Twenty Five, Twenty One Episode 13 Drops the Long Awaited Kiss Scene to Stirring Effect as the Leads Convey Romance and Restraint

The buzzy Sat-Sun dramas are rounding the corner to finishing and ratings are basically steady from weekend to weekend so not much to report on that front. But this Saturday’s episode 13 of Twenty Five, Twenty One was a cathartic one for viewers as there was a major kiss scene and done so well it’s primed to rocket up to the top of the best kisses ever. It’s not the making out or the tongue or even the sexiness, it had none of that but it had 120% romance and that’s exactly what K-dramas are best at conveying. That heart stopping first kiss that isn’t sexualized but still very sexy. The leads finally acted on multiple episodes of growing attraction and even though I’m not caught up on the current episodes I could still take away the exact story line that was conveyed. She’s so in love with him and he’s so tired of keeping his distance from her, and that push and pull finally breaks free like a dam and it’s just lovely and swoony and the direction/music/acting top notch to tie it all together. This is the stuff of heady teen girl dreams.

Twenty Five, Twenty One kiss scene:


Twenty Five, Twenty One Episode 13 Drops the Long Awaited Kiss Scene to Stirring Effect as the Leads Convey Romance and Restraint — 8 Comments

  1. I began watching Thirty Nine, Forecasting Love and Weather and Twenty Five Twenty One.

    Only Twenty Five Twenty One capture my heart and my full attention.

    Thirty Nine & FLAW, I drop it after 8/9 episodes. So boring.

    Twenty Five Twenty One will be a classic in years to come. So touching and some moments are really funny. Really love this series.

    • FLAW is best when it doesn’t focus on the leads. I thought PMY and SK had good chemistry until episode 7 but then it somehow disappeared. I’m tired of their “love story” which is borderline boring and lacks any spark.

    • 2521 really good it’s reminds me during my high school days really amazing both character Yi Jin and Na heedo great.i always watching again Ang again frist time in my life k drama the writer 25 21 very amazing gudluck hope it’s happy ending ❤️❤️ ❤️ all of cast 2521 thank godbless

    • It is a classic. Characters and dialogue that you won’t forget for a long time. Lots of heart and charm. I love it soooo much.

  2. It’s been a while that I have watched a live airing drama. 2521 I a beautiful drama and this scene was like a cherry on top. I’m so happy I picked this drama up to watch.

  3. Beautiful and well done drama . The one i’m still watching on the weekend after the end of Through the darkness . During week days i’m still watching A business proposal because it’s fun , an enjoyable and relaxing watch, perfect for mondays , and Military prosecutor Doberman because i’m enjoying Ahn Bo Hyun ‘s character .

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