Kim Young Kwang Signs on for Romance Drama Tell Me It’s Love with Offer Out to Lee Sung Kyung as the Female Lead

The revenge romance is in the works and sounds like a reverse gender Secret Love scenario. Upcoming Tell Me It’s Love has secured Kim Young Kwang as the male lead and an offer is out to Lee Sung Kyung for the female lead, and there is certainly lots of height and visuals with this pairing. The drama is about a man who throws himself into work to combat his loneliness and pain and a woman who approaches him intent on revenge but the two instead fall in love after understanding each other’s struggles. Sounds super melo and variations of this type of enemies fall in love has been done before but as always the devil in the correct casting and execution. The drama is slated for streaming only airing in the first half of 2023.


Kim Young Kwang Signs on for Romance Drama Tell Me It’s Love with Offer Out to Lee Sung Kyung as the Female Lead — 8 Comments

  1. talking about Love & Secret, I REALLY LOVE that drama. I like KYK but I’m a bit sceptical about his ability to bring that character a justice.

    As for LSK, I don’t think she’s ready for that gente yet.

  2. Finally Lee Sung Kyung dominance after 2 years break.I really appreciate her acting cauz she can bring the chemistry in any genre. Besides, she hasn’t tried this genre before. So it can be a new challenge for her. Good luck!

    • No shade to Nam Joo Hyuk who I like and am glad he got his chances, but I wish Lee Sung Kyung and several other ladies I like had got half as many as he did. She carried Weightlifting Fairy and I’ll be watching Shooting Star for her, and hopefully this too!

    • LOL Dominance? Just because she is going to star in 2 dramas? I hate deluded fans. Btw, the rating for shooting stars is only at 1.6%.

      • I think it’s just stan culture lingo, like “[insert actor/actress name] supremacy” and things like that. They don’t literally mean dominance. Sure, kinda annoying and totally exaggerated, but it’s just some harmless slang lol

  3. From what I remember Kim Yong Kwang’s dramas did not have high ratings nor buzz so this pairing is likely going to be a dud.

    The only reason he was casted must be his height.

  4. Shooting star was hella boring and I was right they flop.
    Knetz also criticized the leads acting……
    Lsk fans are too delusional. Please don’t compare her to NJH who absorbs and learn acting really well which has shut up all the haters he had.
    Moreover saying she is dominating ?

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