Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 9 and is a Positive Success for SBS in the Fri-Sat Timeslot

Nearly doubling the ratings these days is a success into itself and for breaking the double digit ratings mark it also a major win. SBS Fri-Sat drama Again My Life did just that this weekend, with Friday’s episode 9 hitting 10.1% and Saturday’s episode 10 dipped slightly to 9.6%. It’s definitely a moderate success for SBS with higher ratings than its predecessor the dark and critically acclaimed Through the Darkness, and from the audience reviews it’s a combination of male lead Lee Jun Ki‘s acting/charisma and a well executed story. Who doesn’t have a do-over when you have the knowledge and can thwart the bad guy, and perhaps also be more nimble and fight against the corrupt and dirty with good clean smarts. SBS must be happy with this and also the success of A Business Proposal in the Mon-Tues time slot last month.


Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 9 and is a Positive Success for SBS in the Fri-Sat Timeslot — 13 Comments

  1. Of course..there is no rating poison like Rowoon and the fact that most of the cast, except the main female, are nothing short but amazing.

    • Rating poison like Rowoon? The King’s Affection had pretty good ratings and was one of the most watched Kdrama on Netflix.

      • Funny, when it’s a good one it’s the actress and when the shows has bad ratings it’s him… And not the fact, the drama adressed suicide theme at each epiosode.

      • I’m sorry but the show is not single handedly by Kim Hee Sun . The actors are doing their job . Rowoon is the rookie of the squad so as a “”newbie ” actor himself , he is doing pretty well . As for Lee Jun KI ‘s drama, his performance is good as always , but the drama is a classical one , to the point that i tend to forget the fantasy side , but it’s an easy watch and the veterans actors are good .

      • Actresses are the weak point in the drama they don’t have much presence . They are overshadowed by men . They should have cast a better one for ” the lead role “.

  2. I have been waiting for Ms.Koala to write about how well this drama performed thus far.

    To me, it’s Lee Jun Ki single handedly carried this drama. I don’t find the writing particularly strong and the FL basically is forgettable.

    Am glad it did well for LJK’s sake. Hoping the viewership will continue to climb and hopefully LJK will receive some loves end of this year.

  3. This drama is Lee Jung-Ki’s show but not interesting at all. The story is not original, brings nothing new… It’s pretty boring. But no need to think, a lot of action, easy to watch.

  4. I think it’s fair to say that this is basically a lee joon gi show… he’s singlehandedly carrying the entire show.I think the charm of this drama is it’s easy to watch no need to think much I’d say it’s pretty fun and enjoyable.

  5. LJK is forever bae so I’ll watch this when it’s done airing.

    But based on the comments here, this show sounds like The Veil, a mediocre drama whose only charm is the male lead. And we all know how NGM hard-carried The Veil on his broad shoulders. Funny enough, these two dramas share the same bland female lead. How she managed to get cast opposite two stellar actors like NGM and now LJK, someone must be trying to make her happen.

  6. I wonder how this show would have fared in a Thursday Friday slot instead of Friday-Saturday.

    It would have a slight dip every Saturday. But it is doing fine compared to Tomorrow.

    The story actually reminded me of Tracer but Tracer is better written and had Son Hyun Joo as the main baddie.

  7. I’m so stoked when AML ends I’ll have Kim Se Jeong with Today’s Webtoon. Soompi just dropped the news. AML is hard carried by LJK all the way. Too bad there isn’t a Moon Chae Won opposite him. I want to see Jun Ki reunited with Han Hyo Joo in a modern drama preferably a rom-com with a happy ending.

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