Seo In Guk to Cameo in Latest Episode of Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1 with Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik

Music, friendship, and romance are the dishes on the menu for Disney+ drama Soundtrack #1, starring Park Hyung Sik as a photographer and Han So Hee as a songwriter as they navigate the slow pivot from long time platonic friends to maybe a couple. It’s a music themed drama so it’s nice to have a actor-singer also join in a cameo role, none other than Seo In Guk who is in the latest episode released this week. I hear he’s playing a singer so quite suitable for him and it’ll be interesting to see him interact with Han So Hee and/or Park Hyung Sik onscreen.


Seo In Guk to Cameo in Latest Episode of Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1 with Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik — 34 Comments

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  2. Finally, my two favs Park Hyung Sik & Seo In Guk in one drama! Really hoping they get a scene together, I’ll be all over it heh

  3. Me too. I’m greedy. The last time I saw PHS SIG in one frame was 2014 KBS award show. PHS was coupled nominated with Nam Ji Hyun from WHTMF. SIG was emceeing with Park Min Young who was coupled nominated with Ji Chang Wook in Healer. In the audience was Park Bogum, Lee Joon Gi and Seo Kang Joon. Good old days indeed. I’m looking forward to 2022 KBS award show. A room packed full of handsome men Jang Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Joon, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Jae Wook, DO and SIG.

  4. The drama gods heard my plea too. Finally HSH and SIG together in 3 scenes – fist bump, drink alcohol and bye. So brief. Calling all directors please please give these two an action movie or thriller together. So much potential to exploit as both from Ulsan, share same dialect and grew up in poverty.

  5. I’m more excited about Minamdang crumbs offered by KBS. The sibling fight scene between Kang Mina and SIG was blowing up fans twitter. It has the potential to be very good or very bad. Throw Oh Yeon Seo in as FL and Ruler of the Mask writer, I dunno whether my heart is going to be ripped out like in DAYS. I’m crossing all fingers, toes and hair braids that the comedy aspect will save the day.

    • This is his fourth project with KBS after Love Rain, King’s Face and Hello Monster. Good to see tvn stronghold on him is broken. I like HM the best but his strong suit is comedy.

      • Oh Yeon Seo was also in Hwayugi with Lee Seungi. She was totally obliterated by fans in terms of her acting and the way her role was written. It still gives me nightmares.

      • @drama addict on , I blame the writer for her role , she prove she is good when she acted as the villain in one particular episode but she was brilliant in Mad for Each Other with Jungwoo.
        That drama was no 1 on Netflix Korea and Kakao tv

      • @Fiona, I certainly hope her chemistry with SIG would be good in Minamdang. In any case, I hope romance part won’t be heavily emphasized. I like the focus to be on the mystery comedy aspects and Minamdang members’ interaction.

      • @drama addict on
        I can’t agree more.I heard actual novel has no romance but I guess the writer wanted to add in some romance between the two.
        Anyway I’m sucker for thriller detective drama so I’m super excited. Esp Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo roles are on the opposing sides

      • I expect a cat and mouse game between cop OYS and shaman SIG. She does look very glam and pretty in her role. Hope drama doesn’t take itself too seriously like BP. 16 episodes of 80 min instead of 20 ep of 70 mins. Bring it on.

      • Yes, I read they have arch enemy/ love relationship. I’m more interested on the arch enemy side and hope they stay on the comedic bickering side for the romance. No melo please….
        Shaman vs cop… I can’t wait

  6. My faves coming back soon. Ji Chang Wook in Sound of Magic in May 6 and Minamdang in June. 4 episodes are too short. Is the a second season?

  7. Is there any chance of getting him with Hyung Sik and JCW acting in an ensemble drama? So far two male leads in one drama is the trend. Rain-Kim Bum, LJW-Lee Joon, LDW-WHJ.

  8. I knew way back in oct last year that he would be involved in disney+ project. He dropped hints in front of cafe with mickey mouse stickers. His sister’s cafe has a xmas tree decorated with mickey and minnie. Lol.

    • hsh deleted her nov 16 2021 ig post of her at gucci balenciaga collab hacker collection event. inguk was at the same event with reply 97 bestie lee si eon. I knew something was up. that event was covered by koala. fans were commenting about the hideous looking bags. lol. hsh and inguk already knew each other back then or possibly dating. otherwise why delete that particular post?

      • I think they’re all just good chingus. hsh is friends with njh since 100 dmp. njh followed her ig. njh is also friends with jung so min and made a clearasil cf with park bo young when she was a teen. no surprise they all ended up working with sig. it’s a small world.

  9. He dropped hints last year in his ig. sitting in front of cafe with mickey mouse in the background. Lol. Hope this comment goes thru.

  10. Hoping for dating news to drop too. I’m still wondering what that cat souvenir hand drawn picture means. Please don’t wipe your ig account clean. Been mia for almost three months now. Lol.

    • Ding dong deng. Moomin blanket covering her cat on 12 Oct 2019 same from their drama. They were shooting the last ep scene as newly weds. During a break she had the same blanket on. I’m convinced the cat is his gift to her.

      • His cat drawing does look similar to her cat. Pale tan color with black tiger stripes. She refers to tanku as tyrannosaurus and tiger hence lots of tiger head and dinosaur emojis. Lol.

      • If they get together, I would be in seventh heaven. They both adore cats. They would make the cutest cat daddy and mommy pair. Just look at him kissing kittens in Mari and I.

      • One of the kittens he held in Mari and I look suspiciously like Tanku. Could be Tanku’s mum or grandma. I love cats too so I know.

      • don’t forget her other cat mone is represented by rabbit emoji. gukkie is born in year of rabbit. mone is spelt without the t supposed to be monet the french painter?

      • her aunt still following an inactive account shipping their drama. although her sis has stopped following his account. not surprised she wiped her ig as soon as fellow soop agency mate ghj dating news broke. disabling comment section is a big red flag too.

    • The single orange rose stalk his char gave to her char was his idea too. Now that ig post is forever banished to her archive too. The crown though at his wrap up do was so obvious though. Hehehe.

      • You have to wonder why his staff made him wear a crown that came straight from his romcom at his days wrap up party holding a blue cake. Blue being her fave color?

      • At her Witch’s Diner wrap up party, her staff gave her a yellow smiley face cake. A throwback to her char putting a yellow smiley face sticker on a coin to reward his char for washing dishes.

  11. I feel like he’s trolling us big time. SKL crown that he was wearing at days wrap up party. Lots of pink hearts behind. Random dinosaur toys and dino emoji in photoshoot. woody from toy story hanging off his jeep in special video he made for his 2019 concert. The one who did wipe her ig had an ig story of her vitamin D in a toy story packet too. Coincidence or a pattern emerging?

    • She had an ig post of her wearing the emerald and ruby gemstone crown sitting on his char’s throne chair on 6 Oct 2016. Maybe she kept it as a souvenir and his staff stole the prop in 2021. Lol.

  12. script reading of minamdang already had me in stitches. scene stealer could be kwak si yang speaking in dialect and kang mina as a feisty sister to inguk’s character. then there’s all that chanting and burning joss sticks.

  13. They laugh more than act in the bts. Thank you kbs for being so generous with the info. I have followed in guk for so long.

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