Gong Hyo Jin Catches Son Ye Jin’s Wedding Bouquet and Confirms Relationship with Singer Kevin Oh

Ahhhhh new love! It’s a double happiness day for K-actress Gong Hyo Jin, she caught the wedding bouquet at good friend Son Ye Jin‘s wedding to Hyun Bin and then subsequently revealed that she was dating Korean-American singer Kevin Oh. He’s 10 years younger then her and is best known for winning Superstar K7. He’s released an EP and has around 9 songs for K-drama OSTs under his belt most recently for Snowdrop. All I know is that he looks like the face twin to Sato Takeru and Jung Hae In mashed together so Gong Hyo Jin definitely has the visual win to stare at. Congrats to the new couple, though walking down the aisle anytime soon is unlikely since her side made specific mention that marriage plans were not currently in the works despite her catching the bridal bouquet.


Gong Hyo Jin Catches Son Ye Jin’s Wedding Bouquet and Confirms Relationship with Singer Kevin Oh — 40 Comments

  1. He looks exactly like what I pictured would be Gong Hyo Jin’s type (and I mean that in a good way, I like his style). Good for them, I wish them the best.

  2. Congrats! I’m so happy for Hyo Jin. Never knew that Kevin Oh would be her type. The Master’s Sun cast is rolling on. First So Ji Sub and now GHJ. I hope that Seo In Guk would be next. The Superstar K connection is so strong. Lol.

    • Maybe just maybe Inguk introduced Kevin Oh to GHJ. I wonder how GHJ met him? Whoever did the introduction will surely get invited to the wedding first.

      • SIG’s mum is 7 years older than his dad. Still happily married by all accounts. Maybe he did influence his noona senior to go for a younger guy.

      • It was said that Son Dambi who is in ghj’s friend circle introduced Kevin to her.

  3. For once it’s not an actor dating a younger woman but an actress . Good . I don’t think that marriage is the ultimate goal for all women , but as a great part of actors of my young days are getting married , i never read anything about Ha Ji Won, Han Ji Min, Jang Na Ra , Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Sun Ah, Moon Chae Won, dating life . I’m not talking about Shippers, but real boyfriends. Perhaps because i’m not leaving in S Korea .

    • Baby VOX’s Shim Eun-jin (1981) recently got married to her “Bad Love” co-star Jeon Seung-bin (1986). Kim Bo-yeon and Jeon No-min of “Love (ft.Marriage and Divorce)” are real-life ex-spouses.

    • Helps that hes american. Western mindsets are more open to relationships without biases than Asians. I have a female friend from uk who is 52. Her long time live in boyfriend who is a successful editor of magazine is in his early thirties. They are very happy together. Happy for Gong Hyo Jin. She seems like a free spirit so no surprises on her choice of a boyfriend.

      • @Jenna, Yeah Gong Hyo Jin has always given me that bohemian vibe.

        I’m all for women dating younger. At these two’s age the age gap doesn’t matter as both are mature adults and no one is robbing any cradles.

  4. So happy for them both she is my fav and have wanted to see her in a relationship. He looks perfect for her they look beautiful together.
    She is gorgeous and he looks adorable. Good Luck everlasting happiness for both.

  5. Nice to hear someone confirming a relationship but it kind of feels like the relationship isn’t going to last.

    Somehow I recall a lot of celebrities confirming the following it with a break up statement a few months later.

  6. New love is exciting. Realistically, how long will it last? Dude doesn’t seem to be the type to settle down as he’s only still 31. Meanwhile she’ll be hitting perimenopausal age in a couple of years time. I don’t see marriage from them.

  7. This may be a bad move on her part career wise especially when doing romance focused dramas. Example, I was not sold on PSH-HB chemistry in MOA as I knew she was dating CTJ back then and HB shooting puppy eyes at YJ in Negotiation promotions. Lol. Same with SMN-KSH chemistry in HCCC and Hyeri-JKY/YSH. Once people know these actresses have a bf irl, they won’t generate crazy shippers which make a drama more popular.

    • Exactly. I wonder how she would generate red hot passionate romance with lmh in space romcom. Some viewers would be imagining her pashing her toyboy bf compared to hallyu king minho. Lol.

      • Well there was no issue back when she was with Ryu Seung Bum for around 10 years. Plus all of her dramas that were romance all did very well. If this was a new actress sure, but she’s not so she’ll be fine.

      • Most of her hit projects 2013-2019 were after she broke up with RSB. Before 2013 she had Pasta and Greatest Love so I gave her credit for that. She’s older now so her fanbase and popularity would decrease by the years.

    • You are sounding like a typical annoying knetz who doesn’t want actors’ dating news to be revealed because it affects the imaginery ship of a drama. Learn to separate their priv and professional life. Jun Ji Hyun had the biggest hit of her career despite being married. Same for Han Ga In. Kim Hee Sun also married young. A gentleman’s dignity was a hit with a married Jang dong gun as lead . Even Jang Hyuk also had many successful projects. There are a lot of such types of examples. I am not even her fan but i can say that this dating news isn’t going to affect her in anyway . She is an A Lister.

      • Being married do affect K-actresses more to a certain extent. K-actors are untouchables. Jang Dong Gun and Lee Byung Hun can cheat yet can retain their A-list status. No need being a knetz to point this out. Dating won’t affect actresses as much unless they get married. The examples you gave are actresses who married young 24-31. They had time to take a break and comeback. GHJ is not young anymore 43 when her space romcom comes out in 2023. If she takes a break after marriage to have kids then she would be in late 40s when she comes back. She probably won’t do more romcoms but be more like Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hee Sun and Lee Young Ae in taking on other genres or playing evil mums like the Penthouse gang. GHJ hasn’t shown her versatility yet like JJH, KHSun, KHSoo in tackling other genres. All her dramas so far are almost the same genre. HGI basically disappeared after one hit.

      • Being an A-lister is not a guarantee for success anymore. Lee Young Ae in Inspector Koo and Kim Hye Soo in Juvenile Justice in Netflix can’t compete with A Business Proposal and All Of Us Are Dead in terms of popularity. JJH in Jirisan and SHK in NWABU are examples of A-lister actresses waning with age.

  8. It’s interesting to note that her ex of ten years is to marry his Slovakian gf ten years his junior. They’re expecting their first child together after dating for 3 years. I hope this relationship is not a rebound love. I kind of get why the ex never affected her popularity in her acting career as he is definitely not the handsome swoony chaebol type. More Rastafarian eccentric type.

    • Wow! Plot straight out from makjang k-drama. He’s got a ten year younger foreign artist wife living in France while she’s going out with a ten year younger American Korean singer. Revenge dating!

    • Her brief relationship with Lee Jin Wook after her breakup with RSB is more of a rebound thing rather than this one.

  9. They say they’ve been dating for at least 2 years based on IG clues gathered by fans so this is likely not a rebound love. And catching a bouquet at a korean wedding seems to hold a lot of significance with regards marriage so am thinking maybe the marriage rumors have some basis.

    • Yejin back in 2019 caught Lee ju g Hyun’s bouquet. But just a year earlier in 2018 she said during an interview she is not sure abt marriage. I guess a lot changed within that year and she made up her mind. Imo, like you said this tradition is quite significant in sk so maybe ghj is seriously dating him with marriage in mind.

      • Val, Yejin didn’t catch the bouquet at LJH’s wedding (I forgot who got it though). There were many rumors of her and HB being together (multiple sightings) at that time already, regardless of their agencies’ denials.

        From what I read about Korean weddings, the person getting the bouquet is chosen (and agreed upon) in advance – it goes to someone who will marry soon. As for GHJ, i think wedding bells will ring within this year; (with marriage or pregnancy reports) agencies don’t admit until the date is set or the pregnancy is in the stable stage.

  10. Happy for her. If this was an actor dating someone ten years younger, people would be judging though. I’ve seen the comments when it happens.

  11. Best of luck GHJ. Her fellow Soop agency mate, just had her entire IG account posts archived yesterday. She wiped 7 years worth of posts clean, disabled the comment section AND unfollowed everybody except her Soop boss and agency mates. Highly unusual action. Prepping for breaking news???!!

      • NJH. She’s busy shooting her new drama Little Woman but on Sat her day off the same GHJ dating news broke she wiped clean her IG. No comments allowed. HIGHLY UNUSUAL as she’s very accessible to her fans all her adult acting career. The biggest mystery is yesterday she’s posting new pics from her hiking trip last year. She originally posted these pics on 23 Oct which is the birthday of the first Superstar K winner while leaving the rest of the Oct month with no posts or pics.

      • Her newfound love of photography closely mirrors his love of photography too. He said he sold his car to buy new cameras. The pose of her second pic mirrors his jan 16 2022 black & white ig pic pose of holding a camera straight looking straight ahead. LOL. The coincidences r just piling up.

      • Not saying it’s him she’s dating but purely a coincidence that Seo Inguk’s birthday is on 23 Oct. And on 23 Oct 2021, NJH posted photos of her hiking with her close friends. She didn’t post anything else that Oct month except on his bday. In 2020 also a coincidence that she posted nothing in the entire month of Oct but on 22 Oct, on his birthday eve, she posted a black and white photo of herself with a smiley face black sunglasses emoji.

      • If he starts wiping his IG account then we know something fishy is up. As of now, everything is a coincidence. To throw more fuel to the rumour fire, his ig post on 26 Oct 2020 has a cat/tiger emoji. Very cryptic. Don’t know what that meant. She happens to love her cats to bits so she didn’t wipe her cat account in the mystery clean-up. LOL.

      • Never underestimate the power of IG dropping clues. Last year Oct, he posted photos of himself in front of cafe with big Mickey Mouse sticker on the wall. Then voila this year March he appeared as a cameo in Disney+ Soundtrack#1 opposite HSH as singer Jay Jun. His family cafe IG account had both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse displayed prominently under the Christmas tree last year. He could be filming his own Disney+ k-drama later on.

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