The Female PD of The Red Sleeve Cuff Discusses Using the Female Gaze to Create a Different Sageuk and Wants to Try Out a BL Sageuk Next

MBC PD Jung Ji In has been with the network for 10 plus years but her breakout with her most recent drama the sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff has been so worthy of the praise and success. In a recent media discussion, she shared how she brought the female gaze to the drama which made it distinctly different than the traditional sageuks of yore directed by famed male PDs. Taking a female writer’s source book coupled with also a female screenwriter on this project, the all lady led production absolutely showcased that the male dominated world of Joseon politics could be seen through a different, softer and still as sad and realistic lens. Of course now interest will be on PD Jung will do next and she laughingly said that she wants to do a BL sageuk, and K-netizens all clamor for it since the BL genre is really on the up and up in K-drama land thanks to the breakout success of Semantic Error.


The Female PD of The Red Sleeve Cuff Discusses Using the Female Gaze to Create a Different Sageuk and Wants to Try Out a BL Sageuk Next — 18 Comments

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  2. The one I want TRS to win the most ,out of its 7 nominations for Baeksang is The Best Director for Jung Ji In.

    But they are competing against ‘ Squid Game’ which is the world famous type . It definitely isn’t easy.

    • There is hope, Flower of Evil director did won last year despite competing with more popular drama directors. I really hope Red Sleeve director wins this year

  3. So from female gaze she returns to male gaze?
    Gee I know where this is going. The wife/concubine of a BL royal lead/ who has to cover for him for the sake of the whatever.
    One step forward – women having brains and a life – to stepping back into what would boys do.
    So tired.

  4. I would enjoy an interesting BL saeguk, preferably a mystery or thriller where the leads team up to solve a crime. For example, something like The Longest Day in Changan will be excellent as a BL or implied BL. But they need to cast actual good actors, not idols.

  5. PD Jung, oh i really do hope she makes a drama soon…
    Whatever it may be, I’ll definitely watch it. Please comeback soon God JiIn…!!!

  6. The story was still focused on the Prince/King and not the FL… Like any sageuks. They had a great opportunity but they missed it for me. At the beginning, it was more about the court ladies but not the rest of the drama.

      • @everyone

        Tell me about it. They keep parroting ‘female gaze this, female gaze that’ when the drama was specifically written to make the ML shine. And shine he did. (JH has earned all the noms and awards he’s won thus far.) Even the ridiculous fairy palace plot which could have humanized the court ladies and their plights was used as a filler plotline to terrorise the ML and make him shine. Which again he did. There were episodes where the FL was like a cameo in a drama that was supposed to be telling her story. I’m glad as heck that Jung Hae-Ri didn’t wangle a Baeksang nom. The others deserve it but she doesn’t. The drama could have been a perfect 10/10 but she made it 5.5 for me.

      • Performance by an actor/actress is judged by how he/she embodies the character. Lee Seyoung was amazing in the last few episodes. However, her performance wasn’t consistent esp in the first few episodes where she wasn’t too convincing.

        Although the story is centered on Yisan but it’s written from the perspective of the court ladies, not necessarily from Deok-im, but court ladies.

        The drama started at 5%, right? So I ignored it but got curious of it because of the good critical review about episode 5, the explosive acting in this episode and how Lee Junho perfectly embodies Yisan.

        And, indeed, his performance lived up to expectations and he’s consistently good. And I discovered, Lee Junho is an intelligent actor and one of the few. He knows and understands his character so well. And, it’s the reason why he captured the Korean audience. Junho performance in TRS deserves all the accolades.

    • @wren
      I agree with you.

      I don’t mind screenwriter is not nominated for Baeksang .
      I have love & hate relationship with her.

      She did do a favor for Junho by reducing the dominant& arrogant behaviours of ML in the novel.

      By she did not translate FL well . In the novel , DI behaviours were much more clear.

      That’s why Seyoung doesn’t recognition as much as Junho though both are brilliant.

      Also in the second arc, the rejection part becomes totally repetitive.She should reduce that a bit & add more moments of their married life.

    • Boys’ Love. It’s basically stories about romantic relationships between male characters. Originated in Japan and popularized by Thai dramas.

  7. Since I don’t understand what BL exactly mean, so let me congratulate PD Jung Jiin for winning PD of the Year and Lee Junho for winning Best Actor at the 34th Korea PD Awards given by the Association of Producers(Directors) of Korea.

    Well done The Red Sleeve team! ???

    • Congratulations! The Red Sleeve is the best production of 2021. It’s good to see that they are being recognised considering it’s MBC drama. They deserve more recognition.

      Saguek is probably the most gruelling kdrama production and takes longer to shoot than the modern drama.

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