Jisoo Leads Off Christian Dior Brand Event in Seoul Along with Other Top Stars

K-celebs were out on Friday night in Seoul for a Christian Dior brand event that feels like fall is for sure coming from the brand outfits on display. Jisoo has been a very public and touted CD brand spokesperson especially with all the clothes she wears on tour and for her solo debut MVs so she’s at the forefront of this even wearing what I thought was the cutest outfit. Lee Bo Young was saddled with a giant trench covering her outfit so I can’t even opine lol other than underneath is either a skirt or dress in plaid. Han So Hee and Cha Eun Woo almost have a couple’s look with him in black and her in white and both looking punk-adjacent.

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Kim Sun Ho in Talks for Hong Sisters Romance Drama Can This Love be Translated and Han So Hee Considering Female Lead Along with Other Scripts

There is additional movement with the upcoming Hong Sisters modern drama Can This Love be Translated, after Son Seok Gu turned down the male lead role it’s now being offered to Kim Sun Ho. The story is about a polyglot … Continue reading

Young Gen K-stars Descend on VIP Movie Premiere of Dream to Support IU and Park Seo Joon

I’m sure everyone is wondering why the equally famous real life boyfriend wasn’t there but it’s likely to not distract lol. IU and Park Seo Joon attended the VIP movie premiere for this long awaited soccer movie Dream and in … Continue reading

Famed PD Lee Eung Bok Steps Down From Directing High Profile K-drama The Price of Confession with Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee in Talks as Female Leads

This drama was discussed towards the end of last year 2022 but what was certain then is no longer. The K-drama The Price of Confession was a high profile project with PD Lee Eung Bok and he was signed on. … Continue reading

Kakao Webtoon Selects Cha Eun Woo, Han So Hee, and Lee Soo Hyuk as the Human Personas for the Upcoming Webtoon The Villainess is A Marionette

Okay, I think I just saw the perfect female lead casting for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of Korean webtoon Remarried Empress. Han So Hee as Navier! Why have I never seen it, and now I’ve seen it I can’t unsee … Continue reading