. Don’t know if it’s the music or the entire drama that makes it boring. Actors right now are acting though they may be good in other dramas, this so far has been disappointing arlinescott

  2. I thought this drama would be a mature version of age of youth or be melodramatic. Basically a proper ensemble cast with a focus on mainly friendship. Instead it feels like son ye jin and her friend and too much focus on romance and pointless side plots. This is why from now on I need to have lower expectations. I didn’t expect anything from business proposal and I’m loving it so far. I finished through the darkness which I didn’t even check for but it was beyond amazing. Im looking forward to 2 drama’s in April as it as amazing writers and actors but again I’m setting my expectation lower 🙁

    • The script is on the weaker side but this drama keeps me tuned in because it has so much heart. I’m crying nearly every episode. The cast is definitely hard carrying this show and the chemistry between Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do is better than any of their love lines. Kim Ji Hyun is also a delight. I’m guessing that’s why it continues to get good ratings.

    • Agreed on the dramas we don’t expect much from, being the ones to surprise us lol. Work Later Drink Now (to a lesser extent Vincenzo cause even though I like the writer I thought the premise was too dumb lol I ate my words), and The Red Sleeve last year, Business Proposal now. I think I know which April dramas you’re speaking of and I’m trying to keep my expectations down too even if I already like the writer’s work.

  3. It’s actually the ordinary conversations in the drama that work for me. It just feels so real life so it’s an enjoyable watch for me.

  4. The script is the drama’s weakest link. I don’t know what’s 39 about this. They should rename the show to Chanyoung&Friends or SYJ&Friends. The acting is holding up the drama but not even Meryl Streep can save the writing.

    I thought SYJ was someone who carefully studies scripts so I’m wondering how she read this and thought it was good.

    • Hard agree about SYJ. She’s an amazing actress and can pull of any role, so I was surprised that she chose a drama made by the same writer as Encounter, which was a snooze fest for me. I hoped that the writer’s skills had improved for Thirty-Nine, but nope, it’s just as meh as the other dramas she’s written.

      That being said, I stopped watching real-time after episode 4 and just check social media for updates and spoilers. If the ending is decent, maybe I’ll binge-watch episodes 5-12 after it’s done airing.

      • SYJ has mentioned in the past wanting to be part of a female ensemble. That and the fact that the character is 39 like her when filming probably appealed to her. Its possible the script wasn’t finished when she received it or elements changed. Who knows? This writer has managed to cast top actresses in her dramas.

  5. Anyone who expected this to be a prestige drama with this writer was fooling themselves. She might be a good movie writer, but her dramas have all been weak. That said, I’m enjoying it for what it is. There’s some good things and some bad things.

  6. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I put myself in those situations when I watch these dramas. There’s a lesson to be learned in Thirty-Nine. Just sit back, enjoy this wounderful drama and do some heavy thinking how you would react on these heart breaking situations.

    • Yes I can relate to so much of it. I kind of like that the characters are a bit messy (like Mido’s character being involved with a married man) because real-life is like this. I love every scene with the three best friends. The drama switches from comedy to sadness pretty well although last few episodes have definitely been heavier. I dont know how they will wrap it all up in 4 more episodes.

  7. It actually got into boring territory which is worse than bad imho. I actually don’t think the drama was saved by the stars but the ratings probably were. And the critic is right, the writing is the main problem. All that drama and angst and I remained unmoved by it all.

    I’m sticking it out for the restaurant dude and the gal who quit her job. I actually did think they handled the girlfriend who wanted her boyfriend to go back to his prestige job as interesting. It is all about status and what she can tell her friends, not about him achieving happiness or satisfaction running his own place.

  8. This dram gives me a lot of tears without knowing that I am already crying.
    Thank you I want to watch different kind of k drama other that love stories.

  9. The casts are of course excellent except the script .
    Always avoid the writer dramas lika plague. Idk why she wrote hits and touching movies like Miracle in Cell no 7, etc but her dramas are so dull, flat, and bland

    as fot Son Ye Jin , she has another upcoming blockbuster drama drama with hit writer and pd anyway, so I’m gonna count on that. Moreover, I’m a big fan of Kang Ha Neul. No offence against Yeon Woo Jin but he is just unlucky with bad scripts

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