SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Starts Off with 5.8% and 6.4% Ratings

For me, the allure of Lee Jun Ki is his extraordinary unique looks and yet he always plays the everyman “professional” character onscreen. He’s an everyman because he doesn’t have super anything – riches, super intelligence, super power, super skill – but he perseveres and overcomes from willpower turned into growth. In his new drama Again My Life which just premiered on SBS this weekend, he plays a bottom of the high school class student turned successful prosecutor, but then gets a life reset when he’s murdered in the pursuit of justice. The hows and whys don’t matter as much as what he will do with this second chance, and knowing the type of role he excels at I’m guessing it’s two steps forward and one step back with the main villain also will one up him in the future ahead. The drama had okay ratings of 5.8% but went up to 6.4% in the second episode which seems promising.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Starts Off with 5.8% and 6.4% Ratings — 13 Comments

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  2. Not bad it managed to not dip lower on Saturday which was incredibly crowded with NHK penned drama at TVN, Chosun’s now all about ghost possession and pending double wedding drama. Plus LMK’s drama from the writer of My Ahjussi.

    KHS’s Tomorrow is also in the fray though the first episode failed to interest me.

    I’m curious about the Saturday ratings of these new shows.

    • I just checked the ratings outcome in another site and it’s apparent the real winner is TVN again. No brainer since it all had the biggest stars.

      JTBC seems to be struggling after Snowdrop. Only Thirty Nine and Weather Forecast drama hit 7% but never as high as The World of Married and Sky Castle.

      Too bad for MBC as well. It’s not a good sign when the first episode got 7% then started dropping to 4%.

      I find it odd that Military Prosecutor Doberman is averaging 7% but not even talked about.

  3. I found the first episode meh.

    My Liberation Notes was really good!

    I need to watch Our Blues.

    Tomorrow is really good but not an easy watch with the theme.

  4. I like it, Lee Jun Ki is one of my favs . I’m watching Tomorrow, i need to watch My liberation notes , i’ll give a try to Our Blues but it seems not to be my cup of tea . For some reason , i can’t stand Lee byung Hun . With the all stars cast the drama will certainly get high ratings .

  5. I’m watching Liberation Notes and Tomorrow on Netflix and will catch this LJK drama as well. I am a huge fan but I have to admit having him play a lawyer again in another revenge drama doesn’t do much for me. I don’t need him in a rom/com (Flower of Evil was really good after all), but the revenge dramas as a whole are just getting old regardless of the actor.

  6. I’ll be watching Lib Notes then dip my toes into Our Blues for the sake of Kim Woo Bin and SMA. I don’t like LBH too. I cannot forget the deep pain he caused his wife in 2014. Back to happier news, I can’t wait for Happiness to come as I love Park Hyung Sik. Decided to drop Green Mothers and Black Dog.

  7. I think there are too many legal themed dramas. DJ, JJ, MPD now AML with NGM, LSG, LJS and DO all doing law related dramas.

  8. Only watching My Liberation Notes so far and it’s off to a great start. Don’t know if I’ll follow this weekly. Might tune in if it gets buzz or binge it once it’s over. I became a LJK fan after Flower of Evil for the first time so I might end up liking this.

  9. I tried MLN up to two episodes because I really liked the writer’s last two dramas. But was trying to not expect too much since I am not a fan of any of the leads.

    I found myself uninterested halfway through the second episode. Somehow felt LMK is the only one who fit his role.

    I find that despite the bad hairstyle Lee El’s face is simply too attractive to me that it’s not believable that she’s still looking for a man.

    And KJW’s face although really lovely to look at is like a blank canvas. Reminding me of another actress from a recent drama. I was impressed with her in DOTS. But she just ain’t believable in this role. She’s better in portraying feisty ones.

    In Another Oh Hae Young the story was focused on the two leads and very little of the second leads.

    While in My Ahjussi the story also revolved more on the two as well.

    But here I don’t know on who to focus to yet and none of the characters gripped me or instantly sympathized with that character.

    So for now will just content myself reading the recaps.

  10. Finally got around to trying LJK ‘s drama. It got interesting when he returned to his past. So probably will continue watching future episodes.

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