Netflix Confirms Season 2 of School Zombie Drama All of Us are Dead with Teaser Poster

After Squid Game in December 2021 it felt like Netflix was on a hit train, with many more dramas getting tons of publicity and high viewer counts. There was My Name and Hellbound, but then Sea of Silence was underwhelming, but All of Us are Dead generated another hit. Since then it’s not had another breakout though A Business Proposal was a surprise win but it’s not a Netflix produced show. This is why I really see Netflix also going the sequel route for the safe projects with Squid Game 2 already announced and now All of Us are Dead has just been confirmed for a second season. I haven’t watched yet but I’m guess less than half of the main cast made it out of the high school alive so the returning original cast members will be only a few plus new additions to the show. With the announcement now I don’t expect to see this the second season arrive until earliest in 2023.


Netflix Confirms Season 2 of School Zombie Drama All of Us are Dead with Teaser Poster — 6 Comments

  1. All of US are Dead rode on the hype of Squid Game. My family usually have a broad range of opinions, but this time we all disliked it (and won’t be checking out the sequel). Despite it’s flaws Sweet Home was a better zombie-esque show but it’s gone nowhere.

    • sweet home would have hit big if it released post-squid game imo. it is written and produced much, much better than aouad.

  2. i wouldn’t be so sure that they won’t bring the whole cast back, except maybe with the exception of lee yoomi, whose character had a very definitive end. the rest survived or had ambiguous ending that leave room for possible comebacks. i’m surprised we haven’t seen any casting news for solomon bc i for sure thought he was going to get a lot of attention after the drama released.

  3. I don’t know how that would work unless they take some large liberties and basically make season 1’s ending redundant. imo the 1st season was fine but overlong.

  4. I’m also surprised Lomon didn’t get casting offers as Yoon Chanyoung, Park Jihu, Lee Yoomi and Yoo Insoo are in new dramas.

    Lomon is reminiscent of young Aaron Kwok with boyish appeal. I suppose the cast will gain more young fans next year.

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