Award Winning K-movie Actress Kang Soo Yeon Passes Away at 55 Years Old After Suffering Sudden Stroke

It’s with a sad heart to hear the news that K-actress Kang Soo Yeon has passed away. She suffered what was reportedly a stroke in her home three days ago and when the paramedics arrived she was in cardiac arrest as well. She was rushed to the hospital and has been undergoing medical treatment but unfortunately it was not enough and she passed away today. She was the first Korean actor or actress to win a Best Acting prize at an international level film festival back in 1987 and again in 1989, and with over three dozen movies and two headlining classic K-dramas under her belt she was much better known in South Korea than with this modern Hallyu wave. My condolences to her family and friends on her passing. She has a posthumous project the Netflix movie Jung-E which has already wrapped filming.


Award Winning K-movie Actress Kang Soo Yeon Passes Away at 55 Years Old After Suffering Sudden Stroke — 16 Comments

  1. She reportedly sought consult early in the day for headache, which is one of of the non-specific symptoms of CVA. Rest in peace.

  2. RIP. What a legend – given the length of her career, critical acclaim, and her boldness and commitment to her craft – getting her head shaved on-screen for one of her roles.

  3. She looks healthy.. I wonder why the sudden rise in stroke. Whether it could be due to vaccine.. guess we will never know. RIP..

    • I’m so tried of all the myths around vaccinations and the constant retelling of unproven claims around it.

      It would help, if people just understand the difference between coincidence, correlation and causality. And it would also help to apply them to all the things they hear and read.

      Correlation does not in itself imply a causality!

      And just because things are mentioned more often, doesn’t mean they really happen more often than before.

      Seriously, I’m so, so tried 😫

      • There is a funny website about correlation like the rate of divorce in Maine and margarine consumption :p

      • It’s a proven fact it does cause myocarditis. Mainstream media chose not to publish facts. Rory James Nairn of Dunedin NZ was certified by pathologist Dr Noelyn A Hung of University of Otago CSU Number CSU-2021-DUN-000335. The Ministry of Health of NZ published a letter 15 Dec 2021 acknowledging this adverse event, urging people to get medical assistance at the first onset of chest discomfort/other symptoms. It was signed off by Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

      • error correction there should be an “O” as in…… Every first of the month FDA is obliged to publish Pfizer vaccine data as enforced by the federal judge of Texas instead of hiding it for 75 years. FDA now only recommends Janssen CV19 vaccine to certain groups. VAERS as in May 2 2022 reported 1,225,355 adverse effects 27,758 deaths 51,600 permanent disabilities. VAERS is a public health agency not a gossip site.

      • Just because it’s unproven, doesn’t mean it’s a myth. That makes it a theory. Science studies theories and tries to prove or disprove them. Calling theories myths and avoiding the scientific study, doesn’t prove them false.

        Last report I saw said 86% of Koreans are vaxxers. High probability she was vaxxed. Not saying that’s proof of anything, just questioning if there’s a relationship.

      • that’s because you don’t Want to believe anything that may prove your decision to Vaccinate, was out of Total Fear. But Now that these Cases are becoming more of the Normal. You Really now Need to Be Fearful, albeit, to Late.

    • “Looks healthy” by looking at some old photos?? What a comment. Vaccine – are you sure she got it in the first place??

      • Pretty sure in SK it’s compulsory to have it in order to work in the entertainment industry. Surrounded by cast and crew. Not like in US where red states residents carry on as if cv didn’t exist. SK mask compliance is 100% so vaccine uptake would be near 100% compliance as well in acting industry. Imagine if she caught covid her agency would have to
        announce she didn’t take any. There would be national outrage and instant cancellation of her career.

  4. It can happen any age.I remember seeing her with Moon Geun Young as chairperson at the Busan film awards 2017 with her movie Glass Garden. Very sad. Condolences to her family and my heart goes out to Moonie who has had so many life challenges and losses in the last few years. Stay brave.💜

  5. For once someone who did not throw her life away but actually died due to a sudden medical condition at such a young age. Looks can be deceiving, health is sometimes compromised for various reasons. Rip.

  6. Benjamin Franklin said wise men don’t need advice fools won’t take it. Let deniers carry on being blind and deaf.

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