C-netizens Bring to Light How New C-drama A New Home Blatantly Copied the Opening Credits of K-drama Her Private Life

There is a Chinese saying that the elbow point inward, and it means that a person will tend to support/favor those closest to him/her and it usually means family. For example, a parent will say that their precious child did nothing wrong despite the facts. C-netizens go crazy on certain things that are so apt with this saying, but it’s not on everything. On stuff that isn’t impinging on their nationalism/pride then C-netizens can be quite harsh on their own misconduct. Case in point – blatant copying of other countries’ entertainment offerings whether drama/tv show/movie/print/song. The latest is the direct lifting of K-drama Her Private Life opening credits for C-drama A New Home, which I would never have known about but for C-netizens bringing it to light and castigating their own brethren in the production team of that drama. It’s wild to me that people will still try to copy in such a blatant way, borrowing elements sure but wholesale lifting makes no sense because in this internet connected age plenty of fans of random stuff will come across copying and make the connection easily.


C-netizens Bring to Light How New C-drama A New Home Blatantly Copied the Opening Credits of K-drama Her Private Life — 23 Comments

  1. China entertainment industry copies Korean’s IP often, we all know that but there is nothing much SK can do about it… Really disgraceful.

  2. C-netz were discussing who are at fault for the current state of their entertainment industry and they concluded that it’s the production crews and investors.

    The investors only interested in pushing their affliated celebrities into the dramas that they invest in and earning quick bucks so they don’t care about the quality and artistic value of the dramas. The production crews such as directors and scriptwriters are also only interested in earning quick money and don’t care about their dramas’ quality and originality. Previously, a web novel author posted about web novels’ storylines being drastically changed by the scriptwriters nowadays when they adapt them into dramas until the original point of the story was lost and the story becomes cliche. Then a clique of scriptwriters started ganging up and retaliated about how web novels are poorly written that they have to complete the plot holes etc and went as far as saying the authors shouldn’t sell their novels’ adaptation rights then. It’s ridiculous, really. Especially when the parts of a drama that the viewers find boring are the cliche parts added by those scriptwriters. And when the ratings or views are low, the production crews always push the blame to the actors and actresses.

    • I can’t agree more. China has the talent, visuals, and money to make a lot of great work, but instead produces so many idol dramas to make a quick buck.

    • Yeah you’re right,I find it really appalling that they change an adaptation and still make reference to it, making the authors look stupid and not crediting them its bad.

  3. China copying and counterfeiting is like saying water wet. China is world-famous for copying I am sure Chinese people are well aware of that reputation and that they will face criticism when they are found out lol.

    C-ent is going down the toilet partly because of support from brain-dead fans who don’t care about the quality of dramas as long as their idol gets screen time and possibly paid fans fake hyping and faking positive reviews/opinions. Fake view data etc C-ent will end up with nothing but talentless actors with pretty faces and cliche/boring stories.

    • I personally find it such a shame as China really have the budget, skills and ability to produces very good drama…. still not the level the SK is able to but it should not get worse then before.

      The better quality C-Dramas are fewer and fewer…it is a huge shame. Instead of striving to get better, they just got worse… It is so hard to find good quality dramas these days.

      • I completely agree they are capable of making very high-quality dramas on par with any country, Nirvana on Fire is one of my favorites but you need to wade through so much trash with wooden puppet actors and thin stories stretched over endless episodes to find a good one.

  4. It’s funny that when the Chinese copy everything, people are complaining all over the place. However, when the South Korean series Squid Game blatantly copied the concept of the Japanese movies Kaiji, As the Gods Will, and Battle Royale, no one raised an eyebrow. What a double standard.

    • Yup. Double standard indeed. It’s not just Squid Game. Korea always copies blatantly from the West and other Asian countries in everything from music to movies to dramas. Yet K-boos rush to defend them. But when China does it, oh boy, they get torn to pieces.

    • LOL Have you even seen either Squid Game or Kaiji? There’s a big difference between inspiration and blatant imitation. Your logic basically suggests every iteration since forever have all been imitations. Problem with the Chinese is that they’ve never considered that line to exist.

      • Blah blah blah. Your last sentence with ‘they never’ which is talking about stereotyping a wholeb isbalready tell as much about your xenophobic self 🙂

      • The red light green light scene in squid game is a blatant copy of TaKashi Mike’s Daruma scene. The scenario screams “Kaiji”.

    • I agree the Korean will always have a easy pass on everything. If it’s Korean then everyone praise but if it’s Chinese then everyone hate. Lol everyone plagiarize at some point. The Chinese did copy alot and so does the Korean.

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