Netizens Think the Han So Hee Look Will Be Red Hot in 2023 as Many K-stars Fit That Profile

It’s interesting to see newly ascended to major stardom K-actress Han So Hee getting known for her “look” but as they say when one makes it one MAKES it. Netizens are noting that she’s super in demand right now for projects and CFs but so are other K-stars that look very similar to her almost as if Han So Hee’s specific features are helping other stars with similar looks get popular. There is Kim Ji Eun, leading lady in her own right, ITZY‘s Ryujin, model Cha Joo Young, and reality star Lee Yu Jeong. K-ent is super into trends whether fashion or makeup so it’s not a surprise if certain look stars get popular at the same time.

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Famed PD Lee Eung Bok Steps Down From Directing High Profile K-drama The Price of Confession with Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee in Talks as Female Leads

This drama was discussed towards the end of last year 2022 but what was certain then is no longer. The K-drama The Price of Confession was a high profile project with PD Lee Eung Bok and he was signed on. … Continue reading

Kakao Webtoon Selects Cha Eun Woo, Han So Hee, and Lee Soo Hyuk as the Human Personas for the Upcoming Webtoon The Villainess is A Marionette

Okay, I think I just saw the perfect female lead casting for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of Korean webtoon Remarried Empress. Han So Hee as Navier! Why have I never seen it, and now I’ve seen it I can’t unsee … Continue reading

Success of Forecasting Love and Weather Leads K-ent to Notice that Song Kang’s Last Drama Nevetherless Did Very Well in Japan Opposite the Lackluster Domestic Reception

After jTBC drama Nevertheless finished airing I forgot about it and it felt that the domestic audience did as well. The drama averaged about 1.4% ratings and was considered a disappointment for the network despite having buzzy IT leads Song … Continue reading

Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Elevate Longtime Friendship to Natural Romance in New Posters and Stills for Disney+ Short Drama Soundtrack #1

I wonder if Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik wanted a break from all that revenge fighting and zombie fighting, respectively from their last dramas, and signed up for this quiet and softly warm upcoming romance drama Soundtrack #1. … Continue reading

Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Cross the Line From Long Time Friends to Romantic Maybe in First Preview for Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1

Streaming service Disney+ is apparently still hemorrhaging viewers in South Korea, due to the lack of comparably large body of works and also nothing super popular with any new projects. But the company is big enough to subsidize a long … Continue reading