Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Three Brave Siblings

I liken doing a weekend drama to having a safe paycheck and a steady gig for six months, with the bonus if the drama is a total success then it’s another popularity boost much like recent hit Young Lady and Gentleman gave Ji Hyun Woo back his mojos and cemented rookie Lee Se Hee as a leading lady. KBS is casting for the next weekend drama and had signed on Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na as the leads, playing a married couple. The drama is called Three Brave Siblings and deals with, of course, three siblings with Im Joo Hwan as one of the brothers and the one who has sacrificed the most. Lol, he’s always sacrificing for his siblings does no one remember the wonderful and underrated Ugly Alert. I wish the leading lady wasn’t Lee Ha Na as I’m quite allergic to her still (no reason, just cuz) but seeing Im Joo Hwan get a big KBS weekend lead role is such great news!


Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Three Brave Siblings — 13 Comments

    • He’s seriously one of the best actors in korean entertainment. Will never understand why it’s so rare for him to be cast as lead. I don’t think he has any problem visuals-wise either, so definitely not that, as he’s actually often portrayed as a handsome man in dramas (as he should lol)

      Anyway, I’m just super happy with this news! Hopefully he got a boost from this as well like JHW

  1. Him and Kwon Yul has almost the same career pattern. Had a lead years ago then get stuck with secondary roles then now a main lead again almost the same time.

    • @Jae, i second you . both are good and versatile actors . I’m happy for Im Joo Hwan . Kwon yul did a cameo in ” My fair lady ” 2009 in wich Kim Young Kwang was too . And Kim Young Kwang has already many lead roles under his belt and not him . He was so cute in “Lie To Me” and “Brain” , the vilain in Dali and the cocky prince .

    • I think her acting is fine but she lacks charisma, or whatever that thing is that makes a successful leading lady. She’s serviceable.

    • I’m with you. For some reason, I find her overall presence very bland. Nothing negative, but nothing that stands out either.

  2. Finally he gets a lead role! Manifesting a successful drama -> more lead role opportunities -> more successful dramas/movies/CFs -> cementing his A-list status. He’s so talented & handsome, he deserves it all!

  3. If this weekend drama turned to be a hit, good for him.

    Weekend dramas have more audience. And some like Shin Hye Sun, Lee Bo Young benefited from starring in a weekend drama.

  4. yes he needs to do more lead roles. he’s literally the only reason I was able to finish the travesty that was bride of habaek lol
    such a great actor and easy on the eyes too

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