Good Data Releases the Buzziest K-dramas in 2022 Per Network with the Longest Time on the #1 Spot Being tvN’s Twenty Five, Twenty One and ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Terrestrial ratings are one thing but online buzz is different but also quite important metric in popularity and reach these days. Good Data released the buzziest K-dramas of 2022 per each network and showed how many weeks it spent in the #1 spot. Leading the way are Twenty Five, Twenty One on tvN and ENA‘s Extraordinary Attorney Woo, each spent 8 weeks in the top spot. Then comes Reborn Rich on jTBC with 6 weeks in the #1 spot, but I think this one has an asterisk since it only aired 6 weeks rather than the usual 8 for a 16-episode drama due to the network airing 3 episodes each weekend. MBC had Big Mouth which was #1 twice and #2 six times. And the trailer is A Business Proposal on SBS which was #2 four times during its run. KBS did well thanks to weekend drama Gentleman and Young Lady with being in the top five 12 weeks in a row. And an honorable mention goes to jTBC drama My Liberation Notes, even if its not the buzziest drama for that network it was #1 five times during its run.

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TVING Has Great 2022 Getting Slew of Hit K-dramas for Exclusive Streaming Including Reborn Rich, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and More

Cable network tvN still doesn’t do Year End Drama awards like the Big Three network does despite clamoring for it from viewers. A consolation is streaming network TVING which is a joint venture of a few media companies include jTBC … Continue reading

Top 2022 Korean Drama Google Searches in Korea Led by Extraordinary Attorney Woo Followed by Narco-Saints and One Dollar Lawyer

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Joynews Poll of Favorite K-drama OTPs of 2022 Lead off with Extraordinary Attorney Woo, My Liberation Notes, and Twenty Five, Twenty One

The first year end K-drama OTP poll is out courtesy of Joynews and it’s basically the list of all the good pairings I’ve heard bandied about during the 2022 drama runs. In first place is Park Eun Bin and Kang … Continue reading

Snowdrop Tops the List of Most Tweeted About K-dramas of 2022 Followed by Twenty Five, Twenty One and A Business Proposal

It’s one thing to get viewers which usually means there is online buzz but sometimes the two don’t align. The list of most tweeted about K-dramas of 2022 (so far) has underwhelming and low rated jTBC period romance Snowdrop as … Continue reading

Twenty Five, Twenty One Signs Off Breaking 11% Ratings with Frustrated Viewer Reception and Forecasting Love and Weather Gets Past 7% with Mellow Satisfying Ending

Once again the adage of live K-drama watching being a walk in landmines comes to fruition, and a new generation of ardent drama watchers will take away a lesson. Unfortunately it’s that rather than a satisfying conclusion for tvN drama … Continue reading

Weekend Dramas All Drop in Saturday Ratings But Viewer Interest Remains High in Finale Episodes for Twenty Five, Twenty One and Forecasting Love and Weather

It’s finale weekend for two buzzy and high profile cable weekend K-dramas, though their paths have diverged more noticeably as airing went on. tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One and jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather are both finishing this … Continue reading

K-netizens Calm Down About the Adult-Minor Romance in Twenty Five, Twenty One as the Drama Lines Ramps Up the Who is the Baby Daddy Mystery for the Upcoming Finale

This past weekend saw major narrative good stuff with tvN Sat-Sun drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, which remains above 10% ratings and is headed towards a likely highly anticipated finale two episodes next weekend. This drama gets so much news … Continue reading

Twenty Five, Twenty One Continues with High Ratings Over 10% But K-netizens are Increasingly Critical of the Budding OTP Love Line Between a High School Student and a College Student

I feel like this is a controversy from another era, or that it really just doesn’t apply here when a viewer actually sees the specifics of the story. Nevertheless this weekend’s airing of Twenty Five, Twenty One is getting a … Continue reading

K-ent Critics and K-netizens Finally Validate Nam Joo Hyuk Calling His Character and Performance in Twenty Five, Twenty One a Career Making Turn

Sometimes timing is everything and I would rather that his time came now than wonder why it isn’t earlier. K-ent is calling Nam Joo Hyuk‘s turn in Twenty Five, Twenty One a career defining one, in that despite his year … Continue reading

Episode 9 of Twenty Five, Twenty One Stays at 10.622% Ratings While Forecasting Love and Weather Dips to 6.421% to Widen the Gap

This Saturday starts the second half of the story and episode airings for tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One and jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather. Its the time to see if the drama truly has legs as the back … Continue reading