SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life Hits New High of 12% in Penultimate Episode Heading into Finale

The Lee Jun Ki Show SBS drama Again My Life is coming to an end this weekend and what a solid win for the network and the cast. This Friday’s episode 15 got 12% ratings and it’s the highest rated prime time drama for the network this year, just above A Business Proposal which got the highest to 11.6%. I loved marathoning the first 10 episodes straight but once I started live watching it lost a bit of the momentum for me. There remains the right amount of tension as to whether male lead Hee Woo can bring down the big bad with his knowledge of what happened in his first life, but with the changes he makes in this second life events change so even he doesn’t have all the cards. There is cross and double crossing but so far all the good guys have stayed on the same side, and even a last minute switch last week seems like a feint. For the first half of 2022, SBS has had three winning dramas and the Year End Daesang will be between Kim Nam Gil in Through the Darkness and Lee Jun Ki for Again My Life thus far, but who knows what challenger(s) will emerge in the second half dramas. Also, totally off topic but this weekend Top Gun: Maverick comes out which is trending INSANELY high with 97% critics and 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and while it brings back all the feels for the 80’s it also merges with this drama and makes me want Lee Jun Ki to play a K-drama version of Maverick, cuz he has the same charisma and also never ages haha.

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SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Hits 11% Ratings in Episode 13 and is a Satisfying Good Guy One Step Ahead Methodical Thriller

I’ve finally caught up to Again My Life! Yay for quarantine drama goals heh. I hate to leave my Lee Jun Ki hanging and having the time to marathon this drama was totally worth the wait. This Friday’s episode 13 … Continue reading