Filming Wraps on Feel Good Drama If You Say Wish with Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong Il

More and more K-dramas are pre-filmed these days compared to even a few years ago, and some even get made without a network or time slot lined up. Such is the case with K-drama If You Say Wish which wrapped filming this week and currently is supposed to air sometime in 2022 but no work yet on which network or streaming platform will pick it up. The drama stars Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong Il based on volunteers and hospice workers trying to fulfill the dying wishes of the patients, very Make a Wish Foundation. The drama sounds quite sad and heartwarming and hopefully handles the end of life stories better than Chocolate did, to be fair those vignettes were the best parts of Chocolate but the central story was so plodding even with two leads I loved.


Filming Wraps on Feel Good Drama If You Say Wish with Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, and Sung Dong Il — 11 Comments

  1. JCW’s short hair looks so cute here. Totally different from his usual picks of dramas. Will check it out. On a side note, I need Sung Dong Il to invite JCW, Sooyoung and SIG together to guest in his House on Wheels show. I wish they can all do a big barbecue together and sing. He worked with SIG in Reply 97 and upcoming Wolf Hunting. SIG also co-starred with Sooyoung in Squad 38.

    • yes, yes, yes. sdi invited hjw. she showed up with fairy lights. they all went fishing. yeo jin goo was so star struck with noona ji won. jung eun ji also graced house on wheels.

  2. He looks healthier than Sound of Magic poster. Have a good feeling about this one. After Yoona and Sooyoung I want him next with Yuri and Seohyun in a Love & Leashes or 50 Shades of Grey type dramas. Busy fanning myself.

  3. Is this even going to be broadcast? I remember another who supposedly shoot a project but it never got broadcasted.

    A bit risky without a network attached to it.

    Ji Chang Wook looked like he just came back from the military in the photo. Was this shot done right after his return? If so, how could this took so long to be completed?

    • Covid changed kdrama filming schedules. Live shoots used to need 3-4 months to finish 16 episodes. Now need 7-8 months before it starts airing. Return/Hwan Hon of Hong sisters started filming last August. Still filming now to air in June.

    • Script reading announcements are also typically released 4-5 months late. As I’m a fan of Minamdang I knew script reading was done in Nov last year. KBS released it last week officially. The different hairstyles of cast were a dead giveaway of time lapses.

    • He caught covid in july last year filming magic. Resumed filming in august. He went straight to film this hospice drama after that. Most likely be shown in disney+ or netflix. According to hellokpop drama investors are climax studio who made dp and hellbound for netflix and a&e network korea a joint venture between disney and hearst communication. Most likely end up on netflix or disney.

  4. ji chang wook no scandals. it shows on netflix soon. he is netflix son like song kang. empress ki, k2, healer, suspicious partner, lovestruck, sound of magic all on netflix.

    • I’m surprised Netflix didn’t flick off his old dramas from the catalogue. He must have serious backers or powerful investors.

      • Or maybe just simply because audiences like his dramas? Following the success of The sound of magic, all of his old dramas are now trending on Netflix. Netflix & KBS also confirmed they will broadcast “If you say you wish” on their platforms.

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