Weekend Direct Competition Dramas Doctor Lawyer on MBC and SBS with Why Her Wraps Run with 7.0% and 10.7% Ratings Respectively

It’s been a weird run with both SBS drama Why Her (Why Oh Soo Jae) and MBC drama Doctor Lawyer. Both are legal dramas though the latter dealt with medical malpractice specifically. It’s that there was A-list headlining but neither ended up delivering on the ratings or buzz. Why Her had the traction early on hitting 10.1% by episode 4 but then went into a slow decline to the 7% range until this final episode jumped back to 10.7%. Doctor Lawyer started at 5.2% but ratings were in the high 5% to low 6% range for the most part with a few episodes breaking 7%. But neither got consistent buzz, it felt like Doctor Lawyer was mainly forgotten and Why Her later on got articles trying to understand why the early momentum petered out and went downhill. It is what it is and now comes the mid-summer dramas with Big Mouth taking over the time slot from Doctor Lawyer and Today’s Webtoon starting next week in lieu of Why Her.

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