Park Min Young Swaps Weather Forecaster Power Suits for Effortless Shirt and Jeans in Post Drama Pics

There was nothing glaringly wrong about Park Min Young‘s last drama Forecasting Love and Weather which is best described as starting off beautifully and slowly petering into nothingness. Like a common weather pattern that once it passes it won’t be remembered. The writing was the weakest link but cast and director couldn’t add anything more either to buoy the effort, but at least I felt Park Min Young came out of this one unscathed. But it still didn’t progress the needle on her career which has been solid in the last six years but nothing that screams breakthrough. But for those Park Min Young fans, I wouldn’t fret, the domestic audience seems to enjoy her in all her recent dramas and that’s a comfortable niche to stay in.


Park Min Young Swaps Weather Forecaster Power Suits for Effortless Shirt and Jeans in Post Drama Pics — 21 Comments

  1. I would have prefered to see her in this kind of clothes in FLAW. I found she was overdressed for her role. I understand the fact she always wants to show that you can be professionnal and styled in the same time, etc. But it’s always the same in her last dramas. In this one, she could do less stylist and more confortable.

  2. It’s hard to have a breakthrough drama if the writing is sucks. I think PMY breakthrough drama is QUEEN FOR SEVEN DAYS eventhough the rating doesn’t do justice. I cried overload watching it. I don’t blame the actors in FLAW. They did well to potray their characters. But still, I enjoyed the drama. FLAW made me excited every weekend. Maybe because PMY is my biased. Right now I’m bored. Don’t have any drama to watch. I already unsubsribe netflix.

    • I also think her acting breakthrough was Seven Day Queen, but so few people watched it. I think she’s had already gotten some popularity-breakthrough works. Even if she hasn’t reached the heights of Han Hyo-joo, Son Ye-jin, or Han Ji-min, she’s in a good position among actresses in her age range. And many actors don’t get more than a few big hits on their resume.

      • The reason why PMY hasn’t reach any breakthrough success like Han Hyojoo & Son Yejin cuz she never steps out of her comfort zone of romance themed projects & challenge herself w roles in the other genres like action, psychological thrillers, or just plain slice of life w/o romance in it. Son Yejin whereas also known for her melo romantic roles, constantly challenges herself that she can be part of other genres besides romance.

      • Han Hyo Joo is just 35 while Son Ye Jin is 40 and Han Ji Min is 39, PMY is 36.

  3. She’s a gem in her drama when the weather is fine, it’s too bad that’s its underrated.
    I hope in her next drama she’s acts opposite an actual good actor.

  4. Koala is right, though. Her career is stable but she never reached the peak. She is popular but not that popular. She is good but not that good to get awards. She is just somewhere in the middle.

  5. I love PMY, but I’d have to agree with the assessment that at this point in her career, she’s just cruising in her comfort zone. She’s got a good, loyal fan base who will support her no matter what role she takes on. I just wish she’d break out of safe territory and try meatier roles. She’s already being typecast in office romance dramas, since FLAW is her third in a row. All 3 dramas were pleasant enough, but I’d really like to see her in a different genre other than romcom.

  6. Never blame the actor for the role that they have taken. If they wait for meatier roles, probably they won’t have a project. PMY really loves to act. She ensure at least a drama a year up her sleeve. We as her fan support her to do so. I think, It’s okay to stick on what the actors good at. For PMY, romance is her niche. Even the viewers from FLAW complained the lack of romance between SK and PMY in the drama. We hoped to see more screentime between them being lovey dovey.

    Many actors stick to their niche. Even the producer offer them the role knowing they will able to carry it. For example, LJG action drama. SHK romance drama.

    If PMY really want a breakthrough in her career, I think she must sign up for a breakthrough movie. Sigh…. It’s hard to find a breakhthrough movie.

  7. Was City Hunter with Lee Min Ho not her breakthrough drama? Felt in love with her since then. I am so glad she is still popular.

  8. I believe in her interview, she said she keeps choosing similar roles and genres because her fans like it. That is quite disappointing to hear because you can tell she’s scared to branch out and try something new in case people don’t like it. She’s trying to ride the WWWSK fame for as long as possible but I don’t think this is gonna help her career in any way.

  9. If she only gets this kind of roles , it’s too risky to wait for “the role” . She is an actress who needs to works, even more nowadays as rookie actresses are popping everywhere . She has a steady career with a fan base . So i understand her . And producers seems to like her . I wish to see her in a “badass role” but it’s not our choice .I know that Matthew Mcconaughey used to be cast only in rom com until the day he decided to turn down all theses offers and later he got the role Of “The Lincoln lawyer” , Dallas Buyers club (Oscar of the best actor) but it was a hard decision .

    • I agree with you. As her fan, I wish to see her frequently on my small screen. I don’t care what type of genre cause I believe she’ll slay all the roles given to her. Eventhough it’s not a month after FLAW ended, I miss to watch her. I binge all PMY dramas to equip my boring life.

  10. PMY has done well for herself. There were several other actresses who were considered bigger than her when she broke out with SKKS and later City Hunter. Moon Chae Won, PSH, Moon Geun Young etc. Nobody used to say PMY was that great. But she has done steady work through the years, working in sageuks, rom coms and have carved a role for herself in the office romance genre. In fact, she hasn’t done many romcoms – only 4. It was just that WWWSK was such an iconic role that people think that is all she has done. Almost all her works have done well in ratings. She has an eye for good scripts and has improved by leaps and bounds as an actress. Compared to her steady growth, the others haven’t really been able to capitalize on their early successes.
    MY should continue doing steady work and try to grow as an actress by taking more varied roles. However, it is a fact that she has matured as an actress. There were articles suggesting that it was PMY and SYJ who saved JTBC from its slump. FLAW was the first big project riding on her name as her co-stars were not big names in the industry. The subject matter also looked quite boring at first glance. Though the script let her down, it showed she can carry a show largely on her shoulders. This might boost her confidence.

  11. I really didn’t know was very popular. Maybe it was popular in some countries.

    Th drama that I like from her in recent years was When The Weather Is Fine and her performance was good and natural.

  12. These photos remind me of something I’ve noticed on Insta – why do almost ALL female K celebs have long hair atm? Is it a covid thing?

  13. I think that Park Min Young is an excellent actress. I’ve seem her in many dramas and I liked them all. I saw her and “I am your teacher” when PMY was very young and she did a great job even though she was almost new in the industry. I think she is one of the best Korean actresses now.

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