Jang Hyuk Offered Male Lead in K-drama Family Opposite Jang Nara with Potential for Third Reunion

I’m totally down if these two want to make a drama together a decade and keep the streak going. K-ent is reporting that Jang Hyuk will be Jang Nara‘s leading man in her recently announced drama comeback in Family. If he confirms it will be their third go-around, the first being Successful Story of a Bright Girl in 2022 (two decades ago!) and the second time in the K-drama remake of Fated to Love You in 2014. While she looks never aged a day he has aged like fine wine even more handsome and attracted then when he was a callow youth in their first drama together. Clearly their reunion pairings are not coincidental and both of their previous dramas were fun and entertaining watches thanks to their very present chemistry with each other.


Jang Hyuk Offered Male Lead in K-drama Family Opposite Jang Nara with Potential for Third Reunion — 10 Comments

  1. I was literally thinking about this pairing earlier today omg,really hope they team up again each drama of theirs together has wound up being successful, another successful drama will give their respective (already great) careers a son ye jin, hyun bin with CLOY type of boost.

  2. They really are magic together – even the Drama short they did was a powerful watch. I was planning to watch this for JNR whoever her co-lead was, but Jang Hyk would make it an absolute lock

  3. Count me in. Bright Girl was such a hit in my country. I even used the catchy theme song as my Nokia ringtone. I still keep it as a memento. Lol.

    Long before Yoon Seri, Jang Hyuk as Han Ki Tae pioneered the mother of all parachute crash landings. He dived straight into Yang Soon’s open air wooden bath-tub in their grand first meet cute.

    Adore them in Fated to Love You too. These two have amazing chemistry.

  4. Earlier comments disappeared. Baby faced Jang Hyuk as Ki Tae falling into Yang Soon’s bath tub started my addiction of kdramas. Even downloaded the theme song as my Nokia ringtone. Lol.

    Adore them in Fated to Love You. Their chemistry is amazing. Third time is chef’s kiss.

  5. This would be their fourth, counting the MBC one-act drama special “Old Goodbye” that they did shortly after FTLY.

  6. OMG I rewatched Fated to love you and heard a good news after a few months that they’ll going to reunite again in another drama OMG. Their chemistry is off the chart.

  7. Both are excellent players, who support every partner they play with. So, whoever will play the male part the drama will be stunning, especially with this director.
    Ich like “Our Blues” very much.
    Good Luck

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