K-netizens Have a New Frontrunner Pairing for the Goong Remake with Park Bo Gum and Suzy

Okay, I can totally see this but also totally never see it happening. But if fan casting and fan fiction wants to run with it then it’s a very suitable pairing. Suzy and Park Bo Gum have worked together multiple times hosting and the most recent at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards. Their interaction at the ceremony especially with the adorable and insync hand heart got K-netizens in a tizzy and the consensus is that they would be perfect cast in the in preparation remake of the hit teen drama Goong (Princess Hours). Perhaps if these two were earlier on in their careers yes and they would make a very convincing crown princess and crown prince from the manhwa, but alas the Goong remake sounds like a testing ground for newbies so hopefully whomever is cast will bring the same surprise success element that Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon did.


K-netizens Have a New Frontrunner Pairing for the Goong Remake with Park Bo Gum and Suzy — 31 Comments

  1. nah both of them are too old for the roles – YEH and JJH were 21 and 23 respectively and they pulled it off but I don’t think actors over 25 are convincing as teens. Maybe for a short flashback portion or something but for the whole drama? No way.

    I agree with koala, if they’re going to remake Goong then just use newbies who have good chemistry with each other and can act decently, they don’t have to be the best ever but whoever has Chaegyung’s role has to be able to emote cause that girl spends a hell of a lot of time on a rollercoaster of FEELINGS and it wasn’t until a recent rewatch that I appreciated YEH’ skill in managing to make such an immature character into a heroine we found adorable and charming even if I was constantly frustrated by the bad timings in the plot lol.

    (but seriously why is this happening? Is MBC out of ideas? Do they really think they can top the OG? No kdrama remake of an older drama has ever turned out well.)

    • I agree. And the actress who plays Chae-gyung has to be convincing as a cute “just-your-average-korean-high-schoool-teen” who was suddenly thrust into the spotlight with the engagement. I think if they’re remaking it for this age, whatever Chae-gyung will have to endure will be even worse with the speed of social media and cyberbullying. I think the emotional demands of the role will be even more. Casting this is going to be hard.

      I also think the whole forcing teens to get married thing will be even harder to swallow in this day and age. Back then, there was also the drama, Sweet 18, that did really well -forced arranged marriage between a high school girl and a 28 year old man. Also the movie, My Little Bride, about an arranged marriage between a high school girl and a college guy. The trend of marrying off high school girls due to pacts made between grandparents is over. We should move on.

      • The original drama already had her being cyberbullied (anti fan cafe etc) on top of the tabloid stuff, I guess for the 2020s version that would all move online.

        As for the “forced marriage grandpa pact”, I recall she was kinda pushed into it by her family because of their debt and debt is still a huge societal problem now so maybe they go from that angle? It is kind of a cinderella narrative which feels really outdated now but it was unusual for back then because it showed the true cost of becoming that cinderella princess. That was from the manhwa but I remember they made some changes too, like the ML in the manhwa was absolutely awful but the drama just makes him emotionally withdrawn and cold and a bit goofy instead and it worked.

        I agree the casting needs to be done well, the drama will stand or fall based on whether the leads have chemistry to the level that YEH and JJH had… but the entire production has a tall order to live up to because the original drama was so iconic and distinctive in so many ways from the music to the sets and costumes (never seen anything like the hanbok-inspired dresses created for the FL in any other drama).

  2. I used to think it should be Kim yoo Jung for YEH role but now after business proposal i think it should be kim se Jeong
    For JJH role Hwang in yeop is perfect

    Or they should cast kim so hyun lee do hyun pair

    • Whoever it is needs to have at least a decent ability to emote and express feelings through their face. Kim Sejeong/Kim Yoojung would be great choices if they aged up the characters to university students and not high school (KYJ is young enough to pull off playing a high school student but the ‘forcing teens to marry’ angle probably won’t play well in 2022), both have that ability and that likeable girl next door aura, someone with only the latter isn’t going to cut it.

    • I support. I can already see her potential in Moonshine. She can be both adorable and feisty as seen in her hair pulling scene with SIG in Minamdang teaser. As for ML I choose Lomon as the handsome cold prince. Plus the fact he can speak Chinese and I suspect some Russian since he was born in Uzbekistan, he can pull off meeting various foreign dignitaries/diplomats scenes really well.

  3. I don’t want bogum and suzy to star in a remake drama. I want them to be paired in an original plot with original character. But agree to knetz they are indeed a match made in heaven. Their visual goes so well together to the point some people see resemblance in each other’s features. Despite they already have a movie together currently in the making, I really hope they would be casted again for a drama. 2 hours movie with ensemble casts isn’t enough for me hehe

    • If I remember correctly, wasn’t Suzy the original choice for the female lead role in Love in the Moonlight? I might be remembering that wrong tho, but I remember reading about it. In any case, would be nice to see them in a drama together, but I agree, not for the Goong remake, fresh faces would be better

      • No, afaik the initial choices for the fl role in MDBC/LITM were Kim Jiwon and Kim Goeun.

      • @Elle thanks for correcting me. I’ve read about it long ago so I must’ve misremembered it.
        They would look really good as a drama couple tho, boy next door and girl next door vibes

  4. I’m pretty sure they are gona cast rookie or newbie actors for Goong remake. They need fresh faces that will make these roles their own.

  5. They could still be in the drama if they change the age of the main characters n set it in a university…:)

  6. Good luck as a remake is not an easy task even more when it’s about a classic . And sorry but both are already too old and too popular . If they really want to make it , they should select absolute beginners . Yoon Eun Hye and Joo ji hoon have fantastic chemistry .

  7. The remake roles need newbies than established or known celebrities. Even if the newbies get compared and criticized if they don’t live up to the original, they will get their names out. Established or known celebrities don’t need that negative publicity nor do they want that.

    They need to find leads who have that amazing chemistry that Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon had. And I’m on the side of the knetz when they say it’s harder to find a Shin Chae Kyung than a Shin…. The female lead will need to have YEH’s natural adorableness and be vulnerable when required.

    I find it funny when I read comments from Knetz saying YEH can’t act but then say that Chae Kyung and Eun Chan are real people that’s not YEH. I mean, isn’t that what a good actor is supposed to do? When the characters they created is seen as separate living people from them??

    • I agree with the knets, whoever they cast as Shin Chaekyung will make or break the production, the other important thing is the chemistry between the leads.

      It doesn’t need top level technical skill but the actress has to be able to do at least what YEH did which I’m starting to properly appreciate the skill in that performance only now (and sorry to be blunt but Suzy isn’t at that level even after a decade in acting, casting PBG+her not going to work even if they make the characters uni students – if they absolutely have to do this, just find rookies who have good onscreen chemistry because you know everyone is gonna compare them to YEH+JJH, it’s not like Korea has a shortage of young actors).

  8. Just leave Goong alone. No remake can ever come close.the OST also so popular.whoever play the role will be scrutinized by fans

  9. I agree that Goong doesn’t need a reboot but if there is no stopping them I think Kim Hye Yoon should be the female lead. She is very likeable and talented.
    Park Bo Gum and Suzy look cute together!! Maybe a new romcom?

  10. I think they should not do a remake but do a continuation of the story. YEH and JJH can cameo as their characters to give advice to their princess niece. Let say Shin’s sister as the Empress got married after she took the throne. She has a 18 yo daughter who has to marry to ensure the monarchy survives. She could be modelled after Anne Hathaway’s Mia in Princess Diaries. The palace aides have to choose a commoner to ensure the monarchy gets modernised in 2023 thus gaining public popularity like Prince Harry who married Meghan Markle or Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who married her personal trainer Daniel Westling and he became Prince Daniel.

  11. I think Goong was good like this. They should remake that wasn’t good in the first place like Boys over Flowers, To the Beautiful You, etc.

  12. This pairing would’ve been likely four years ago when Bogum and Suzy were in their early twenties, considering they were the original dream team for the Goong remake. There were so many articles and fanmade videos at that time. It’s incredible how K-netz still haven’t given up on their ideal cast. Although this drama won’t be possible for them anymore, these two are bound to act in something else regardless since Bogum is finally back from enlistment now. K-netizens went crazy over such a brief interaction of theirs, and the buzz shows no signs of dying down as they are still trending on community sites three days later with comments ranging from marriage predictions to demands for another project despite their first one not being released yet.

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