Both MBC Drama Doctor Lawyer and SBS Drama Why Her Jump 2% Ratings in Friday’s New Episode 3 Airing

Oh now this is getting more fun, I love seeing genuine ratings competition and even better if there is wins to spread around. This Friday saw the second week of airing for new weekend dramas Why Her on SBS and MBC with Doctor Lawyer. Last week the two premiered close in ratings but the second episode saw a split with Why Her going up and Doctor Lawyer going down. Neither drama seemed to be getting online chatter after as well so I was kinda bummed it may be two months of just low rated perfunctory fare. But now this Friday’s new episode 3 for both dramas aired and it was a pleasant surprise to see both go up 2% together. Doctor Lawyer got 6.5% and Why Her came in at 8.4%. Both dramas have the usual veteran actors regular drama watchers would recognize on sight playing the Big Bad so it’s easy to follow along on drama stills alone haha.


Both MBC Drama Doctor Lawyer and SBS Drama Why Her Jump 2% Ratings in Friday’s New Episode 3 Airing — 14 Comments

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  2. ‘Why Her’ actually is also receiving the good reactions online mainly on Seo Hyun jin’s top tier performance, she has also top the brands’ reputation as well. Heo Jung ho is also very great in this. Still not understand the hype of Hwang In youp,he looks stiff and unsure what to do in most scenes. Would have preferred zero romance in this though.
    Looks like so far SBS has three daesang candidates already, previously Kim Nam Gil,Lee Joongi and now Seo Hyun jin joins the list. As usual the only channel which always have tough daesang competitions.

    • Yes, looks like it will be So Ji sub vs Lee Jong suk for daesang, if Lee Jong suk’s drama does well rating wise and maybe with Shin Sung rok too. The remaining list for MBC drama this year are not really strong with rookie actors and idols as the leads and it is unlikely MBC will add more drama for this year.Small competitions.

  3. Just watch why her and it’s not bad. I’m still grey in what SHJ’s character stand. Heard about tje hype of HIY but after 3 eps make me wondering what is it in him that make up the hype, his acting is not that superb, obviously SHJ’s stand out, his aura and looks doesn’t superb too. Hope he can upgrade in the next episodes so that he won’t be buried by SHJ’s acting.

  4. Not sure if I’ll watch both shows. Too many lawyer/prosecutor lead characters on kdramaland this year so I’ll wait a while and see if the reviews are good. Currently watching Kiss sixth sense(sooo good) and Link (quirky and charming) so not really in the mood for serious dramas. I love So Ji Sub though because of Master’s Sun and that movie with Han Hyo Joo.

  5. Why Her… should be Why Him = Hwang In Yeop.
    I would prefer Bae In Hyuk in the male lead role as I think he has that IT quality and can generate better chemistry with the co stars…
    But maybe Hwang has a better agency…

    • Hwang In Yeop is under KeyEast management agency which was founded by actor Bae Yong-joon…
      Hwang is 31 years old whereas Bae In Hyuk is 24 years old…

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