Fantasy Drama Tomorrow Premieres Today to Record MBC Fri-Sat Night First Episode Rating of 7.6%

Well, Tomorrow is officially here today and the reception is warm and positive for a drama dealing with death and grim reapers. It’s MBC‘s highest premiere rating for a Fri-Sat night drama bringing in 7.6% AGB nationwide. Female lead Kim Hee Sun definitely brought in viewers as the biggest name in the cast and is nicely surrounded by three different vibe younger leading men in Ro Woon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji Oh. I hate to jinx it but 2022 is definitely off to a great K-drama start and not just on streaming dramas, the network and cable dramas have really propelled Q1 to a solid coterie of varied drama watching options with decent to great ratings all around.


Fantasy Drama Tomorrow Premieres Today to Record MBC Fri-Sat Night First Episode Rating of 7.6% — 14 Comments

    • Its not a wig! She dyed her hair pink. She said her hair follicles will grow back once this wraps. She’s cool lol, she said its just hair. Who else can pull off this look so naturally?

  1. Tracer ended well, it helps for the following drama. Saturday will be more complicated with the so many dramas.

    The first episode was really good. They explained the universe of the drama pretty well. The actors were great in their respective role.

  2. I like the 1st episode, and all the actors seems to be well casted ; Kim Hee Sun is an actress that i like but in this dramas her looks are just fantastic . I know that women tend to like long hair but having a good short cut can do wonders and make women looking 10 years younger .

  3. Well i really hoped that soo hyuk got a character not true by his personal real
    Tired to see him always tried to cool,cold,not antusiast with any kind of person,arogant,etc
    Maybe with choose him to become a lead male?i hope

      • LSH looked like a dork and seemed to play against type in Neighborhood Hero, but I didn’t bother watching because of the main lead…

  4. Ratings crashed from 7.6% to 3.4% the next day. Competition is stiffer on Saturdays because of FLAW and Lee Bang-won, but still, that’s a very stiff drop. How will Tomorrow fare when My Liberation Notes and Again My Life begin next week, and Sh**ting Stars add to the crowd two weeks later.

    • The first 15 minutes of ep 2 I think was an expansion of what what was shown in the last 5 minutes of the first episode and a good chunk of episode 2 was the voted to flashbacks of the victim being bullied and assaulted and tortured and seeing the bully perpetuate her torture in the present day so it wasn’t that refreshing to watch until the last 15 minutes where we got to see Kim hee-sun go after the bully. I think the way the drama handles suicide is a little bit cold, shallow, and judgmental and doesn’t focus the psychological aspect and any need for therapy or continued mental health care. Ro woon’s character is the only one keeping me from feeling offended.

  5. While I like many aspects of this show (the world building, comedy, visual effects, etc.) and all the actors, I have a huge problem with watching the way that these people are being treated. As someone who had a roommate and a close friend with bipolar depression, the last thing you should tell someone on the verge of death is to go ahead and just do it or scare them with a crazy car ride. Maybe there will be development in KHS’s approach to the people who she needs to help, but her current methods are very questionable and no wonder her group is failing miserably. I’ll keep watching because I like the fantasy element, and I think this show has good intentions. I don’t want to write it off too soon

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